LGBT church staff member victim of craigslist killing in Dallas

LGBT church staff member victim of craigslist killing in Dallas

Yevin Rushing

(Story broke 7/9/2017)

54-year-old Robert Lee Covington was the personal assistant to the senior pastor at the Cathedral of Hope of Dallas. According to reports, the Cathedral of Hope is one of the largest LGBT churches in the country. Mr. Covington was found dead in his home on Friday night. He is said to have died from asphyxiation due to his nose and mouth being covered by duct tape. Missing from his home were his Rolex watch, his cell phone and car keys.

Police had no suspects until 22-year-old Yevin Rushing allegedly returned to the scene of the crime in a U-Haul. Rushing saw police investigating the crime scene and left. Neighbors reported this as a suspicious vehicle which led police to the suspect. Rushing allegedly told police he met Mr. Covington on craigslist and Covington had given him his Rolex. The watch was said to have been in Rushing’s vehicle. He is currently being held on $500,000 bond after being charged with capital murder.

By all accounts, Mr. Covington was loved by his congregation and by no means do I intend to sully his name or memory. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind not just those in the LGBT community, but anyone, not to use craigslist for hook-ups. While there is a degree of anonymity to craigslist, there is a much higher degree of danger. Anybody who uses craigslist for any kind of physical pursuit could find themselves robbed, sexually assaulted, or sadly, even killed.

My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the friends and family of Mr. Covington.
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Kyle Dube convicted in murder of Nichole Cable

Kyle Dube

Kyle Dube

Back in 2013 Kyle Dube of Maine was arrested in the disappearance in death of 15-year-old Nichole Cable. The then 20-year-old Dube used a fake Facebook profile under the name of a friend of hers to lure Nichole to a wooded area where he abducted her while disguised in a ski mask. Dube’s plan was to stash her somewhere, wait for an undisclosed amount of time, then act as her rescuer. He duct taped Nichole and tossed her in the back of a pick up truck. Somewhere during the transport Nichole died of asphyxia due to compression of the neck. Dube buried her body under some leaves in the woods and her body wasn’t discovered until weeks later.

Early in March Dube was convicted of Nichole’s murder and kidnapping. During the trial Dube’s defense attorney tried to shift blame to Dube’s ex-girlfriend who allegedly hated Nichole but the DNA evidence and Dube’s own confession to a fellow inmate was overwhelming.

Dube is looking at 25 to life on the murder charge and 30 to life for the kidnapping. Hopefully those sentences will be consecutive and not concurrent.

Nichole Cable

Nichole Cable

UPDATE 5/10/2015: This past week Dube was sentenced to 60 years for Nichole Cable’s murder and 30 for her kidnapping. The only problem is the sentences are concurrent. According to the judge Maine case law did not allow her to sentence him to consecutive sentences. I’d rather see him rot for 60 years then get out on some legal loophole so kudos to the judge for erring on the side that keeps this moron in jail for as long as possible.

UPDATE 4/10/2016: Dube’s conviction has been upheld by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Camden woman buried alive, covered in lime

Camden woman’s grisly death is detailed in court:


Fatima Perez

I’m kind of disgusted with humanity right now, I mean more so than usual.

41-year-old Fatima Perez of Camden, New Jersey was buried alive and covered in lime in a shallow grave and left to die in Monroe Township, New Jersey. She died from asphyxiation since her eyes and mouth were covered in duct tape. While she may have died in Middlesex County this crime has Camden written all over it. The same Camden, New Jersey that constantly competes with places like Detroit and Gary, Indiana, as one of the most dangerous places in the country. The same Camden that disbanded its police force and replaced it with a county police force except Camden is the only place it patrols, yet the state taxpayers foot the bill.

Ms. Perez was on her way to purchase a car. She had $8,000 in her possession. She was able to get a ride from a man who had done landscaping for her before, one 36-year-old Carlos Alicea-Antonetti of Camden. It seems that instead of trying to earn money like that honestly, he decided he was just going to take it from Ms. Perez and dispose of her, allegedly. Alicea-Antonetti then picked up a co-worker, 57-year-old Ramon Ortiz. Ortiz claims that when he got in the vehicle Ms. Perez was already bound and gagged. So the pair allegedly took her to Monroe Township which is an hour drive away, dug a shallow grave, threw Ms. Perez in it and then covered her with lime, dirt, and leaves, all while she was still bound, gagged and alive. She was reported missing this past Monday and unfortunately, she was not found alive. Alicea-Antonetti was said to have been found with $7,000 of the money when the pair were arrested in Cherry Hill on Wednesday.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Camden is a lost cause. While this story may be shocking to a lot of people it’s not shocking to me that this started in Camden. An inept government, the fact that less than half the city’s properties are tax paying and the fact that the city is basically being propped up by the state financially should signal the death knell for Camden. This could have happened over $800 or even $80.

