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Juggalo in Utah ax attack has appeal denied


Utah Juggalo loses attempted murder appeal in battle ax case:

I’ve previously posted about this attack here, here and here.

In 2008 Juggalos Cody Jesse Augustine and Scott Tyler Stapley attacked Justin Ennis with a replica battle-ax and a knife that left Ennis with permanent injuries. The reason behind the attack was that because Augustine got an STD from his then girlfriend who allegedly got it from Ennis. Both Juggalos were sentenced to 3 to life on attempted murder charges.

Last week Augustine had his conviction upheld by the Utah Court of Appeals. Augustine’s lawyer tried arguing emotional distress saying that his client wasn’t in his right mind after finding out about his STD. Um..I don’t think that’s how the emotional distress defense works. I believe that’s called motive. If I understand correctly an emotional distress would be something like that the suspect was in a bad mental state because of a death in his family and the STD just sent him over the edge. I don’t think the direct cause of an attempted murder can be considered emotional distress. At least the Utah court of appeals says so. If the article didn’t have a picture of his lawyer I’d have to wonder if he was a Juggalo too.

How much do you want to bet the ax was bought a flea market and someone save up all his weed dealing money for it?

Utah Juggalo sentenced in ax attack

Man sentenced in ax attack:

One of the Juggalos accused of attacking Justin Ennis with a battle-ax and a knife has been sentenced to three years to life on attempted murder charges. On top of that Scott Tyler Stapley will also have to repay the court $2,848 to the state’s Crime Victim Reparation Fund. That’s a lot of fries that need cooking.

If you’ll recall Stapley and his Juggalo ‘family’ member Cody Jesse Augustine allegedly brutally attacked Ennis because of an STD that was allegedly passed from Ennis to Augustine via a mutual skank.

Augustine’s case is still ongoing.

These Juggalos are a social disease


Battle ax attack spurred by STD, defense attorney says:

I briefly posted about the Utah Juggalo ax attack here.

Back in July of 2008 Juggalos Cody Jesse Augustine, 21, and Scott Tyler Stapley, 22, attacked 18-year-old Justin Ennis with a replica battle-ax and a knife.

Ennis’ injuries were extensive.

The bizarre attack left Ennis with severe injuries including a 8-inch laceration in his neck, a 10 1/2 -inch laceration in his left pectoral muscle and smaller cuts on his shoulder and hands, according to charging documents.

In the courtroom, Ennis removed his shirt to display his scars from the attack to jurors. He said doctors told him he’d been struck 12 times with the battle-ax. The assault also perforated the teen’s bowel, and doctors had to remove two inches of the teen’s colon, according to charging documents.

So these aren’t just some scrapes and bruises we’re talking about.

But now the alleged motive behind the attack was revealed. Allegedly Augustine got an STD from a girl who claims she got it from Ennis and that Stapley signed on to the attack when he head his friend urinating in pain.

If Ennis’ injuries weren’t so severe this would be comical.

Also it’s not surprising that these Juggalos are too stupid to use condoms. I shudder at the thought of breeding Juggalos.

Utah Juggalo crime spree


2 teens in clown makeup arrested in possible kidnapping attempt:

Myself and my regular readers tend to pick on one group of people more than others when they commit crimes. Mainly for the reason that I’ve never seen one band’s group of fans commit more stupid crimes with their faces painted like mimes. Of course I’m referring to the Juggalos, fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse or ICP.

Now before we go any further let me make it perfectly clear that I don’t think the music made these kids commit crimes. They committed crimes because they’re idiots, plain and simple. Now on to the story.

An 18 and a 15-year-old Juggalo tried to kidnap a 5-year-old boy in Salt Lake City over the weekend while they had their faces painted like idiots. The 5-year-old managed to get away and ran back to his house for help which should tell you what kind of criminal masterminds they are. Police caught up with them with their faces still painted.

This was not the first run in Utah police have had with Juggalos. Just recently 21-year-olds Cody Jesse Augustine, of West Jordan, and Scott Tyler Stapley, of Murray were arrested for a July 29th attack on a teen. The pair are accused of attacking the teen with a knife and a replica battle-axe in which the victim received life threatening injuries.

Am I saying that all Juggalos are criminals? No, of course not. There just seem to be a disproportionate amount of them that are.

I wonder if this is where the term ‘assclown’ came from.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.