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Guy who tried to have his wife raped through craigslist pleads guilty

Twin Falls Man Pleads Guilty in Craigslist Rape Solicitation Case:

Guardsman pleads to Craigslist ad soliciting wife’s rape:

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

33-year-old Justin Crawford of Twin Falls, Idaho was arrested last year for soliciting the rape of his wife through craigslist. Luckily she was not raped however two men on separate occasions did make their way into the house to try. One wrestled a gun away from her while the other she held at gunpoint until police arrived. Crawford posed as his wife telling these two men that she was into rape fantasies and that they should do it no matter how much she fights back.

Late last year Crawford rejected a plea deal that would have seen him get 10 to 15 behind bars. Last week Crawford must have thought better of it and decided to plead guilty. Crawford is a member of the Idaho National Guard and his defense was going to be that he suffers from PTSD. While it may be true that he does suffer from PTSD I don’t see how that would cause him to craft such an elaborate plan to have his wife raped. He’s still looking at the 10-15 years and may not be sentenced until next year.

As I’ve mentioned before Crawford is not the first person to solicit someone’s rape through craigslist or as I call it rape by proxy. Hell, he’s not even the first guy to try to have his wife raped. Unfortunately the first guy to do that succeeded. Still craigslist continues to go on without being moderated and continues to attract any number of sexual predators without any kind of backlash. On top of that there are still people out there who think craigslist is completely safe and trustworthy. I would think that Crawford’s victim would say otherwise.

Guy who tried to have his wife raped through craigslist rejects plea deal

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

Man who allegedly solicited men to rape his wife through Craigslist rejects plea:

Justin Crawford is the guy from Twin Falls, Idaho who allegedly tried to have his wife raped by placing ads on craigslist posing as his wife saying she was into rape fantasies. This resulted in two men on two different instances showing up to their house to try to rape her.

I’ve detailed before how stupid I think he is and how stupid his plan was, not to mention downright abhorrent. Well, the stupidity doesn’t end there. Recently Crawford rejected a plea deal that would have seen him get 10-15 years in prison. That’s a bargain for a scumbag like this if you ask me. I wouldn’t be surprised if this moron tried to defend himself at trial. By all means, go right ahead. I only hope against hope that after he’s convicted he receives a lot more time than 15 years.

Again this highlights the need for craigslist to moderate their site for twisted cowards like this. Yet people still use the site like there’s no danger at all and I keep pushing this rock uphill.

Guy who tried to have his wife raped through craigslist released

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

Alleged Craigslist Rape Solicitor Released:

You remember 32-year-old Justin Crawford of Twin Falls, Idaho don’t you? In case you don’t He’s the twisted scumbag who allegedly got not one but two men to show up at his house in an attempt to rape his wife. Crawford posed as his wife on craigslist and convinced two dumbasses to come to his house thinking that Crawford’s wife was looking for a rape fantasy. Well, sleep tight Twin Falls because he’s been released from jail. Not just released but released on his own recognizance.

State prosecutors agreed to the release on the condition that Crawford follow court compliance instructions and that he seek treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Seriously? Apparently the Idaho prosecutors must be smoking potatoes to let this guy out on the pretense that he behaves himself. His PTSD may be legitimate since he did do a tour in Iraq with the National Guard but so what? Do you think his wife is not possibly having PTSD after two strangers show up in her house with the intent of raping her so her fucked up husband can get his fucked up jollies?

This is beyond disgusting and if Crawford rabbits or finds himself in legal trouble again these prosecutors should do his time along with him.

Is anybody held responsible for anything anymore?

UPDATE 10/21/2012: Crawford has pleaded not guilty.

ID man charged with setting up attempted rape of his wife on craigslist

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

Man arrested after sexual assault ad on Craigslist:

Rape ad sparks 2 attempts on woman — and charges against husband:

Police: Attempted Rape was Planned through Craigslist:

32-year-old Justin Crawford of Twin Falls, Idaho was arrested recently after two separate men attempted to rape his wife. The first guy showed up at their house and she managed to retrieve a gun. The assailant was able to get the gun away from her and fled. The second guy was found by police in the woman’s home being held at gunpoint by her.

