Why is Autism the bogeyman of Luddites?


For those of you who may not know what a Luddite is can read up on them here. Its more modern connotation is someone who is anti-science or anti-technology. So in my opinion it’s a fitting term for not only those who wield Autism as a weapon to forward some kind of anti-science agenda but also for those who fear Autism like it’s tantamount to the Black Death.

In the past Autism has been used as a reason why parents shouldn’t vaccinate their kids, which has been debunked by the way. It’s been used as a way to try to get women to not take anti-depressants. It’s been argued that it can be a cause of school shootings. All of those accusations are patently ridiculous but it doesn’t end there. Recently I read an article, from a website I used to think was reliable, that linked circumcision to Autism. The one commonality that these things have in common is that they all have factions that are dogmatically opposed to these practices. In the case of school shootings it’s defense lawyers looking for an easy out.

What makes these factions so effectual are the ignorant masses who are so deathly afraid of their kids getting Autism that they’ll buy just about any snake oil they think will protect them. In this case the old adage is true that people fear what they don’t understand. There are worse things than your kid having Autism, like having them die from a horrible disease that was once thought eradicated.

Autism is not some kind of punishment from God. It doesn’t mean you did something wrong prior to your child’s birth. It doesn’t mean your kid will become a mass murderer. Most importantly it does not mean that your child will be some kind of Hollywood stereotype of an Autistic that just rocks back and forth and screams.

I know several parents who have Autistic children and the majority of them are intelligent and artistic kids who just need a little bit of special attention. I’ve known some that have grown up to be more than productive members of society.

If someone tries to tell you that such and such causes Autism take pity on them for they’re obviously incapable of thinking rationally.

Of chimps and Autism: A lesson in journalism on Sandy Hook

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

Two stories came out this past week about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. One the media took and ran with while the other has received little to no attention. As usual it’s my opinion that the media picked the wrong one.

The story that has been all over the news is that gunman Adam Lanza may called into an anarchist radio show in Oregon to talk about Travis the Chimp. Travis was that chimp in Connecticut that went um…apeshit….and mauled that woman’s face off. So what? He called an off beat radio show to speak about an off beat topic. Even though Lanza said this about the incident

“His attack can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks and random acts of violence that you bring up on your show every week, committed by humans, which the mainstream also has no explanation,” Lanza says of Travis at one point.

“I just … don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that he very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that.”

I don’t see how this is relevant to explaining the motive behind the shooting itself. This is National Enquirer stuff which doesn’t surprise me since the first national news outlet to break the story was the New York Daily News.

Now the story that got no attention whatsoever was this story where Matthew Lerner, a psychology professor at Stony Brook University, told the commission investigating Sandy Hook that there is no link between Autism and violence.

This is the story that should have gotten the press that the chimp story did. Asperger’s has become the 2nd de facto excuse for school violence after bullying. It’s yet to be used as a successful defense. Yet there are people who will think that because of people like Lanza that all Asperger’s patients or Autistics are all potential mass murderers.

We have too much ignorance in this country as it is and it’s partly because the media is more concerned about ratings and page views than educating the populace or reporting the truth.

Are women who were abused as children more likely to have autistic children


Study: Women Abused As Kids More Likely To Have Children With Autism:

In an effort to bring more education and awareness to the site I found this article from TIME Magazine that states the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry has released a study that says women who were abused as children were more than likely to give birth to Autistic children.

Women who reported physical, emotional, or sexual abuse when they were young were more likely to have a child with autism compared to women who were not abused. The more severely the women were abused, the higher their chances of having a child with autism; compared to women who weren’t abused, those who endured the most serious mistreatment were 60% as likely to have an autistic child.

