“Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead”

"Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead"

Mekielle Pullins

In case you ever wondered if monsters exist in our world, read the story about 22-year-old Mekielle Pullins of Indiana.

Back in July, she triggered an Amber Alert when she allegedly abducted her own kids, ages 2, 3, and 7. Luckily, they were found to be unharmed and have been placed with the Indiana Department of Child Services. It’s what she did while she was on the run that’s been grabbing headlines.

Pullins is accused of allegedly abusing one of her kids while recording it and sending the videos to the kid’s father. Investigators say Pullins covered her son’s mouth and nose and recorded the child struggling to breathe. That’s not even mentioning the messages she sent to the boy’s father…

“Bout to call police so they can come get his body.”

“Explain to him in the next lifetime why he dead.”

“I’m stabbing (the child) 2 night I hate him.”

“I wish u never gave me him. I don’t love him or you. U used me for a baby and money then left me on the side of the road and left kids n shelter with not one call in weeks.”

She even allegedly threatened to molest the boy and sell him.

It’s one thing to be mad at your child’s father for being a deadbeat dad, it’s another to choke your own child to get back at the father. We all know how hard it can be to try to get child support out of someone who refuses to pay it, but if a dad won’t pay, an innocent child shouldn’t have to pay in his blood.

However, she just wasn’t mad, she was violently insane. Hopefully, the kids can find a better life either with their father(s), other relatives, or through the foster care system. She should never be allowed near a child or see the light of day ever again.

(Thanks to Lady Gray for the assist)

Colo. woman has baby cut from womb after responding to craigslist ad

Dynel Lane

Dynel Lane

One of the stories I’m woefully behind on is this one out of Longmont, Colorado, where police say that 34-year-old Dynel Lane not only allegedly stabbed 26-year-old Michelle Wilkins but cut Ms. Wilkins’ baby from her womb. Ms. Wilkins was seven months pregnant at the time of the brutal crime.

Ms. Wilkins went to Lane’s residence after responding to a craigslist ad for baby clothes. If this sounds slightly familiar it’s because it’s eerily reminiscent of the murder of Heather Snively. Ms. Snively was stabbed to death by Korena Roberts in 2009 and then Roberts cut the baby from Ms. Snively’s womb. However in this instance Ms. Wilkins survived her injuries. Unfortunately her baby did not.

Lane has been charged with attempted murder however she has not been charged with murder in the death of Ms. Wilkins’ unborn baby since Colorado does not recognize an unborn child as a person unless it’s capable of surviving outside the womb. Take that for what you will.

Ms. Wilkins has a GoFundMe page set up for medical expenses.

UPDATE 2/23/2016: Dynel Lane has been convicted on all counts against her including attempted first-degree murder, assault and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. Sentencing is scheduled for late April.

UPDATE 4/28/2016: The Boulder DA is seeking a sentence of 126 years. Sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow.

UPDATE 4/29/2016: Earlier today Lane was sentenced to 100 years behind bars.

Juggalo charged with MT home invasion stabbing

Dante Kirpal Kier

Dante Kirpal Kier

Gang Member Faces Attempted Murder Charge in Kalispell Stabbing:

Again, I think calling Juggalos a gang gives them way too much credit. And is it me or does this guy look like a clown even without the make up?

Anyway that’s 19-year-old Dante Kirpal Kier. He was arrested for allegedly breaking into a family’s home in Kalispell, Montana and trying to stab the homeowner to death with a steak knife. The victim received stab wounds to his arm and the inside of his mouth but was able to subdue Kier. The man’s wife and kids were home at the time as well. According to police not only did Kier admit to being a Juggalo but he also admitted wanting to kill because ‘it felt good’.

Yet another mime who can’t differentiate between a gimmick and reality. I say that because there are a lot of bands out there that have violent lyrics besides ICP but the majority of music fans know that those lyrics are just a gimmick. It just seems that the Juggalos have an inordinate number among them who try to live the gimmick. I’m not blaming the music just the individuals who take it too seriously.

Kier’s father says that Kier has mental illness and drug abuse issues and that he should stay in jail out of concern for the public’s safety as well as his son’s. The public may be kept safe from Kier for an awfully long time as he is looking at 110 years on attempted murder charges. Maybe more clowns will see this and think twice before thinking they’re such badasses.

NC Breeder tries to kill kids by crashing car

She's single guys.

Lincolnton woman charged with trying to kill kids:

Police: Children Say Mother Tried to Kill Them in Car Wreck:

Yes, that’s a woman. Anyway the alleged woman is 41-year-old Teresa Caffrey of Lincolnton, North Carolina. She’s been arrested on child abuse charges for crashing her car. It’s not because her kids weren’t restrained (they weren’t). It wasn’t because she was drunk (she may have been). It was because she allegedly crashed the car on purpose in an attempt to kill her daughters, ages 7 and 8.

