Classifieds crime blotter 12/6/2017

Classifieds crime blotter 12/6/2017

Trial Date Set For Couple Who Allegedly Sold Baby:
Greenville, Tennessee. Deanna Lynn Greer, 38, and John David Cain, 27, are accused of allegedly trying to see an infant on craigslist back in March.

CSU Police report series of fraudulent checks, scams:
Colorado State University, Craigslist, Fake Check Scam.

Man shot by brothers while trying to sell PlayStation in Arlington, police say”
Texas. Man allegedly shot by Bryan Arriaga, 18, and Steven Arriaga, 20, while trying to sell his Playstation on OfferUp. Charges of attempted capital murder and aggravated robbery have been filed. The victim is recovering.

Tottenville woman acting as a real estate agent accused of ripping off potential tenants:
Staten Island, New York. Caryn Celestina, 61, is accused of allegedly running a craigslist rental scam.

Lakewood woman loses $8,000 Rolex watch to con artist in Craigslist scam:
Colorado. Scam artist switched $8000 in cash with a stack of singles.

What’s wrong with the media? Craigslist edition

If you sell lobster illegally on craigslist it’s national news.

Paul Marquez

Try to sell your girlfriend’s baby on craigslist for a $100 like Paul Marquez of Staten Island allegedly tried and it’s international news.

Sell a girl or woman for the purposes of sex on craigslist, or backpage for that matter, and it’s hardly a blip on the local news.

Meth mom lists baby on craigslist

La Vista baby listed on Craigslist:

I’ve done a lot of stories about Nebraska and their old wacky safe haven law. I’ve done a lot of stories about babies being listed on craigslist that usually turn out to be pranks. Now the two have come together and it’s not a hoax.

A woman from La Vista, Nebraska had her 1 1/2-year-old baby listed on craigslist like she was trying to find a kitten a new home.

“he is adorable. . . . (He) deserves a mommy that is not addicted to Meth . . . unfortunately I am!”

“I am scared . . . I am desperate . . . can anyone help me . . . can anyone help (him)? PLEASE. . . BEFORE I do something CRAZY!”

While it’s kind of admirable that she realizes that she has a problem and is willing to do something for her child so that he or she can have a better life, craigslist is not the way to go about it. Especially considering how many predators lurk on craigslist.

Luckily the state has taken the child into custody for now.

Thanks to Trisha for the tip.