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Camden woman buried alive, covered in lime

Camden woman’s grisly death is detailed in court:

Fatima Perez

Fatima Perez

I’m kind of disgusted with humanity right now, I mean more so than usual.

41-year-old Fatima Perez of Camden, New Jersey was buried alive and covered in lime in a shallow grave and left to die in Monroe Township, New Jersey. She died from asphyxiation since here eyes and mouth were covered in duct tape. While she may have died in Middlesex County this crime has Camden written all over it. The same Camden, New Jersey that constantly competes with places like Detroit and Gary, Indiana, as one of the most dangerous places in the country. The same Camden that disbanded its police force and replaced it with a county police force except Camden is the only place it patrols, yet the state taxpayers foots the bill.

Ms. Perez was on her way to purchase a car. She had $8,000 in her possession. She was able to get a ride from a man who had done landscaping for her before, one 36-year-old Carlos Alicea-Antonetti of Camden. It seems that instead of trying to earn money like that honestly he decided he was just going to take it from Ms. Perez and dispose of her, allegedly. Alicea-Antonetti then picked up a co-worker, 57-year-old Ramon Ortiz. Ortiz claims that when he got in the vehicle Ms. Perez was already bound and gagged. So the pair allegedly took her to Monroe Township which is an hour drive away, dug a shallow grave, threw Ms. Perez in it and then covered her with lime, dirt and leaves, all while she was still bound, gagged and alive. She was reported missing this past Monday and unfortunately she was not found alive. Alicea-Antonetti was said to have been found with $7,000 of the money when the pair were arrested in Cherry Hill on Wednesday.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Camden is a lost cause. While this story may be shocking to a lot of people it’s not shocking to me that this started in Camden. Inept government, the fact that less than half the city’s properties are tax paying and the fact that the city is basically being propped up by the state financially should signal the death knell for Camden. This could have happened over $800 or even $80.

No one will ever come into Camden to develop it. It’s been tried and it’s failed miserably. The state would be better off relocating whatever decent folk are left in Camden then razing the city and starting over. Otherwise it’s never going to get any better, ever.

Nichole Cable’s cause of death released

Kyle Dube

Kyle Dube

Missing Maine Girl, 15, Died From Asphyxiation:

This past week the medical examiner in Maine released the cause of death for 15-year-old Nichole Cable. Dr. Margaret Greenwald released a statement saying that Nichole died from asphyxia due to compression of the neck.

If you’ll recall Nichole died during an alleged staged kidnapping scheme using a fake Facebook account perpetrated by 20-year-old Kyle Dube. Investigators say that Dube tied Nichole up and put her in the back of a pick up truck where she died.

I’m no forensic expert but compression of the neck makes it sound like that she was strangled somehow. Whether it was due to Dube manhandling her in the attack or the way he tied her up remains to be seen.

Either way Dube is an idiot for coming up with a plot that should have been prefaced with the phrase ‘it’s so crazy it might work’. No, they never work. Leave that shit for bad sitcoms. In the real world people get hurt and die.

UPDATE 6/18/2013: Dube’s public defender is asking for a psychiatric evaluation for his client to see if Dube is competent to stand trial. I don’t think being a selfish predatory dumbass is the same as mental incompetence.

UPDATE 6/29/2013: Dube pleaded not guilty on the 19th.

Renee Bowman pleads guilty to abuse

Renee Bowman

Renee Bowman

Md. mother pleads guilty to severe child abuse:

You all remember Frog Clown over there don’t you?

In case you don’t that’s 44-year-old Renee Bowman from Calvert County, Maryland. She’s the ‘woman’ who was arrested when the bodies of two of her adopted daughters were found in her freezer.

Police were tipped off when a third adopted girl escaped the residence because of abuse.

The latest is that Bowman has pleaded guilty to abuse of the third child. She is still going to be tried in the deaths of the two girls. They allegedly died from asphyxia at Bowman’s hands.

She’s looking at 25 years on the abuse alone.

Thanks to DodiaFae for the tip.

Md. woman charged with deaths of kids found in freezer

Renee Bowman

Renee Bowman

Md. Woman Is Charged In Deaths Of 2 Girls:

Renee Bowman, who I’ve dubbed the Frog Clown, has been charged in the deaths of her two adopted daughters. If you’ll recall the bodies of 9-year-old Jasmine Nicole Bowman and 11-year-old Minnet Cecila Bowman were found in Bowman’s freezer last year after a third child escaped from the house and notified a neighbor of the abuse she was receiving at the hands of Bowman.

Bowman has been in jail since September after the bodies were found but now she’s officially been charged with their deaths. Police believe both girls died from asphyxia at the hands of Bowman.

Bowman was also collecting government money after the girls’ deaths.

Maryland freezer kids were asphyxiated

Police: Girls Found In Freezer Died Of Asphyxiation:

For those of you who were reading the site for a while you may remember the case of Renee Bowman, aka Frog Clown. (Look at her mugshot and that will explain everything.)

She’s the woman from Maryland who police found the bodies of two of her adopted children in a freezer. A third daughter had to literally jump from the 2nd story of the house and contacted police because of abuse.

