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Western Australia: Hand to mouth action = smoking


The government of Australia really hates smoking. They have quite the history when it comes to the fight against tobacco. So you would think that a country that is so adamant against smoking would lovingly embrace the concept of vaping as a way to get smokers to quit. Well, if the Supreme Court of the state of Western Australia is any indication, not so much.

Earlier this month vaping and e-cigs were banned in Western Australia. The Supreme Court used this logic to say that vaping and e-cigs runs afoul of the tobacco legislation…

Then came the controversial Western Australian Supreme Court decision which, on April 10, ruled that if an e-cigarette device involves ”a hand to mouth action” and results in the ”expulsion of vapour”, then it resembles a tobacco product and is therefore illegal.

That’s right folks, the WA Supreme Court basically banned vaping and e-cigs because they look like smoking. As I and many other vapers have said this is the what a lot of the anti-vapers believe.

Here’s the thing, the fact that vaping looks and even feels like smoking is what makes it attractive to smokers and helps them quit. This is why vaping has been more successful for me than any other cessation product.

But yeah, let’s take one of the best features about vaping and use it to make it illegal. If we’re not careful this is what can happen here in the US. Not necessarily an outright ban but so much over-regulation and taxes that it might as well be banned.

Werribee assailant in trouble again

Thug’s vicious attack:

First let me do the recap on the Werribee story…

You may remember a story from a few years ago out of Werribee, Australia. 11 teens made a DVD called “C*** The Movie”. The censored word rhymes with punt. The part of the DVD that caused such furor was when the 11 teens sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled girl. They also urinated on her and set her hair on fire. They sold the DVD to their classmates through their MySpace. They all received slaps on the wrists for this atrocity.

And the last we heard from one of those scumbags is when he posted a rap song on his MySpace bragging about what he did.

It seems that’s rap isn’t the only thing he’s into as he was arrested back in October of last year for a home invasion. He allegedly stormed the house of someone he knew beat the suspect with a bat and used pepper spray on him to either rob him of weed or cash.

He’s pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and could be sentenced to 25 years which what he should have been sentenced to in the first place. He’ll be sentenced in October.

I get the feeling that he’ll either no-show the sentencing or get yet another slap on the wrist.

Werribee ringleader did not learn his lesson

Werribee sex DVD ringleader’s hate-filled rap song on web:

You may remember a story from a few years ago out of Werribee, Australia. 11 teens made a DVD called “C*** The Movie”. The censored word rhymes with punt. The part of the DVD that caused such furor was when the 11 teens sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled girl. They also urinated on her and set her hair on fire. They sold the DVD to their classmates through their MySpace. They all received slaps on the wrists for this atrocity.

Now the ringleader of the teens has now posted a rap song online that shows he has no remorse for what he did.

“I hope it hurts to reminisce when you think about us Werribee kids, all things we did,” he sings.

The teen escaped jail over the crime but attacks “c–s who judges us”, saying they can all “get f—ed”.

Another rapper also sings that the gang doesn’t need to be tested “because we proved we’re worthy” and that “fame will never end”.

The song, which refers to the victim by her first name, includes the lyrics: “You’re gunna to love c— the movie”.

The teen and two other amateur rappers expose themselves as violent racists and boast about bashings.

“I split lips and f— I hate nips,” is one of the rants.

“We’re beyond saving,” they chant. “It’s Werribee until I’m locked up. Why don’t you go and find out what we done.”

Other lyrics suggest the Werribee crew think they are above the law and refer to the sexual assault.
“I’m still untouched.

“When hair got flamed.

“They didn’t show her nude, when you look, you look, on YouTube.”

During the rap, youths can be heard laughing at news sound bytes deriding their actions.

And people wonder why I strongly believe that teens should be sentenced as adults in crimes like these.

Some idiot psychologist in the article says that the system failed the assailants. The only thing the Australian system failed was in giving these scumbags a proper sentence.

Aussie Facebook vigilantes jeopardize bushfire case

Online vigilantes threaten arson case:

Facebook vigilantes from Australia have outed the identity of the alleged arsonist responsible for one of the many bushfires raging through Australia.

There was a protective order in place protecting the identity of 39-year-old Brendan Sokaluk who is accused of killing 21 in a bushfire that he allegedly started. That didn’t stop a group of Facebook users from divulging his identity, likeness and address. Part of the order has been lifted in regards to his name but in Australia you still can’t publish his likeness or address.

Police however are afraid that revealing his identity could put prosecution of Sokaluk in jeopardy by prejudicing a potential jury.

