Breeders try to sell baby for $30

Police: Parents Try To Sell Baby For $30:

First of all check out that mugshot. Obviously by the headlines you can tell what they did and by looking at the mugshots I am not surprised.

Anyway 23-year-old Robert G. Ellingson and 25-year-old Maghen Duvala, both Breeders of the victim, tried to sell their 2-month-old child in a store parking lot in Pensacola, Florida for 30 bucks. The parking lot in question was a PetSmart. I guess they figured if people couldn’t afford a puppy they could afford $30 for a baby.

Police say they tried to sell the baby on a bank parking lot as well.

I can only imagine what they were trying to sell the baby for. Something that rhymes with Meth comes to mind.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

WV woman tries selling infant for apartment

WVa mother charged with trying to sell infant son:

19-year-old Rebecca Sue Taylor of Charleston, WV was arrested for trying to sell her 5-month-old son so she could get money for a new apartment. She tried selling the baby for $10K but later cut the price to $5K. Ho9w considerate of her.

Allegedly Taylor claimed that she had not bonded with her own son and needed the money to get a new apartment.

Something tells me she had no intention of ever bonding with the baby.

I used to hear stories about women who were giving their baby up for adoption or were a surrogate mother who change their minds and decide to keep the baby at the last minute. This is the exact opposite of that.

I would also lay odds that this was another case of parenting getting in the way of partying.

Thanks to Meggan for the tip.