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Another Mocospace assault in Texas



22-year-old Jesus Torres was arrested late in May in Brownsville, Texas for allegedly picking up a 16-year-old girl that he met on the mobile/social gaming platform Mocospace. The assault charge stems from Torres allegedly biting her on her lower lip.

As I’ve stated before Texas is to Mocospace what Pennsylvania is to MeetMe however parents from all states should be aware if their kids are using Mocospace on their smart phones.

Myrtle Beach Breeder arrested for choking son

Amanda Faith Kuzmin

Amanda Faith Kuzmin

Myrtle Beach woman arrested for alleged child abuse:

Myrtle Beach mom arrested for beating, choking teen son:

38-year-old Amanda Faith Kuzmin of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was recently arrested for choking and beating her 13-year-old son. Police say that Kuzmin came into the room where the boy was sitting and began assaulting him while yelling things at him like “no one cares about you!” and “run away, I don’t care!”

The boy ran up a tree for safety until neighbors could get him away and police were called. No word yet on what provoked the alleged attack.

I’ll have to be honest here. The main reason I picked this story to do is because her mugshot reminds me of this…


Suspect poses as craigslist escort service owner to assault woman

Loyton Francis

Loyton Francis

Man arrested for assault of woman who answered Craigslist ad:

Police in Conway, Arkansas have arrested 31-year-old Loyton Francis for allegedly assaulting a woman that he met through craigslist. How he met her through craigslist is a new one on me.

Francis, while using the alias ‘Jake Lancaster’, allegedly placed an ad on craigslist posing as an escort service owner looking for new employees. Police say that he picked up the woman at her home. She believed that they were going to dinner for an interview. Instead the victim says that Francis ordered her out of the car at a vacant field and tried forcing her to undress. Luckily she was able to get away and call a friend. Police were able to trace the ad back to Francis.

Not surprisingly Francis was out on release awaiting a federal trial. I was unable to find out what exactly those charges were but this arrest put him back in federal custody. Police also believe that Francis may have had more victims…

The department asks potential victims or those with information about the case contact Conway police at 501-450-6120, or contact the US Marshal’s Office in Little Rock.

Applying for a normal job on craigslist is risky enough. Applying for ‘adult’ employment opens you up to a whole other level of possible dangers.

2 charged in WA with being Backpage child pimps


Two men charged with prostituting teenager on Backpage.com:

2 men plead not guilty to Backpage prostitution charges:

28-year-old Eugene Andre Young and 25-year-old Claude Anthony Hutchinson have been charged in Pierce County, Washington with prostituting a 16-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media disowned Backpage.com.

The victim met the pair on a bus who told them they would cash a check for her. Instead they allegedly took her to a motel, took the usual explicit pictures of her and sold her on Backpage. The victim states she did what they told because they beat another girl who wouldn’t do what they asked of her. She escaped them then eventually went back to them because her mother didn’t want her.

A second victim states that Young beat her and raped her for refusing to work for Young.

How in any logical way is Backpage not partially responsible for this? If there was a brick and mortar business, for example let’s use a bar, and a prostitution ring was being run out of the business but the owner was not running the ring but was being paid to keep his mouth shut. Wouldn’t the bar owner be held criminally responsible? So why not the scum running Backpage? Only an idiot would believe that there is no prostitution and trafficking being advertised on their site.

UPDATE 3/24/2014: Hutchinson was sentenced to 15 to life while Young got 20 years, 10 months.

Pa. produces yet another MyYearbook predator

Joshua Patterson

Joshua Patterson

Seriously Pennsylvania, what the hell? This is the fourth MyYearbook predator from your commonwealth that I’ve posted about in a row. If you keep this up I may have to start calling you Pedosylvania, which loosely translated means pedophiles’ woods. Creepy.

Braddock man, 34, admits to meeting several minors through social media site:

Braddock Man Arrested for Attempting Teenage Sexual Assault:

34-year-old Joshua Patterson of Braddock, Pennsylvania was arrested recently for allegedly assaulting a teenage girl that he met through MyYearbook. Patterson is accused of meeting a pair of girls from Boggs Township by posing as 19-year-old Joshua Phillips. Way to think up that alias Dillinger.

Anyway he met the two 14-year-old girls and at the meeting he began to rub one of the girl’s neck. Her friend tried pulling her away and Patterson allegedly tried holding on to her. He eventually escaped with the girl’s hoody. I wonder how many times he smelled it on the drive home.

Police were able to track Patterson down and he supposedly admitted to meeting other minors from the site as well.

