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Human-Chimp hybrid kidnapper gets torn a new one by victim’s mother

Adam Hammond

Adam Hammond

Bonzo over there is 21-year-old Adam Hammond from Climax Springs, Missouri. He’s accused of grooming a 12-year-old girl from Humansville, Missouri over MyYearbook and Facebook before allegedly trying to kidnap the girl from her home.

The other day the girl snuck out of the house and got into the car with Hammond. That was probably the worst mistake Hammond could make as the girl’s mother is Shanda Lear, a bail bondsman. If you’ve never dealt with a bail bondsman personally they are some hardcore people who you do not want to screw with.

Ms. Lear gave chase with her husband and son in tow and after Hammond’s car went into a ditch Ms. Lear flew into action.

Eventually he did stop, when he spun into a deep ditch, where Lear jumped inside, grabbed the keys out of the ignition and demanded answers.

“I looked at him and said, ‘were you going to sleep with my daughter?’ He goes, ‘I don’t know what I was going to do with your daughter,'” she remembers. “I said, ‘how old do you think she is?’ And he goes, ’13, she told me she was 13,’ which she’s 12. What difference does that make? You’re 21-years-old. And he goes, ‘I don’t want to go to jail, I’m not going to jail.’ I said, ‘you stopped, she’s okay, as long as she’s okay we’re going to work this out.’ And I just tried to be as nice as I possibly could to keep him there because I knew they were coming.”

Father and son kept Hammond in the car until police arrived. By the looks of him I hope they had to ‘persuade’ him to stay in the car.

Police say that the girl did tell Hammond that she was 14.Even in the Ozarks that’s not even close to the age of consent. The girl supposedly said that Hammond was going to giver her a ring and was going to take her places. She’s lucky that her mom stopped them or the place she may have been taken to could have been a crawlspace.

Parents, please gather around the computer with your young daughters and not only let them read this story but also this advice from Uncle Trench. Guys on the internet are lying to you and will say anything in order to try to get you to have sex and a lot of the times in these cases it doesn’t matter if you say no.

Ohio man accused of MySpace kidnapping

Alleged MySpace kidnapper indicted:

20-year-old Darren Casey is accused of using a phony MySpace to set up a meeting with a woman who he allegedly tried to kidnap. Casey was indicted on attempted kidnapping charges among others.

He’s accused of using the fake MySpace to set up a meeting with a 21-year-old woman at a home in Bellbrook, Ohio. When she arrived at the house Casey allegedly jumped out wearing a mask and tried to grab her. Luckily she escaped.

Ironically Casey was also identified through MySpace with the victim’s help.

Enough with the MySpace hook ups already. Again if you’re meeting someone from online for the first time meet in the day, in a public place, and always bring a friend.