When police questioned the second suspect he allegedly said that he was responding to a craigslist ad in the casual encounters section from a woman interested in a ‘rape fantasy’. When investigators searched the 2nd suspect’s cell phone they discovered that Crawford was the one allegedly exchanging e-mails with the two would be rapists.

So who do you think is more stupid in this case? Crawford for not only allegedly setting up the rape of his wife TWICE knowing that police would have to be involved at some point and also knowing that there are guns in the house and she knows how to use them or the two dipshits who actually believed that a woman who supposedly wanted a rape fantasy would announce it to the world on craiglist.

Listen up idiots. Women on craigslist aren’t real and even if they are they probably have more critters on them than a West Atlantic City hotel mattress.

Sadly this is not the first or even the second case of craigslist rape by proxy that I’ve posted about. The first one that sticks out in my mind is the yet to be named husband from Kannapolis, North Carolina whose wife was actually allegedly raped by Rodney Liverman. The other one was Jebidiah James Stipe of Twentynine Palms, California who set up the rape of his ex-girlfriend in Wyoming by Ty Oliver McDowell.

Will this be the tipping point for craigslist in the media? Will this finally be a call to the country that craigslist is still far from cleaned up? Will this be the catalyst that causes craigslist to finally monitor their own sleazy site? Somehow I get the feeling that the answer to all of those questions is, I seriously doubt it.

Thanks to Shannon for the tip.

Craigslist: request a mover, get a rapist


Woman’s Dogs Save Her From Craigslist Mauler:

Attempted Rapist Masquerades As Mover On Craigslist:

Metro Woman Says Sexually Assaulted by Online Predator:

A 51-year-old woman from Omaha, Nebraska recently advertised on craigslist for a mover. Personally if I was going to request anything on craigslist one of the last things I would ask for is a mover since they would have to come to your house, but I digress.

Anyway instead of a mover what she got was man who tried to rape her…

“He said he was going to help me alright,” said Sue. “But he said, ‘I’m going to do whatever I want to you.’ And all I could think of was dying.”

Instead of assistance in moving large appliances, Sue tells us the middle-aged man who came to help her intended to rape her.

“I knew what he was going to do to me,” she said. “He was going to bend me over the coffee table and do whatever he wanted to me.”

Luckily, if you can even say luckily in this situation, her dogs barking and growling caused the suspect to lave but not before threatening the woman again…

He left with one last message for the victim, however. “Now that I know where you live, I can come back any time.”

As a man I can not possibly imagine the horror that this woman went through and is still going through since the suspect has not yet been apprehended as far as I can tell. However this goes further to show what kind of scum are trolling craigslist for any instance to violate their victims.

Idaho attempted rapist sentenced

Man convicted of using iPod to lure potential rape victims sent to prison:

You remember Stephen Newman don’t you? He’s the guy from Idaho who tried luring women he could rape by offering them a free iPod on craigslist.

He was convicted of attempted rape during the summer. He’s now been sentenced to 15 years and will be eligible for parole after he’s served at least half his sentence.

Newman’s lawyer is appealing stating that there was no evidence that Newman was going to harm anyone.

Really? Not even the ski gloves, the realistic looking pellet gun, or the large kitchen knife? What about all the internet searches about rape and its penalties? That’s not evidence enough?

Here’s to you iPod offering craigslist rapist guy

Ada County jury finds man guilty of attempted rape after posting Craigslist ad offering free iPod:

Our favorite iPod offering would be Idaho craigslist rapist, Stephen Newman, was found guilty of attempted rape.

It seems the Newman had a predilection for rape as he would take videos of himself and an ‘actress’ who would pretend to be raped. Not to mention the fact the items he was found with.

The jury only deliberated for three hours.

No word on when sentencing will be yet.

