Cleveland cop suspended over death picture

Officer who took Coon photo suspended:

The Cleveland police officer who took the cellphone picture of Asa Coon after he committed suicide has been suspended for 8 days as of Monday.

Patrolman Walter Emerick, a 12-year veteran, admitted shooting the photo of Asa Coon, 14, in a hearing with Police Chief Michael McGrath, said Safety Director Martin Flask. Coon committed suicide after shooting four others in SuccessTech Academy Oct. 10.

No word if that was without pay or not.

Asa Coon surveillance footage released


Cleveland Police Release School Shooting Video:

Cleveland police released the surveillance footage of Asa Coon inside SuccessTech Academy going on his shooting rampage. The video doesn’t show much except for Coon going through the hallways and police arriving on the scene. There is no footage of Coon shooting or taking his own life.

However if you’ve seen the photo of Coon after his suicide he looks like a 12-year-old boy. But in the picture I’ve posted above you see what he really is. An angry gun-toting selfish homicidal maniac bent on taking lives because of his own inadequacies.

SuccessTech footage to be released

Police To Release Tape Of Shootings At SuccessTech:

Police are going to release the surveillance footage of the shootings at SuccessTech Academy today at 1pm local time during a press conference.

Police said the video shows two of the four victims getting shot, but the scenes are not overtly graphic because the cameras are about 100 feet away.

The mutants will have this posted on YouTube with a loving tribute to Coon I’m sure.

Asa Coon’s death photo taken by Cleveland cop

Photo of Asa Coon’s body taken by Cleveland policeman:

The infamous photo of Asa Coon that was taken after he committed suicide was taken by Cleveland police officer Walter Emerick. He admitted to taking the photo with his cell phone and sending it to other people but claims that he did not post it on the internet. If those other people were outside of the investigation then what did he expect to happen?

Steve Loomis, the Cleveland police union president, said the union does not condone a crime-scene photo being posted on the Internet.

But officers have legitimate reasons to take pictures of crime scenes in order to recall what they saw, he said. Emerick took other images that were not posted.

Which is a legitimate reason but if he was sending it out to people for no legitimate reason Officer Emereick should be disciplined.

Close but no cigar

School shootings show shortcomings of American society:

This is an editorial from a student at the University of Maine about how the signs were ignored from school shooters Asa Coon and Cho Seung-Hui. It’s a really good article up until this point…

Apparently, both of these tragedies, along with countless others, point to flaws in not just the school system, but in society as well. Are Americans so blind and selfish that they cannot learn from the past, and reach out to those who feel insignificant and hopeless? Maybe if we stepped outside of our comfort zone and lent a helping hand to “troubled” people like Asa Coon and Seung-Hui Cho, we could prevent school violence.

So close.

What the question should be is are American kids so blind and selfish that they think that mass murder is the way to solve their problems? Instead of “society” stepping out of its comfort zone maybe it should be parents that step out of their comfort zones and be parents again and not just baby makers. Maybe then their kids wouldn’t be so “troubled”.

SuccessTech teacher speaks out

Student was angry because he was failing:

Michael Grassie was Asa Coon’s history teacher at SuccessTech. He was also one of Coon’s intended targets. Coon tried starting a fight with the teacher just days before he went on his shooting spree. It’s no surprise that he was failing the class. So rather than study or ask for help or work hard Coon tried to solve his problems with guns.

“It was something I haven’t seen on a 14-year-old’s face before,” Grassie said. It was a face of “total anger, real hatred.” He said he knew that Coon was angry with him earlier because Grassie noted on his school progress report that he was failing the course.

Coon asked during the confrontation: “Now what do you have to say to me?”

Grassie said he was mentoring another student at the time when Coon turned to the student and said “you’re cool,” then turned his gun on the teacher.

The bullet entered Grassie’s torso, hit his spleen and pancreas but missed his aorta before exiting the back. Grassie suffered the worst injuries of Coon’s shooting victims.

Grassie even plays the bullying card for Coon…

He said Coon “seemed really troubled” and acknowledged what other teachers and students said about the youth: He was the target of student harassment for his counter-culture dress and lifestyle.

Coon was disruptive in class, Grassie said, and he tried to bring the unruliness to Coon’s mother’s attention, but without success.

I’m all for individual expression but if you go around looking and acting like an asshat you’re going to invite trouble on yourself.

So basically Coon shot Grassie over Coon’s own inadequacies. Pretty pathetic.

Asa Coon’s death picture

Disturbing Asa Coon photo on Internet:

It seems that all the ghouls are out just in time for Halloween.

Someone at the scene of Asa Coon’s suicide apparently had taken a picture of his corpse. Of course the internet being what it is the picture of Asa Coon’s bloody body is already making its rounds. I haven’t even posted this yet and I’m already getting hits from the ghouls look for the picture. Guess what Sunshine. It isn’t here. It never will be here. As much as I think that the kid was an idiot for doing what he did I would never in good conscience post the picture of his corpse. All the cretins that are looking for this picture are probably are the same ones who got off on watching the victims of 9/11 fall from the towers and would probably run home crying to mommy if they ever came in a contact with a real dead body. So cream your jeans over your gore porn you sick fucks. One day it might be your bloody corpse that some jackass is getting his lulz from.

Looney on the lam

Police still searching for mother of SuccessTech gunman:

Lori Looney, no joke, is the mother of Asa Coon. By now you know Asa Coon was the 14-year-old gunman at the SuccessTech shootings in Cleveland. An arrest warrant was issued for Ms. Looney for obstruction of justice. Allegedly Asa’s brother Stephen violated his parole and was picked up last week after the shooting. Ms. Looney allegedly lied to police about her son’s whereabouts. All these charges for Stephen Coon and Lori Looney are unrelated to the shooting but Ms. Looney has gone missing.

Apologies for Asa

Uncle Says Gunman Upset With Teachers:

Here we go. Cue up some more apologists for Asa Coon. First let’s start with his uncle.

The 14-year-old who opened fire at his high school had been upset with teachers, saying they wouldn’t listen to his side of the story regarding a recent after-school scuffle that got him suspended, the teenager’s uncle said Friday.

Larry Looney, who lived upstairs from Asa Coon in a west side duplex, said the two were lifting weights Tuesday when he told him about Monday’s fight with another student and his three-day suspension.

“He really didn’t want to talk about it,” Looney said. “He said he really didn’t do anything to start it. He said the teachers wouldn’t listen to his side of the story.

“I just can’t believe he would do anything like that.”

How do these kids make this leap in logic? This is what happens when we try to shelter our kids from failure. If we shield them from the real world they think that life is supposed to be fair. Then when they experience rejection they make stupid leaps in logic like shooting up the school.

Now a school volunteer…

Coon was ridiculed by classmates at SuccessTech. He had a tendency not to fight back when teased, but recently got into an after-school scuffle, was suspended and made threats that he would blow up the school or stab everybody.

“This kid finally broke,” said Christina Burns, who volunteered at a school Coon previously attended. “He finally lost his mind.”

Cry me a river. I guess he only slapped around his mom which makes him one of the worst kind of bullies.