The cause of death of the two girls has been released. 9-year-old Jasmine Nicole Bowman and 11-year-old Minnet Cecila Bowman died of asphyxiation.

What I haven’t seen in any of the articles I read was exactly how the girls were asphyxiated.

Still not roid rage

Steroids did not act alone:

This is an article from Jim Varsalone, the pro-wrestling editor of the Miami Herald. He’s kind of saying what I’ve been saying since day one of the Chris Benoit murder-suicide.

Roid rage, a term associated with steroid use, is a quick, violent outburst. It leads to a punch, a kick, an assault, but not murder. The Benoit murders/suicide occurred over a two to three day period.

With the rampant use of steroids in sports and the number of high-profile wrestlers who have died at an early age, no one — other than Benoit — has been linked to murder.

Mr. Varsalone goes through numerous other aspects of steroids and Chris Benoit’s crime as well. It’s worth your time to read the whole article and get another perspective.

Concussions not steroids

Brain Damage May Have Caused Wrestler Chris Benoit to Kill Family, Doctor Says:

A doctor who examined the brain matter of pro-wrestler turned family annihilator Chris Benoit states that Benoit had brain damage consistent with Alzheimer’s patients.

The Sports Legacy Institute, an organization that advances health and wellness of athletes, coordinated the testing using samples of Benoit’s brain tissue provided by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation — with the permission of Benoit’s father.

Despite the results, Dr. Robert Cantu, a member of the institute and chief of neurosurgery service at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Mass., said there was no way to know for sure if the concussions Benoit suffered caused the murder-suicide.

Cantu did say that the brain injury Benoit suffered can cause depression and irrational behavior.

Decades of chairshots and flying headbutts can turn the brain to mush. Not that I’m excusing what the Canadian Coward did but can we finally get off the whole “roid rage” knee jerk reaction finally? This shows that there could have been a number of reasons that led Benoit to kill his family.

Order of death

Order of Deaths Key to Wrestler’s Estate:

The mother of Nancy Benoit, Maureen Toffoloni, has had her lawyer ask the court to determine the order of deaths of Nancy and her son Daniel. Why you may ask? Take a guess. I’ll give you a hint. It’s green, rectangular, and has the pictures of guys in powdered wigs on it.

It’s widely believed that Chris Benoit killed his wife first and then his son. That would be bad for Ms. Toffoloni. If it’s determined that the order of deaths as they stand right now is correct Chris Benoit’s assets would belong to his two children from his previous marriage. If Nancy was killed last the assets would go to her family.

That’s because of a forfeiture statute that takes into account the fact that Benoit was the killer. As such, the law for purposes of estate distribution would consider Benoit to have died before his wife and son.

Chris Benoit’s living children are 14 and 10. It takes a real humanitarian to take some financial security away from them.

Not only that but do you really think that Nancy Benoit would have allowed her only son to be killed and not have fought back?

Roid rage inconclusive

Questions still loom in Benoit case:

Again, if you won’t believe me that roid rage in the deaths of the Benoit family is not a foregone conclusion then how about Georgia’s top coroner?

Pro wrestler Chris Benoit had more than 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system when he hanged himself in his home after killing his wife and 7-year-old son last month. But did that have anything to do with the slayings?

“I think it’s an unanswerable question,” said Dr. Kris Sperry, Georgia’s top medical examiner.

Test results released Tuesday neither bolstered nor entirely debunked speculation that anabolic steroids might have led Benoit, a wrestler with a family-man image, to commit the shocking crimes. Some experts believe steroids can cause paranoia, depression and violent outbursts known as “roid rage,” but Sperry noted that there is no consensus on the issue.

Even the high levels of testosterone should not be overanalyzed, Sperry warned. They could indicate the wrestler was being treated for “testicular insufficiency,” he said.

Well I think we know that Chris Benoit had “testicular insufficiency” because only a nutless coward is capable of killing his family but I digress.

In the end, he said, authorities will never know whether the steroid could have caused the murderous outburst.

Not only that but if roid rage is as prevalent as some people falsely claim then how come there isn’t a murder a week coming out of Major League Baseball or the NFL?

Benoit family toxicology report released

GBI: Benoit had steroids in system:

Yeah yeah yeah. Chris Benoit had steroids in his system. No big shock there. He was a professional wrestler after all. But before all you roid rage zealots start pointing fingers at me with your “I told you so” attitudes you may want to unbunch your panties for a second. Chris Benoit also had Xanax and Hydrocodone in his system, a sedative and a pain-killer. Now I’m not a doctor, I don’t even play one on the internet, but I’ve been prescribed both drugs, luckily not at the same time. Taking either one has pretty much knocked me on my ass. I’m not a small guy either. I’m over 6 feet tall and I hover around the 200 lb. mark. Not as big as Benoit but not a small guy either. So in my estimation I think the inclusion of the Xanax and Hydrocodone pretty much precludes any ‘roid rage’ that so many of you have been shouting from the rooftops.

Nancy Benoit also had Xanax and Hydrocodone in her system as well. Daniel Benoit had Xanax in his system which leads me to believe that Chris Benoit sedated his son before killing him. What a freakin’ humanitarian.