Would be craigslist rapist on trial

Prosecutors say Meridian man intended rape:

Last July 33-year-old Stephen Newman of Meridian, Idaho was arrested for attempted rape last July. he is accused of placing an ad on craigslist for a free iPod then laid in wait for the woman who responded to the ad.

Luckily the woman was smart enough to smell some kind of scam. The woman followed the instructions given to her by the ‘seller’ which led them to a porta-potty outside of a park where a man just happened to be lying in wait.

Officers say they found Newman wearing a black stocking cap, and they also found a knife, BB gun and ski gloves.

Police seized a laptop in Newman’s SUV which later was found to contain home movies that prosecutors say showed Newman having sex with a woman who was pretending that she was being raped by him.

His defense is that he was playing a prank. You want a prank? Here’s one. SURPRISE!!! You’re going to jail.

Woman attacked by man in purple cape

Masker attacks Covington woman:

40-year-old Lawrence Goldstein of New Orleans has been arrested on charges attempted rape, false imprisonment and possession of nitrous oxide.

Apparently Mr. Goldstein contacted a 26-year-old woman from Covington, La. who was house sitting claiming he had too many people staying at his house for Mardi Gras and asked if he could stay there. The woman amazingly agreed stating that he was only allowed there for sleep. Did I mention she had her 6-month-old baby with her?

Anyway Goldstein showed up at the house in a purple top hat, a large purple cape, a purple satin shirt, pink body paint, and glitter.

And then it got weird…

The woman told police that Goldstein forced her to inhale nitrous oxide and smoke marijuana with him, West said. He then became aggressive and attacked her, ripping off some of her clothes, West said.

The woman fought him off and ran outside about 3:30 a.m., where she was able to call police on a cell phone, West said. The woman left the baby inside, but the infant was unharmed, West said.

When officers arrived, they found Goldstein in the house clad only in trousers and with a bag full of whips, chains, a sex toy and handcuffs, West said. The officers also discovered a canister that the woman told them contained nitrous oxide. She told police they had smoked all of Goldstein’s marijuana, West said.

Yeah, ‘forced’ her to smoke all of his weed.

Anyway what does this story have to do with anything?

The woman told police she met Goldstein after posting a classified ad selling a baby stroller on Craigslist, a Web site.

The people on craigslist never cease to amaze me.

Jeramie R. Eidem

Online predator admits using Myspace to lure girl, 12:

An online predator who sent sexually explicit messages to a 12-year-old Clark County girl pleaded guilty Friday to attempted rape.

“I’m the one at risk here,” Jeramie R. Eidem e-mailed to the girl, as he made arrangements for them to meet. “It’s my way or no way.”

It will be Judge John Wulle’s way Sept. 8, when he sends Eidem to prison for at least a decade.

Eidem was arrested Feb. 25 when he showed up at a Vancouver restaurant to meet the girl, who was waiting with a deputy from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. An adult neighbor of the girl had taken pictures of Eidem’s online activities and alerted police.

Eidem and the girl met on the popular Internet site Myspace.com.

The 26-year-old high school dropout was living with his parents in Columbia City, Ore., when he began sending the girl messages and masturbating for her via a Web cam. Once she told him her age, he warned her not to tell anyone.

“No, you won’t go to prison and get raped by men for 50 years. I would,” he wrote.

By that time, the neighbor had alerted police.

Eidem pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted rape of a child, luring with sexual motivation and tampering with a witness with a sexual motivation.

Authorities seized his computer, which had pornographic images stored on it.

But federal prosecutors and the Columbia County prosecutor agreed not to charge Eidem with possession of child pornography as long as he stipulated to a 10-year sentence in Clark County, deputy prosecutor Alan Harvey said Friday in Superior Court.

Wulle, however, can give Eidem a longer sentence.

Eidem will have to register as a sex offender for life.

Obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed but then again none of them are.

This is Ediem’s MySpace but it looks like it’s been cleaned out since his arrest.