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Trial date set for Ashton Glover’s murder

Murder trial set for Oct. 2:

A lot of people have been asking me when Matt McCombs and Sean would be going on trial for the murder of 16-year-old Ashton Glover. I originally heard that it was going to be the first week in October. That is still true but now we have a specific date. It is going to start on October 2nd. Here’s hoping that justice is served with extreme prejudice.

Trial set for Ashton Glover’s killers

A Year After Ashton Glover’s Death, Two Neighbors Face October Murder Trail:

A lot of people have been asking me lately if I’ve heard about a trial date for Sean Brown and Matt McCombs. They’re the alleged killers of Ashton Glover. They were friends of Ashton who shot her in the head out of “morbid curiosity”.

Anyway the trial is set for the first week of October. They’re both facing first degree murder charges. I don’t know if prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty or not.

Trial set for Spring in murder of Ashton Glover

Spring trial set for Sugar Land teen murder suspect:

You can read all my entries about the murder of Ashton Glover and the sick freaks that killed her here.

RICHMOND–Trial dates for Matthew R. McCombs and Sean H. Brown, charged with fatally shooting their 16-year-old friend Ashton Glover in July, has been tentatively scheduled for next spring.

McCombs and his next door neighbor Brown are charged with shooting Glover and burying her body at a muddy construction site off of Oil Field Road. Workers found her body July 10.

The three were seniors and classmates at Clements High School.

In a brief Fort Bend County court appearance today Monday before state District Judge Cliff Vacek, a status hearing was set for Jan. 8 with a trial set for April, May or June.

The hearing lasted only a few minutes and then both defendants, dressed in green jail uniforms, were taken back to the courthouse holding cell.

McCombs and Brown disappeared from their Sugar Land homes about two hours after Glover’s body was unearthed. The suspects were arrested July 12 when they tried to cross the St. Clair River and enter Canada from Port Huron.

Police said McCombs gave investigators a statement admitting he shot the Clements High School student out of “morbid curiosity.”

Ashton Glover’s killers plead not guilty

Two plead not guilty in Sugar Land slaying:

Matt McCombs and Sean Brown have both pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of Ashton Glover. Which suits me just fine because hopefully that will make them eligible for the chair.

Once again a defense attorney makes me chuckle…

After today’s hearing, McCombs’ attorney Ira Chenkin said “the people of this community are going to find out that he is not nearly as bad as they think he is.”

Chenkin said McCombs feels terrible for what’s going on.

How could shooting a 16-year-old girl in the head, at point-blank range out of morbid curiosity not be as bad as we think it is? I think the only reason McCombs feels terrible is because he got caught.

Sean Brown waives extradition

Glover Murder Suspect Coming Back To Face Charges In Sugar Land Case:

The co-conspirator in Ashton Glover’s murder, Sean Huston Brown, has waived extradition back to Texas. For those just joining us 16-year-old Ashton Glover was killed by her friends Matt McCombs and Sean Brown. McCombs was the trigger man. They killed her for “morbid curiosity”. They tried fleeing to Canada but they were captured in Michigan before they could reach the border. McCombs admits to being the triggerman and waived extradition immediately. Brown fought extradition at first.

McCombs "devastated"

Attorney: McCombs ‘Devastated’ About Glover’s Death:

You’re kidding me right?

RICHMOND, Texas — One of the teens accused of killing Ashton Glover, 16, said he “feels terrible” about what happened, his attorney told KPRC Local 2.

Matthew McCombs, 18, appeared in Fort Bend County court for an arraignment Tuesday.

The judge read McCombs his rights and set his bail at $1 million.

“He’s devastated about this. He’s really sorry for what’s happened in this case. He feels terrible,” said Ira Chenken, McCombs’ attorney. “If any of you are parents, and something like this happened to your child, you could just imagine how devastated the family is.”

Let me speak for the entire planet when I say Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? You’re devastated? What about the family of the girl whose brain you put a bullet in? How do you think they feel?

You are a soulless monster McCombs. I hope you rot in hell.

Morbid Curiosity II

Ashton Glover Killed for Morbid Curiosity?:

This is another great article from the fine folks at Crime Library. Check out the details of Ashton Glover’s murder by Matt McCombs…

SUGAR LAND, Tx. (Crime Library) — Matthew McCombs, 18, Ashton Glover’s former classmate told police that he and neighbor Sean Brown, also 18, went riding with Sugar Land, Texas, 16-year-old teenager Ashton Glover July 7. After getting out of the car, and without any warning or provocation, McCombs pulled out a rare revolver that he had stolen and shot Ashton in the head, killing her. The two men then left Ashton’s body where she lay and went for some breakfast. After their breakfast, McCombs and Brown went back to the field and buried Ashton’s body. Then went home to sleep.