No one will ever come into Camden to develop it. It’s been tried and it’s failed miserably. The state would be better off relocating whatever decent folk are left in Camden then razing the city and starting over. Otherwise, it’s never going to get any better, ever.

Nichole Cable’s cause of death released

Kyle Dube

Kyle Dube

Missing Maine Girl, 15, Died From Asphyxiation:

This past week the medical examiner in Maine released the cause of death for 15-year-old Nichole Cable. Dr. Margaret Greenwald released a statement saying that Nichole died from asphyxia due to compression of the neck.

If you’ll recall Nichole died during an alleged staged kidnapping scheme using a fake Facebook account perpetrated by 20-year-old Kyle Dube. Investigators say that Dube tied Nichole up and put her in the back of a pick up truck where she died.

I’m no forensic expert but compression of the neck makes it sound like that she was strangled somehow. Whether it was due to Dube manhandling her in the attack or the way he tied her up remains to be seen.

Either way Dube is an idiot for coming up with a plot that should have been prefaced with the phrase ‘it’s so crazy it might work’. No, they never work. Leave that shit for bad sitcoms. In the real world people get hurt and die.

UPDATE 6/18/2013: Dube’s public defender is asking for a psychiatric evaluation for his client to see if Dube is competent to stand trial. I don’t think being a selfish predatory dumbass is the same as mental incompetence.

UPDATE 6/29/2013: Dube pleaded not guilty on the 19th.

Daughter dies from being hog tied

Kenneth Stoddard

Kenneth Stoddard

Misty Stoddard

Misty Stoddard

Asshat Kenneth Stoddard, age 35, is from Florduh and charged with aggravated child abuse because he and his common law skank bitch regularly used “hog tying” as a form of punishment on their 11-year-old daughter Melissa. Misty went to check on Melissa and found her unconscious and not breathing…she thought Melissa was faking so she walked away for 5 minutes. When Misty came back a second time, she got her shitty hubby! Guess how they got caught….well deputies received a “child not breathing call” of course. Melissa, age 11, was taken to a hospital where she was then airlifted to a children s hospital and found to have severe brain damage and to be brain-dead. She also had ligature marks on her upper arms, wrists, ankles, and thighs. Melissa died December 17 from hypoxia or deprecation of oxygen.

There were 5 other children in the home, none of which showed signs of abuse, and they were taken into custody by the department of children and families. The 5 siblings described how Melissa was restrained…or “hog tied.” Poor Melissa was regularly “hog tied” to a board on her bed with duct tape covering her mouth to muffle her screams. Se was also tied up and placed in the family pool. She was fed in a fenced enclosure her siblings called “the corral.”

See Melissa was Kenneth and his x wife’s child. Kenneth had 2 kids with his x, both of which were autistic. She had come to live with his now common law wife and himself as a custody agreement. Melissa had only been living with her pop and step monster for 3 months.

Why was step monster dearest not immediately charged you say…well, step mama dearest was in an undisclosed hospital because when she found out she was being investigated she tried to kill her self. that’s so tragic….that she didn’t succeed i mean. Stupid c*** had rather off herself than face the music. Oh and she’s pregnant…SHOCKER!!! Once released, step bitch, Misty Stoddard, was charged with being an accomplice to the murder and aggravated child abuse causing great bodily harm. Both ass hats are being held without bond and face life in prison. I hope both these ass hats gets hog tied and ass raped for life, in prison!

RIP sweet Melissa for the demons can no longer hurt you!

Melissa Stoddard

Melissa Stoddard


***Thanks to Leslie for the write up***

Michigan man kills wife and sons, then goes to sleep… PERMANENTLY

 Husband kills wife, 2 sons and himself

 Mother and 2 sons found dead in home, father kills himself

With the economy the way it is and everyone struggling financially to keep their heads above water, we can understand the stress and even the dark thoughts to end it all, what we can’t understand is the father that decides not only to end his life, but the lives of his wife and two sons first.  That is the case in this story coming to us from my home state, Michigan.  Let’s get to it shall we.