How? The researchers believe that some of the lifestyle circumstances associated with abuse, such as poor nutrition, could be responsible for some of the association. It’s also possible that abuse causes biological changes in a woman’s immune system, including disruption of the stress response, that could lead to harmful effects on a developing fetus. Studies have shown that autistic children showed abnormal stress responses, and it’s possible that a mother’s altered stress reaction could be passed on to her child. “Maternal inflammation affects the developing brain, and maternal inflammation and immune function have been hypothesized to be causes of autism,” the researchers write.

Now the study does not say that it believes that this is the only cause of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

I’d like to hear from parents of Autistic children and the survivors of abuse that have children about what you think of this study. Does it have any validity or is it just another stab in the dark when it comes to the mystery surrounding Autism? You are more than welcome to leave anonymous comments or e-mail us.

Washington state leads the country in idiot parents


WA leads nation in parents opting out of vaccines:

If there is going to be a viral pandemic in this country odds are that somewhere in the state of Washington is going to be ground zero. According to a recent study the Evergreen State leads the country in children not being immunized at 6 percent. That may not seem a lot but it only takes one non-vaccinated child to start a pandemic.

I have a bone to pick with one of the quotes in the article…

“The world has changed,” said Dr. Jack Stephens, a pediatrician at The Everett Clinic. “It used to be the unimmunized child was the child of an economically disadvantaged family with poor access to health care.

“Nowadays, it’s usually well-educated parents of higher social status who do their own independent research and tell you what they’re willing to do.”

I think Dr. Stephens was being politically correct. If I was him I would have said that nowadays it’s parents with too much time on their heads who have bought into the Autism boogeyman. Do I even need to mention that the Autism link has been disproved?

As I’ve said before this is not a matter of choice this is a matter of public safety. Besides would you rather have a child with Autism, if that was even true, or would you rather have a child that was dead from an easily preventable disease.

It’s common sense.

Breeder from Oklahoma pimped out autistic son on craigslist

(For those of you who don’t know I run another site called CraigsCrimeList. It chronicles only some of the crime that happens on sites like craigslist and backpage. Since this one involved a Breeder and his son I thought I would cross-post it here.)

Not yours

Moore Dad Posts Sex Ad On Craigslist, Involves 6-Year-Old Son:

Just because backpage has been hogging the headlines lately doesn’t mean that craigslist is the land of fluffy bunnies now.

In Moore, Oklahoma Jonathan Mark Smith allegedly posted some kind of sex ad on craigslist which may have involved his 6-year-old autistic son. The ad was allegedly replied to by one Teddy Dean Davis. What we do know is that Dean is said to have fondled the child while Smith watched and masturbated. Let me repeat that for you in layman’s terms in case that didn’t sink in. One guy sexually molested an autistic boy while his dad watched and cranked one out. To make it even extra creepy Smith’s wife was said to have been not home at the time while their other children slept. So not only did this scumbag allow his own son to be molested by a stranger but he allowed said stranger into his house while other his kids were there. Who in the blue hell not only thinks like that but gets off on his own disabled son being molested? Someone who uses craigslist apparently.

Again the article doesn’t state it but I would hazard a guess that this took place in the casual encounters section and again it probably wasn’t flagged by the ‘community policing’. Just because craigslist has closed down the erotic/adult services section doesn’t mean that there’s still not a plethora of criminal activity happening on craigslist. If they insist on keeping casual encounters open it needs to be professionally moderated.

Do antidepressants cause Autism when taken by pregnant women?


Antidepressant use in pregnancy may raise autism risk:

Did you hear that? That was the sound of the anti-vaccination and anti-anti-depressant crowd having a collective orgasm. The anti-vaxxers have a history of using the boogeyman of Autism but this will be the new rallying cry for those who spread fear about anti-depressants. But I digress.

Here’s the story. A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry states that pregnant women who take SSRIs may be twice as likely for their children to have Autism than mothers who don’t. Most of the fear and doubt crowd will cite this as concrete proof that antidepressants are inherently evil.