Why did McCombs do this? “Morbid curiosity” is what he told the police.

This story, first reported by Eric Hanson in the Houston Chronicle, suggests that prosecutors may not be treating this as a capital case. Perhaps because they have not yet been made aware of things that McCombs had published that put his killing of Ashton Glover in a new light.

In an earlier Crime Library story on this case, Steve Huff pointed out that McCombs had put on his MySpace pages that when he grew up, he wanted to be a “killer,” and that his goal this year “was not to get caught.”

So, he steals a revolver a few weeks ago from a friend in Kerrville, takes the loaded pistol with him on this ride with unsuspecting Ashton, and once they are miles away in a rural construction site where the shot won’t be heard, he pulls out the gun and executes his first kill.

Sounds like premeditation to me.

Not only that but shouldn’t the cold-blooded way that McCombs killed her carry any weight towards the charges?

Personally I hope he gets a date with the needle.

Morbid Curiosity

Sheriff: ‘Morbid Curiosity’ Given As Motive For Killing Teen:

I’ve been blogging about various crimes for 6 years now. I’ve become almost detached from my emotions when writing about these stories. Until I read this article. I almost flung my laptop across the room. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I have a (step)daughter her age…

RICHMOND, Texas — Morbid curiosity was given as the motive by one of two suspects charged with killing 16-year-old Ashton Glover, KPRC Local 2 reported Monday.

Matthew McCombs arrived in Fort Bend County Monday afternoon after he waived extradition from Michigan, where he and Sean Brown were captured while trying to cross the U.S.-Canada border into Ontario.

McCombs and Brown, both 18, were charged with murder in the death of Glover on Wednesday.

McCombs has given a statement,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton Wright said. “We think the statement, at this point, is pretty accurate because it’s collaborated by some of the facts that we have.”

Wright said McCombs implicated Brown in the killing but admitted to pulling the trigger.

“The pistol that we recovered in the search warrant at McCombs’ house is indeed the murder weapon,” Wright said. “Mr. McCombs pulled the trigger (with a) 22-32. It’s an old model replica, a frontier model, an old pistol. You can still buy ammunition for it, I think, but those guns have been out of production for some time.”

He said that McCombs stole the gun from a friend’s grandmother’s house in Kerrville.

Wright did not elaborate on the statement or motive in order to not jeopardize the case. He also would not say why Glover was the victim.

“I’ll have to stop with the statement made — morbid curiosity. Of course, there’s more answers to that, but, after conferring with the district attorney and others, they requested that we not go beyond that,” he said.

Matthew McCombs, may God have mercy on your soul.

Pistol found at McCombs home

Glover Murder Suspect Admits Part In Killing; Pistol Found At His Home:

Just a brief update…

Matthew McCombs, one of two suspects in the murder of Sugar Land teenager Ashton Glover, has given detectives a “self-implicating statement,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton Wright said Monday morning.

Investigators also have discovered a pistol at McCombs’ home in Sugar Land, the sheriff said. However, test results are not yet available that could indicate whether or not the weapon was used in Glover’s death.

McCombs confesses

Police: Teen admits being involved in Sugar Land murder:

One of Ashton Glover’s killers has confessed…

RICHMOND–One of the teens charged in the slaying of Ashton Glover has given police a statement admitting his involvement in the killing, Fort Bend County officials said today.

Investigators were preparing to bring Matthew R. McCombs, 18, from the St. Clair County jail in Port Huron, Michigan to Texas when the teen told police he wanted to talk, Chief Deputy Craig Brady of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office said today.

”Ultimately he gave confession admitting his involvement in the murder,” Brady said.

Brady declined to provide any details about McComb’s statement other than it took several hours.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton Wright said the statement greatly strengthens the state’s case against the pair.

“It makes the case. We had a good case, I think now we have an airtight case,” Wright said.

Wright said the statement corroborates evidence already collected in the probe.

McCombs and Sean H. Berry, 18, both of Sugar Land, were arrested Wednesday night trying to enter Canada from Port Huron.

From the impression I get it sounds like he’s rolling over on his partner Sean Brown. I also get the impression that Brown is the “ring leader”.