What’s remarkable about this is that the kids told police that their Breeder crashed the car on purpose. The kids supposedly told witnesses that ” ‘Mama wrecked the car on purpose’ and that she was ‘mad at daddy’ and that’s why she crashed the car. Caffrey is estranged from the baby daddy. Luckily the children only had bumps and bruises.

Just as an addition to the story that I find funny Caffrey was also charged with possession of a controlled substance at a detention facility. Sounds like she may have been trying to sneak a little something something into the jail.

Anyway it’s only a maladjusted selfish piece of trash that takes their infantile man-drama out on their kids.

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife Jade for the tip.

Guy binds and gags his children

Man Suspected of Torturing Two Infant Children:

Not a lot of details on this one but 23 year old Jeremiah Scott of Riverside County, California has been arrested after his one year old and 18-week old children were found in the bedroom bond and gagged with injuries to their head.

One of the charges he faces is attempted murder but I was unable to find any additional details. So God only knows what this scumbag was actually planning.

Thanks to JJ for the tip.

Woman who claimed miscarriage tried to dump baby

agutierezWoman Fakes Miscarriage, Stashes Baby in Cabinet:

19-year-old Alyna Gutierrez went to an ER in Lancaster, California. She claimed that she had just had a miscarriage and that she had flushed the remains down the toilet.

One of the doctors determined that by miscarriage she must have meant given birth. The doctor determined she was far too along to have miscarried.

While she was at the hospital Gutierrez’s mother found the baby in Gutierrez’s room wrapped in towels and stuffed in a cabinet. Luckily the baby has survived.

Gutierrez herself is being held on $1M bond.

This is another case where someone thinks that they’re smarter than a medical professional who went to school for 8 years to learn their craft. Not to mention the years they’ve probably put in practicing medicine. I don’t understand how people think that some lamebrain story they concoct will actually fool a doctor. Then again I would never dream of trying to kill a baby.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Baby’s body found in investigation of other baby’s attempted murder

Coroner: No cause of death yet for Belleville infant:

Back in November Elyse Mamino of Belleville, Ill. was accused of giving birth to her daughter in a bathroom at a family party and trying to drown the newborn in the toilet. Luckily the child survived. The state thought it was a good idea to return the baby to Mamino after the baby was released from the hospital.

Normally in these types of stories we’d be reading about how the baby was injured at the hands of the mother but not this time.

While investigating the attempted murder police found the remains of another baby in Mamnio’s residence. The date of death was determined to be sometime in 2007 but the cause of death has not been determined yet.

She’s pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charges.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Woman attacked after craigslist hook up

Woman Attacked After Craigslist Meeting:

40-year-old Wayne Graves was arrested for assaulting a woman he met on craigslist. The woman from Upper Marlboro, Md. was found by police unclothed and injured.

The injuries must have been pretty severe since Graves has been charged with attempted first degree murder.

I am not blaming the victim at all. If the charges are true then Graves is a grade-A scumbag. However, this is just another reason why not to hook up with people on craigslist.

Samson Shelton enters plea

Ex-Teacher Pleads Not Guilty to Attack:

Our favorite part-time teacher, part-time pro wrestler, and full-time psycho, Samson Shelton has appeared in court to enter his plea. This ought to be good…

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) A former teacher pleaded not guilty Friday to trying to kill a student who was found clinging to life in a park.

Samson Shelton, 26, of Smithton, made the plea during an arraignment on one count of attempted first-degree murder which accuses him of attacking 17-year-old Ashley Reeves, the Belleville News-Democrat reported on its Web site.

Authorities allege that Shelton choked Reeves with a belt, injured her neck and left her in a city park, where she spent about 30 hours before being found on April 29.

Investigators have said that Reeves and Shelton had a “relationship.” They haven’t elaborated. School officials have said Shelton was once a teacher at a middle school Reeves attended.

Shelton and his attorney, Justin Kuehn, declined comment to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A message was left by The Associated Press at Kuehn’s office Friday evening.

He led police to her body, luckily she was still alive, and he pleads not guilty?

I can’t wait to hear the defense on this one.

Samson Shelton indicted

Grand Jury Indicts Former Ill. Teacher:

Our favorite teacher/wrestler/attempted murderer Samson Shelton is back in the news…

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) A grand jury indicted a former teacher accused of attacking a teenager and leaving her clinging to life in a park.

Samson Shelton, 26, was charged Friday with attempted murder.

Authorities said that Shelton choked 17-year-old Ashley Reeves with a belt and injured her neck with his forearm before leaving her for dead in Belleville’s Citizens Park, where she was found April 29.

Prosecutors said they would pursue an extended sentence, citing the “heinous and brutal” nature of the attack. That means Shelton could receive up to 60 years in prison if convicted.

If he’s found guilty I hope he gets sent to Joliet.