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‘lol’ and ‘j/k’ are not excuses

Texas teen jailed for Facebook threats to kill kindergarteners is on suicide watch:

Teen Justin Carter Jailed In Texas After Making Sarcastic Threat In Facebook Comment:

Justin Carter

Justin Carter

It seems that the collective internet has their trusses in a bunch again over a so-called violation of freedom of speech. 19-year-old Justin Carter was arrested back in February for allegedly posting a threatening statement on Facebook.

Carter is a gamer from Texas who was participating in a flamewar with other gamers when someone said to him…

‘Oh you’re insane, you’re crazy, you’re messed up in the head,’

To which Carter allegedly replied…

‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts,’ and the next two lines were lol and jk

Carter has been in jail since March since his family can not raise bail and he’s been placed on suicide watch.

As usual as both sides play hysterics the truth should lie somewhere in the middle. Being the grim spectre of truth that I am I’m here to lay it out for you.

First off threats are not protected by the First Amendment no matter how many lols and j/ks you put in front of it. In this day and age since Columbine and most recently Sandy Hook these types of statements posted on the internet should be taken seriously. Should Carter have been arrested? Absolutely.

On the other hand Carter is looking at 8 years behind bars. Why? Historically these kinds of threats usually carry a fine and probation. When the police investigated did they find any weapons? Did they find any ongoing plans to attack any school? No, they didn’t.

Now I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be held responsible for his actions. This kid did something dangerously stupid and will have the rest of his life to reflect on that but if the local Texas authorities want to save face reduce his charges, reduce his bond to something reasonable, and cut him loose.

Also parents you should use this as a lesson to teach your kids that it matters what they say online even if they are j/k.

Dom Dad for boi

Richard Kaiser

Richard Kaiser

Sachse Man Accused Of Seeking Underage Sex On Craigslist:

Police arrest man suspected of soliciting young boy on Craigslist:

Police in Austin, Texas arrested 39-year-old Richard Raymond Kaiser of Sachse, Texas for allegedly trying to solicit minors for sex on craigslist.

Police say that Kaiser placed an ad entitled “Dom Dad for boi” and that he was in the Austin area for a home school field trip. That makes me shudder to think that there might be children under his frequent supervision. Investigators posed as a 13-year-old boy in responding to his ad and arrested Kaiser when he showed up to the meeting place.

More than likely Kaiser’s ad was either in the personals or casual encounters section which once again I say are in desperate need of moderation. If a site like Facebook can moderate for content I don’t see why craigslist can’t.

Add another craigslist killer (serving life) to the list

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Man found guilty in Craigslist slaying:

Man convicted of Craigslist murder gets life:

This past week Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe was convicted in the Austin, Texas murder of craigslist prostitute Amy Elizabeth Dickey and sentenced to life in prison. It’s a shame he didn’t get the death penalty.

Briscoe strangled Dickey using his bare hands and choking her for five minutes after ordering her services off of craigslist.

With the closing of adult/erotic services worldwide just think how many murders will be prevented. Then think how many could have been prevented if craigslist closed it down sooner or never opened one in the first place.

Add another craigslist killer to the list

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Trial opens in Craigslist killing:

Murder defendant was very talkative in interview with police:

Defendant’s father puts son near scene of prostitute’s body:

I originally posted about this murder in May of 2009. At the time I suspected that there was a craigslist connection however there was no definitive information about the craigslist connection at the time but it was such a disturbing crime to me I posted about it at one of my other blogs. Here’s my post from at that time.

Crazy Joe up there is 29-year-old Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe of Austin, TX. He’s been charged in the murder of Austin call girl Amy Elizabeth Dickey, 28. Allegedly Briscoe contacted her online for her services. He paid her $150 for sex. Then it’s believed that Briscoe strangled her to death. Can’t really call him another ‘craigslist killer’ yet because it has not been released what online venue he used. He then dumped her body in a wooded area. Her body was found on Thursday and police were able to track down Briscoe through her cell phone.

As it turns out there was a craigslist connection. Briscoe allegedly knew Dickey from his job at a head shop but ordered Dickey’s services through craigslist. More than likely from the adult services section while it was still open.

But again since this happened in Texas and not in Boston or New York it’s not national news along with the other craigslist murders except two.

Again this was a murder that craigslist could have prevented if they closed the adult services section sooner.

Austin MySpace rape


Man charged with sexual assault:

24-year-old Jose Linares of Austin, Texas was arrested for the rape of a woman that he met on MySpace. Linares used the alias of Leopoldo Enamorado on the social networking site.

The victim met Linares at a hotel but protested the thought of getting a room. Linares is said to have gotten her in his car to talk but by talking he must have meant rape.