Parents, again I say to you monitor what your kids are doing online. Make sure your friends with them on all their social sites. You are their parent first. Don’t worry about being the uncool parent. Worry more about your kids’ safety.

19-year-old backpage pimp beats woman pregnant with his child

Javed M. Mobin

Javed M. Mobin

Burnsville man accused of prostituting woman pregnant with his child:

That outstanding citizen over there is 19-year-old Javed M. Mobin of Burnsville, Minnesota. Don’t let the age fool you as he’s being accused of a lot of very bad things.

Not only is he accused of forcing a woman to work for him as a prostitute on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com he’s also accused of beating and choking her and threatening her with further violence if she didn’t continue working for him. The victim claims that she had been forced to work for him since July of 2011. Did I also mention that she’s seven months pregnant with his baby?

So let’s put this into perspective. A 19-year-old kid is forcing a woman to have sex with strangers, he is allegedly repeatedly physically assaulting her while she is pregnant with his baby. It doesn’t get much more disgusting than that.

Oh wait, yes it does. Village Voice Media is making money off of this woman’s suffering and claiming it’s a free speech issue. Yeah, that’s as disgusting as it gets.

Yet another SeaTac backpage pimp busted


Prosecutors: Violent Pimp Coerced Woman Into Prostitution On Backpage:

This time the alleged trafficking scum is 22-year-old Allen Almarco Winston. No wonder these guys take street names. What the hell kind of name is Almarco? Anyway Winston is accused of pimping out his on again off again girlfriend on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com. Of course police say that he physically assaulted her in order to get her to do so, And guess what kids. He’s already back out on the streets.

How much you want to bet that he’s probably already turned out someone else.

But hey, according to VVM this is their way of protecting The Constitution.

Another SeaTac backpage pimp busted


KC Prosecutors: Using Backpage.com, Pimp Forced Woman Into Prostitution:

Today’s contestant on SeaTac backpage pimp round-up is 23-year-old Lavelle Kenneth Johnson. He was arrested for allegedly forcing a woman into backpage prostitution by beating her and possibly raping her repeatedly. When Johnson was stopped by police in King County he had several different cell phones with one that was on the backpage.com log in screen.

But it’s all about backpage’s right to free speech right? Nevermind that they’re making their money from traffickers and rapists who are nothing more than modern-day slave traders. It’s all about backpage right?

South Florida backpage escorts beaten, robbed and raped


Tipped by online ads, robbers terrorize escorts in SoFla hotels:

In Broward County, Florida there have been a series of robberies and assaults of women who advertise as ‘escorts’ on the Village Voice Media owned backppage.com. It at least one incident a victim was raped by two men.

Some of the suspects have been arrested…

Arrested in May and charged in the Broward robbery spree were: Eutil Couch, 29, of Sunrise; Brandon Lamichael Medina, 23, of Hollywood; Keonta Murray, 26, of Port St. Lucie; and Henry Ronald Mitchell, 24, and Jonathan H. Williams, 23, both of Fort Lauderdale.

What I really want to talk about is Village Voice Media’s response, or lack thereof…

An executive at Village Voice Media, Backpage.com’s owner, referred questions to legal counsel Steve Suskin. He could not be reached for comment, despite emails and a phone message left at his office.

Legal counsel? That sounds like VVM is circling the wagons. At least when craigslist refused to comment to the media the refusal came from Jimmy or Craig themselves.

The Sun Sentinel article also turned up a little quote that I was unaware of about backpage from VVM themselves…

Village Voice wrote in a Sept. 19 blog entry that it cooperates with authorities and has safeguards to ensure only adults use the site.

It argued that people can legally post directly onto websites like Backpage.com “without pre-screening or censorship,” according to the blog entry. “The responsibility, under the law, rests with the person supplying the post.”

For one, obviously the ‘safeguards’ don’t work because I’ve documented on this site numerous times of children being peddled. secondly saying that the responsibility lies with the person making the post is just VVM’s way of saying that they don’t care what happens through their site just as long as they keep making money.

California man accused of beating and imprisoning MySpace date

Raymond Brau

Raymond Brau

Mr. Mellow over there is 31-year-old Raymond Brau of Sacramento, California. Don’t let the cool demeanor fool you. He’s accused of beating his MySpace date in an Antioch hotel room because she was talking to other men on MySpace.

Brau allegedly ran from the hotel when someone else heard the commotion.

How he got caught was when he threatened to slit the throat of the hotel clerk when they charged his credit card for damage to the hotel room.

Way to keep that anger in check Ray-Ray.