On January 13th Police in Novi, MI, received a call from a family friend after Camden Schons (4) and Tynan Schons (6) did not show up for school and their mother Jennifer Schons (38) missed a scheduled appointment.  Officers went to their home around noon for a welfare check; inside they found their bodies.  Jennifer was in her room and had died of multiple stab wounds.  The boys were found in another room both had been choked to death.  The father Mark Schons (39) was not in the house, so an alert was issued for his vehicle.  Two hours later he was found in a Lowe’s (Wal-Mart in some articles) parking lot, he had died of an apparent suicide.  He had lit a charcoal grill in the passenger seat of his SUV and died from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Now I can understand him wanting to end his life and even doing so in the easiest way possible, but this cowardly man stabbed his wife and choked his two sons to death, then he takes his ass out by carbon monoxide, essentially putting himself to sleep permanently.  Where was that mercy when he was taking the lives of his family?  Here’s an even better idea if you really want to end it all, do it, but leave your wife and kids out of it!

The motive is unknown, as suicide note has been found.  According to family the Schons owned a now-defunct party-supply store, were deep in debt, had filed for bankruptcy in December and were considering divorce, although they continued to live in the same residence.

The police are looking into the 19-20 hours prior to the murders/suicide to see what may have triggered Mark to make his fateful decision.  Novi Police Chief Molloy said, “We may never know what triggered this event, but we will know everything about these people and what led to this.” 

The autopsy results:

Jennifer Schons, 38-year-old, female, homicide, multiple sharp force injuries (a knife was found with Mark in the SUV)

Tynan Schons, 6-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Camden Schons, 4-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Mark Schons, 39-year-old, male, suicide, carbon monoxide poisoning

Tynan and Camden Schons

So sad… R.I.P. Jennifer, Tynan and Camden.

Murder charges for python death in Florida

Report: No trial date in python killing:

Back in July I posted about how the 8-foot Burmese Python that belonged to 32-year-old Charles Jason Darnell got out and squeezed his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter to death.

At that time I posted that the only charges Darnell was facing was not having a permit for the snake. It seems a lot as happened since then because not only is Darnell facing a murder charge but so is the girl’s mother, Ashley Hare.

Personally I am glad that they are bothy facing murder charges. Leaving an 8 foot python basically unguarded is like leaving a loaded gun just laying around except it’s usually a slower and much more painful death for its victim.

Thanks to Dawn for the update.

Renee Bowman pleads guilty to abuse

Renee Bowman

Renee Bowman

Md. mother pleads guilty to severe child abuse:

You all remember Frog Clown over there don’t you?

In case you don’t that’s 44-year-old Renee Bowman from Calvert County, Maryland. She’s the ‘woman’ who was arrested when the bodies of two of her adopted daughters were found in her freezer.

Police were tipped off when a third adopted girl escaped the residence because of abuse.

The latest is that Bowman has pleaded guilty to abuse of the third child. She is still going to be tried in the deaths of the two girls. They allegedly died from asphyxia at Bowman’s hands.

She’s looking at 25 years on the abuse alone.

Thanks to DodiaFae for the tip.

Bad Boyfriend’s 8-foot python kills 2-year-old

Officials: Escaped pet python strangled Fla. child:

Only second to the pit bull in terms of trailer dwelling pets is the snake. Usually some kind of python or constrictor.

In this case it was an 8-foot Burmese Python that escaped from it’s impenetrable confinement of a plastic bag and a terrarium and squeezed a 2-year-old Oxnard, Florida girl to death.

The snake’s owner is 32-year-old Charles Jason Darnell, the girl’s mother’s boyfriend. Of course he did not have the proper permit to own the python. So far Darnell has only been charged with owning a snake without a permit.

I’m sorry but the only people I’ve ever known that owned snakes like pythons and constrictors are guys with mullets, 70’s mustaches and revoked driving privileges.

These animals are known to kill and eat prey that is many times their own size. If you have small kids owning an 8-foot python is not a good idea. If you do own one get rid of it and not just by releasing it into the wild.

Thanks to Misty and Catbert Pam for the tip.

Foster parent charged with taping pacifier to baby’s mouth

Foster Mom Accused of Taping Pacifier To Baby’s Mouth:

9-month-old Curtis Williams was placed in the custody of foster mother Angela Dukes in Columbia, South Carolina when Curtis tested positive for marijuana. His biological mother was arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

However Dukes is charged in the death of Curtis after he died from asphyxiation from having a pacifier taped to his mouth. To make matters worse Dukes is a neonatal intensive care nurse so she above all people should have known better.

She sounds like just another foster parent who was in it for the money. I am not saying that all foster parents are like that but there are too many who are taking advantage of the system.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.