Woman escapes death penalty for strangling twins

Woman pleads guilty, gets life in twin killings:

32-year-old Sherie Shantel Simms of Baton Rouge pleaded guilty to the strangulation deaths of her 6-year-old twin sons Samuel and Soloman. By doing so she’s been spared a dance with the needle and was given two concurrent life sentences.

In May of 2007 Simms gave her sons Tylenol PM then strangled them with an extension cord because ‘she was tired of struggling to make ends meet.’ She allegedly tried to overdose herself but obviously failed there as well.

So you were tired of struggling to make ends meet. Boo-hoo. Welcome to life sister. We all struggle. You couldn’t put your kids up for adoption or asked a relative for assistance? The failed OD attempt makes me wonder how hard did she actually try to kill herself.

Again if you’re going to off yourself be ‘man’ and go alone.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.