However what I’m sure will be lost in the argument is this quote made by the lead author of the study…

The lead author of the study, Lisa Croen, Ph.D., the director of autism research at Kaiser Permanente Northern California, a large nonprofit health plan based in Oakland, emphasizes the preliminary nature of her team’s findings. “This is the first study of its kind to look at the association, and the findings have to be interpreted with a lot of caution,” she says. “We can’t detect causality from one study.”

What that means to the average Joe or Jane is that while the study showed that pregnant mothers who take meds are twice as likely to have an Autistic child there is no proof that the meds are causing the Autism.

It’s a shame really. I know parents personally who have genuinely Autistic children. If groups that use Autism as the ultimate fear weapon to continue to proliferate pretty soon people will believe that everything causes Autism which will lead people to engage in even more stupid behavior. Not only that but if the pendulum swings the other way than actual Autism research will be regarded as nonsense.

Retracted autism study an ‘elaborate fraud,’ British journal finds


An investigation published by the British medical journal BMJ concludes the study’s author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, misrepresented or altered the medical histories of all 12 of the patients whose cases formed the basis of the 1998 study — and that there was “no doubt” Wakefield was responsible.

Can we finally move on and get your children vaccinated now? There is no scientific evidence that proves a link between vaccinations and autism. Besides, would you rather have an autistic child or one that dies from polio?

Fear mongering, hysteria and pseudoscience is why so many diseases that were once sought to be eliminated are making such a strong comeback.

Stephanie Rochester smothered her baby over Autism concerns


Stephanie Rochester

Police: Stephanie Rochester feared son had autism, admitted she put blankets, plastic bag over baby’s head:

Police: Autism was motive in Colo. child’s killing:

Police: Autism was motive in Colo. child’s killing:

34-year-old Stephanie Rochester of Boulder, Colorado has been charged in the smothering murder of her 6-month-old son Rylan. She allegedly killed her own son over fears that he may have Autism. I think I speak not only for parents of children with Autism but also for most parents when I say so fucking what if he did have Autism. Not to mention the fact that Autism can’t be diagnosed at 6-months.

I guess she thought she had a better way of recognizing Autism in children than most medical professionals. She says that she worked as a counselor for children with Autism for 2 years and could recognize the symptoms. I worked as a medical biller for a gastroenterologist practice for five years. That doesn’t mean I can diagnose someone with Crohn’s disease.

It seems that Rochester had this Autism obsession since she was pregnant and kept trying to force the idea on her doctors.

The night before Rylan was killed, Rochester and her husband took him to an urgent care because Rylan didn’t want to eat and was being fussy. I think that’s called being a baby but then again I’m not a doctor.

While at the urgent care center Rylan’s father is believed to have said something to the effect of he didn’t realize that it would be this hard being a parent. Every single parent has said that to themselves at one point or another, however, I don’t think he meant as a reason for Rochester to kill their child.

The murder itself was said to have been long and agonizing and I am not going to reprint the details here.

However, I think this comes down to either pure selfishness or Munchhausen By Proxy or both.

Rochester was allegedly worried about being financially ruined by raising a child with Autism and was allegedly more concerned about her own way of life. I think MBP might also be involved because she was allegedly going to kill herself after killing the baby but didn’t have a way of doing that. If she killed her self then who would pay attention to her which is what MBP is all about.

She could be potentially facing the death penalty. She’s also been placed on suicide watch and is being segregated from the rest of the inmates. Why bother. She’s not going to kill herself and the other inmates may save the taxpayers some money.

And you better believe that postpartum depression has already been trotted out as a possible defense.

Thanks to Trish for the tip.

One third of parents are Luddites

AP Poll: Third of parents oppose swine flu vaccine:

Let’s go over this again. There is no scientific proof that vaccines cause autism. The odds of something happening to your kids from a vaccine are the same as winning the lottery. Personally I’d rather not have my kids die from swine flu but that’s just me.

If people like this were around in the 1930’s the iron lung industry would be doing a booming business.