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Philly Breeder kills her twins over alleged affair


Tacony mother charged with murdering her 18-month-old twins:

In my last post I kind of ragged on Philadelphia but there are some decent sections of the city, one of them being the Tacony section. Growing up when my mom would drive us from South Jersey to Philly she would always take the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge because she was afraid to drive on the Atlantic City Expressway. It was easier to get to my relatives’ house in Mayfair by going through Tacony anyway. When I was growing up it was very family oriented and something that happened there recently would have been unheard of.

41-year-old Stacey Smalls of the Tacony section is accused of killing her twin 18-month-old children and truing to kill her 4-year-old daughter and herself. Reports say that Smalls did this because she found out that her husband was allegedly having an affair with one of her relatives. From what I understand the twins were a boy and a girl named Adam and Eve. Reports say that Smalls strangled one and drowned the other.

She also tried to poison her 4-year-old daughter by putting something toxic in the girl’s drink. Luckily, if that phrase can be used in this story, the girl was smart enough to realize that the drink tasted funny.

Smalls is said to have tried killing herself by taking pills and slitting her wrists. I bet it was across the street and not down the road. Unluckily Smalls survived.

Many years ago when I first started crime blogging one of my readers and close friend came up with the mantra that said if you’re going to take yourself out go alone and leave your kids out of it. Does anyone think that if you catch your man cheating on you the proper response is to kill your kids? I asked Mrs. Trench her opinion on this story and she said basically what I thought. What the hell ever happened to divorcing him and taking all his stuff? Mrs. Trench added that if he doesn’t have any stuff make him get a better job then take his stuff.

To men and women like this who think killing their kids is the answer I say to you the fucking universe does not revolve around you. If you want to kill yourself fine, go for it, broadcast it on the fucking internet for all I care but your kids have nothing to do with it.

Come to think of it I would bet that she probably didn’t even have any intentions of actually killing herself. Maybe she planned the whole time to become the Andrea Yates of Tacony.

Thanks to Beth and AJ for the tips.