AZ craigslist creeper who solicited babysitter arrested

Joshua Vehmeier

Joshua Vehmeier

PD: Mesa man, Joshua Vehmeier who propositioned teen on Craigslist arrested:

A couple of weeks ago I posted a story about a woman from Tempe, Arizona whose teenage daughter was solicited on craigslist after posting an ad for babysitting. She took her story to the local media after police did not arrest the suspect because of lack of evidence. That suspect has since been arrested.

22-year-old Joshua Vehmeier of Mesa was arrested two days after the story was aired. He’s been charged with sending the 16-year-old girl explicit photos of himself and soliciting her for sex. Police say they also found him in possession of child porn so I can almost guarantee that this wasn’t his first time fishing for victims on craigslist, only the first time he got caught.

Again I say to the parents on there craigslist is no place for an underage child no matter what the circumstance is. If your child wants to earn baby sitting money that’s great. Just don’t advertise their services on craigslist or anywhere else on the internet for that matter. Advertise at places like your local church, community center. or word of mouth to your friends. That doesn’t guarantee that your child may be not be placed in harm’s way but they’ll be a lot safer than with some random stranger from craigslist.

A cautionary craigslist creeper chronicling

Arizona teen lured for sex on Craigslist:

In Tempe, Arizona the mother of a teenage girl is upset with police because she says the man who solicited her daughter for sex through craigslist has not been arrested.

The girl, whose exact age is unknown, placed ads on craigslist advertising her service as a baby sitter. Allegedly one man sent her explicit pictures and offered her money for sex. After investigating police had not yet charged the man saying there wasn’t sufficient evidence.

The girl’s mom had this to say about the man not being arrested…

“He went on that site to find teenage girls,” said Myers. “I’m frustrated because now he knows where we live.”

So you then decided to go on local TV?

Obviously she doesn’t read this site because if she did she would have known that craigslist is probably the worst place to allow your kids to place any kind of ad. Craigslist is crawling with sexual predators just looking for any ad that may lead them to a victim. This kind of ad is like blood in the water for sharks.

It makes me wonder if the mom in the story has ever had any business dealings with that nice Nigerian prince fellow.