Leave the police do their job people. While I don’t agree with the Australian law it is the law. How would you feel if Sokaluk got off because of something you posted on Facebook?

Werribee assailant wants film career

Werribee sex DVD maker aims to direct films:

Remember the story from last year about the kids from Werribee in Australia? They were the ones who filmed themselves sexually assaulting a developmentally challenged girl. Then they sold the DVD, entitled ‘C**t the Movie’, to their classmates through MySpace.

They basically got off with a slap on their collective wrists. Now one of them fancies himself a filmmaker.

“I came runner-up in a film festival for a film about my sister,” he told the Herald Sun.

“It’s all going really, really good at the moment.

“I’m still in school, I’m writing some more short films at the moment and I’ve just done a Ford commercial.

“I’ve got plenty of time and I’m just trying my best.”

Meanwhile the victim still has to love with the humiliation for the rest of her life.

Nice job Werribee.

Nude pics of 13-year-old girl posted to MySpace

Police caution 13yo girl over sex pictures on MySpace:

I hate doing these stories because it draws all the pervs out of their pervy woodwork.

Anyway, a 13-year-old girl from Australia took sexually explicit pictures of her self and sent them to her 17-year-old boyfriend. The 17-year-old is facing charges but that’s not the half of it.

Somehow anther 13-year-old girl came into possession of said explicit photos and posted them on MySpace.

The second 13-year-old has been cautioned by authorities.

Remember kids, no matter what your age is if you’re in possession of pictures of a person under 18 you are in possession of child porn.

Werribee teens plead guilty

Werribee DVD youths plead guilty, avoid jail:

Seven of the teens from Werribee, Australia who filmed themselves sexually assaulting a mildly developmentally challenged girl have pleaded guilty. If you remember the suspects also sold the DVD, entitled C*nt: The Movie to their classmates over MySpace. Let me refresh your memory…

The DVD was shot in June last year when the 17-year-old girl, who has mild developmental delay, was taken by the youths to the edge of the Werribee River.

It includes footage of the sexual act, of men urinating on the girl and throwing a cup of urine on her. It also shows them setting her hair alight three times.

They throw her top and jacket into the river and tell her: “You’re walking home topless.”

You would think the judge would throw the book at them. Not so. Since they have pleaded guilty they will avoid any jail time and will be sent to an “adolescent sexual rehabilitation program”.

Let’s hear from the judge…

The judge said the youths’ guilty plea was a strong indication of their remorse.

“The idea is that the defendants now have some rehabilitation and education in how not to treat women,” the judge said.

Personally I think the judge let them off way too easy. I think the only think they’re remorseful about is that they got caught.

However I want to hear from my Aussie readers to see what they feel about the sentence. Is it enough?

Thanks to Alan for the tip.

Werribee suspects may receive light sentences

I got a tip from a reader Alan in Australia who says that two of the Werribee rape DVD suspects will be receiving light sentences. This is the e-mail he sent me verbatim.

Something finally appears to be stirring from the Victoria Police.

It appears only two of them will face charges of sexual assault.

This is from a myspace page that has gone from private to public.

ah not really, they just wanted me to describe the night and how i made
the bomb n shit, and they asked if i feel guilty and if i understand wat i
did was wrong lol

yer man, made me do sum interview thing, and they showd dad the dvd. the
f**khead hit the roof. Strted clipping me n shit infrnt of tht copper and
was like giving them permission to take me prints n shit.

Yer well they said i got sum caution of behaviour bond thing, so no

A good behavior bond *shakes head*

I’ll bring you confirmation as soon as I get it.

Werribee victim may have had relationship with suspect

Werribee DVD tryst twist:

THE girl at the centre of the Werribee DVD sex assault investigation was allegedly in a continuing relationship with one of the teens.

Copies of the DVD, which showed sexual acts and the girl’s hair being set alight, were sold at schools.

Sources have told the Herald Sun at least one of the teens caught on the DVD continued a relationship with the victim for several months after the degrading film was made.

Police are investigating whether rape charges can be laid against any of the teens involved.

The relationship may become vital in investigations as to whether consent for sex was given during the filming of the DVD, titled C— the Movie, and the charges police can lay.

And so what if she was? Does that make the assault any less wrong?

However I do like this part…

It is possible some of the youths captured in the crude DVD may be charged as adults.

At least one of the youths questioned by police has turned 18 since the offences took place in June.

Most of those in the video are believed to be aged 16 and 17.

Under Victorian law a person can be tried as an adult if they have turned 18 since the offence.

I wish they would try this in the U.S.