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Another Victory in Florida

State high court won’t hear challenge to autopsy photo law:

The Florida Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to the state’s law that restricts access to autopsy photos. For once Florida does something right. A student newspaper at the U. of Florida was trying to have the law overturned. The media, even college media, has some ego don’t they? As soon as you let one person in the media have access to autopsy photos, especially those of celebrities, then countless others will be able to get their hands on it and have them splashed all over the internet. Think I’m exaggerating. I don’t think so. The most search engine hits I get are people looking for Lisa Lopes’ autopsy photos. Unfortunately laws do not exist like this in every state but they should. As I keep saying autopsy photos on the web should be looked at with the same disdain as child pornography.

NC Autopsy Photo Law

Bill on autopsy photos revised :

The N.C. Press Association is pissed because the new law would create an unnecessary expense for newspapers, TV stations and others who want an outside expert opinion on a cause of death by causing them to bring experts to the medical examiner’s office or to seek a court order to obtain copies.

They state that no autopsy photo has ever been shown in a North Carolina newspaper or TV station. That’s all well and good but they still end up on the internet. You allow one copy to leave the medical examiners office and more copies will be made. And where do you think those copies will end up? The N.C. Press Association shouldn’t be pissed at the N.C. Senate. They should be pissed at all the mutants that get off on these pictures that cause such a high demand for them.

They should also pass a law that if someone is caught copying autopsy photos and putting them on the net that they should get some serious jail time. Like I said before, autopsy photos on the internet should be viewed the same as child porn, illegal and sick.

The Late Lisa Lopes

A year ago I did an entry about keeping the Dale Earnhardt autopsy photos out of the Orlando papers. Then on 2/25/02 I wrote an entry about how I hope that the Daniel Pearl video never sees the light of day and how videos like the “Faces of Death” series have no place in society. Well some sick twisted freak is at it again. Now according to this article some jackass took pictures of the late TLC singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes while she laid in the morgue and then posted them on the internet. According to the article one of the web sites employees defended their readers rights to view the photos. Rights??? What fucking rights. No one has the right to view someone’s death photos. The people who get off on this shit don’t deserve any rights. What about the rights of the families not to have these photos splashed across the internet. My dad just died recently and because of the cancer his face was horribly disfigured. I know I wouldn’t want his morgue photos shown in public. Luckily someone is bringing this travesty to the public’s attention. According to this article Dale Earnhardt Inc. is going to have their drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr., Steve Park, and Michael Waltrip will all have a black stripe under their left headlight in tonight’s race. Pit crews will also wear a stripe under their left eye in honor of Lisa Lopes.

There is no place in society for ghouls and grave robbers and death merchants who take these pictures and film these videos in our society. There is a limit to freedom of speech and these pictures and videos should be looked on with the same disdain as child pornography. I urge anyone who is reading this to please drop an e-mail to your local congressional representative to have something done about this. I know I am.

The Dale Earnhardt Controversy


Ok, I’m not the biggest race fan in the world. As a matter of fact I don’t see what the attraction is of watching cars turn left for 3 hours. But when you live in the south, NASCAR is a way of life. 2 1/2 weeks ago Dale Earnhardt was killed in a crash at the Daytona 500. Now as you all know I live in North Carolina. I live a stones throw from where Earnhardt lived and grew up. And I’ve heard nothing but good things about the man. I couldn’t help but get swept up in the outpouring of emotion from the local community. I even put the graphic you see above on the front page of my site. But now the media is at it again and in my “favorite” city in the country. The Orlando Sentinel wants access to the autopsy photos of Dale Earnhardt for their own investigative purposes. They claim that they would not print these photos for public viewing. Now there is many things wrong with this situation. First of all you know that if they are granted access some copy boy or other unscrupulous employee would get their hands on the photos and sell them to the highest bidder. Then they would be splashed all over the internet. And would be eaten up by the same people who rent the “Faces of Death” movies and worship Charles Manson. Secondly, where was the Orlando Rag when drivers like Davey Allison, Adam Petty, and Kenny Erwin were killed? Also the family of Dale Earnhardt hasn’t even had time to grieve yet because of the media vultures in Orlando. How would you like it if one of your family members autopsy photos were printed for the world to see? This is a case of making the news instead of reporting it. And in their arrogance the Orlando Rag has printed an article defending their actions and listing what other newspapers support them. Two of the papers mentioned are in Miami and Tampa. And we all know the journalistic integrity of those three cities. Especially after the election fiasco. For me personally this gives me just one more reason to hate the state of Florida. As Bugs Bunny once said, “South America, take her away.” So do me a favor please. Go to the Orlando Sentinel website and give them what for.