Ok, the internet has been around for how long now and we still have people going on anonymous internet hook ups? While Linares is definitely the villain in this story people still need to practice common sense when it comes to meeting people from online venues.

Pair busted for backpage child prostitution in Austin

Gholar and Russell

Gholar and Russell

Man and woman traveled around for prostitution, police say:

Meanwhile, while craigslist is getting pounded by the collective Attorneys General, Village Voice Media owned Backpage.com still escapes their wrath. Even with stories like this.

Linc and Julie over there (now I am really dating myself) are 35-year-old Quincy Gholar and 22-year-old Jennifer Russell. They were arrested in Austin, Texas for prostituting a 16-year-old girl from Mexico.

Yet I doubt a lot of AG’s even know what backpage is unless they utilize their services if you know what I mean. Or maybe because the soccer moms haven’t heard of backpage yet so the AGs really don’t have to do anything about it until voters know about it. Or maybe it’s because there has been no ‘Backpage killer’ yet like there was with craigslist.

Which ever it is the AGs collectively have their thumbs up their collective asses general.

Human trafficking alleged in Austin prostitution ring

Authorities investigating prostitution ring they say used Asian immigrants:

I’m really not trying to pick on Austin but it seems to be your turn in the barrel as it were.

38-year-old Hong Yan Li of Austin has been arrested on charges of running a prostitution ring and is believed to have been using women from Asia that were in the country illegally. It’s alleged that in the past 6 years Li raked in over $500K on the backs of the women she’s believed to have brought into the country. She ran ads for her ‘businesses’ on craigslist and the local alt weekly the Austin Chronicle.

Not only does craigslist need to clean up its act as far as their erotic/adult services go but so do the alt weeklies in this country. You would think the papers that are most sympathetic to the plight of women forced into the sex trade wouldn’t allow ads for prostitution yet they do.

Now back to putting this story to the test. Consenting adults? I doubt that a lot of the girls brought into the country were happy with their new working conditions. Victimless? Not at all. Human trafficking is filled with nothing but victims. Would this go on if prostitution was legalized? You bet you’re ass it would. Probably even more so.

Austin craigslist masseuse raped

Craigslist ad leads to sexual assault:

Man arrested hotel sex assault in Southeast Austin:

30-year-old Jason Wayne Sutton has been arrested for the rape of woman offering sensual massage on craigslist in Austin. Texas. Sutton allegedly rented a hotel room under the name of Murry E. Moore and arranged to have the woman come to his room. Once there Sutton allegedly produced a fake police badge and put the woman in flex cuffs. He acted like he was calling his ‘partner’ and said that he didn’t have enough evidence to arrest her. Then it’s said that he said something to the effect of this is what happens to girls like her and then proceeded to rape her.

Just recently in Austin prostitute Amy Elizabeth Dickey was allegedly strangled to death by her john Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe.

The danger with craigslist’s erotic/adult services is on both sides of the coin. It seems like crimes against the women placing the ads themselves is on the rise.

Austin call girl strangled to death

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Austin man arrested in death of woman found near store:

Crazy Joe up there is 29-year-old Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe of Austin, TX. He’s been charged in the murder of Austin call girl Amy Elizabeth Dickey, 28. Allegedly Briscoe contacted her online for her services. He paid her $150 for sex. Then it’s believed that Briscoe strangled her to death. Can’t really call him another ‘craigslist killer’ yet because it has not been released what online venue he used. He then dumped her body in a wooded area. Her body was found on Thursday and police were able to track down Briscoe through her cell phone.

So let’s see, consenting adults? I doubt she consented to be strangled to death. Victimless? Hardly. Would this have had happened if prostitution was legal? More than likely.

To all the gals and guys who are thinking about turning to prostitution to make some easy money please don’t. Don’t be another victim like Amy Elizabeth Dickey. The same thing could happen to you or worse.

Thanks to Annette for the tip.

Texas craigslist kidnapping

Kidnapped girl to return to Austin Thursday:

33-year-old David Snyder of Pflugerville, Texas was arrested in New Jersey on kidnapping charges for taking a 15-year-old girl from Austin he met on craigslist to the Garden State.

The girl’s mother claimed that the pair met over craigslist and began text messaging each other. When her mother found out she took away the girl’s cell phone. However as kids are want to do the girl would use a friend’s cell phone or internet.

Snyder was arrested in Newark while the pair were trying to board a bus to New York. The girl went willingly with Snyder but due to her age it is considered kidnapping.

Snyder also has a previous arrest record for aggravated sexual assault of a child on an unrelated case.

So by craigslist’s philosophy shouldn’t Snyder’s ad, which I’m assuming he posted, have been flagged by craigslist’s legendary policing community? Oh that’s right, guys like Snyder are craigslist’s community and wouldn’t flag anything related to sex whether it’s illegal or not.