Ohio couple charged with backpage and craigslist sex trafficking

Mack and Onysko

Human trafficking charges: Jeremy Mack, Ashley Onysk accused of forcing teens to have sex for money:

Teenage girls were “virtual prisoners” in Elyria house; man charged with forcing victims into drugs, prostitution:

The people with the oh so classy tattoos up there are 37-year-old Jeremy Mack of Elyria, Ohio and 23-year-old Ashley Onysko of Avon Lake, Ohio. The pair are facing federal charges of human trafficking after being arrested in April in Elyria. One of the girls they allegedly turned out was a 16-year-old girl. Police say that Mack would get the girls and women hooked on drugs then make them work as prostitutes to pay off their drug debts. A 19-year-old said that she witnessed Mack choking and assaulting some of his victims. None of the victims were allowed to leave the house, had their cell phones taken away and were routinely strip searched when drugs went missing. Like Ohio needs anymore houses where women are being held captive. Onysko was allegedly the one who would recruit their victims. The victims were being advertised on both craigslist (hey, didn’t they clean that up?) and Backpage.

The hobbyists, aka johns, would have you believe that prostitution is a rainbow and unicorn filled word rife with consenting adults. In a harsh reality consent is more the exception than the rule.