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Utah craigslist creeper wanted to tickle girls

Ryan Sherry

Ryan Sherry

Speaking of creepy craigslist ads police in Utah arrested 31-year-old Ryan Sherry of Spanish Fork, Utah, on attempted child rape charges after investigators found the following ad in the personals section of their local craigslist.

As the officer was browsing other personal ads, he found one describing a man as someone who “just love[s] the sound of a girl’s genuine laughter. The best way to solicit such laughter is to tickle her.”

Yeah, that ad couldn’t have possibly have been written by some kind of predator.

As has become the norm he was contacted by investigators posing as a 13-year-old girl. Allegedly that prospect thrilled Sherry to no end…

Using the false persona, the officer asked Sherry what would happen if they met up. Sherry reportedly told the officer he wanted to “make out and have sex.” The officer asked if Sherry really wanted to have sex with a 13-year-old. According to police reports, Sherry said, “Well, yeah.”

Police reports state Sherry continually shared how much he wanted to have sex with the 13-year-old girl, and described in lengthy and graphic detail what would happen if they met up.

Police continued these conversations with Sherry for six months. So at his arrest after this six month investigation Sherry said he didn’t know if he would have actually gone through with having sex with a 13-year-old girl. That’s an answer that could have made Chris Hansen’s head explode.

Police should really start billing craigslist for trying to clean up craigslist’s own yard.

Attempted craigslist child rapist arrested in Wash.

Man charged with attempted child rape in Internet sting:

I’m beginning to think that MySpace and craigslist are now neck and neck for the number of sexual predators among their ranks. As a matter of fact craigslist may have even pulled ahead in the race with no winners.

46-year-old Erik Allyn Brisbin was arrested by Lewis County Sheriff’s Office in Washington on attempted child rape charges.

He was nabbed in a sting where the sheriffs posed on craigslist as a mother pimping out her 13-year-old daughter.

The article doesn’t say but I would imagine they didn’t have to wait long.

Here’s a snippet from the ad…

“times are still tight and have expenses to pay. Anyone DDF [drug and disease free] who likes a hot mom and a hot younger daughter hit us up,”

If I read that I would automatically think that is at least some kind of offer of prostitution.

The article doesn’t say if craigslist actually worked with police or not but if they didn’t how did the ad get through craigslist’s ‘screening process’ or ‘community policing’?