Buffalo babysitter charged with sharing child porn on Kik

Buffalo babysitter charged with sharing child porn on Kik

There’s not a lot of detail on this story, but federal authorities say that Shane Michael Aurand was working as a babysitter in Buffalo, New York, when he allegedly shared child porn with an undercover agent on the mobile messaging app Kik. To answer your next question, sadly, it is believed that Aurand produced the child porn using a child he was babysitting. He also allegedly said that he would send the agent more child porn if he received some in return. Not to get off topic, but he sounds like the kind of babysitter someone would hire off of craigslist, but I digress.

As I’ve said in the past, Kik is one of the most commonly used apps by sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn traders. Unfortunately, sometimes those groups are also inhabited by babysitters. Choose wisely.

Fla. craigslist creeper offered baby sitting services

Nathan Bryan (HULK SIT BABY)
Nathan Alexander Bryan (HULK SIT BABY)

The FBI recently arrested 39-year-old Nathan Bryan, of Bradenton, Florida, for allegedly trying to solicit children for sex by advertising his babysitting services on craigslist. Federal investigators believe that Bryan was using these ads to gain access to kids.

Reports say that the FBI posed as a father who was offering their child for sex on craigslist when they were contacted by Bryan.

For more than a year, the FBI says Bryan has been chatting online with an undercover agent posing as the father of an 8-year-old boy. Investigators say Bryan spelled out what he’d like to do to the child saying, “I just want to smell him and taste him.”

The feds set up a meeting place where Bryant was arrested. They’re also requesting help from the public if they had any kind of baby sitting contact with Bryan.

The CETF is asking anyone who has information about this matter or who may have hired Bryan for the above services to contact the FBI Tampa Field Office at 1-866-838-1153 or at tampa.division@ic.fbi.gov.

What really surprised me was the reaction by his landlord. He didn’t approve of what Bryan did but…

“I thought he was very dedicated to the children he took care of. And he loved his nannying. Sure, I knew he was getting jobs by posting, but everyone uses Craigslist. It didn’t bring up any red flags or anything,” the landlord tells 10 News.

Yes, everyone uses craigslist, especially predators.

UPDATE 2/12/2016: Bryan has been given a life sentence.

Breeder hides in trailer to avoid sentencing in baby sitter’s death

Ashley Jackson
Ashley Jackson

Woman Who Skipped Sentencing For Child Abuse Arrested:

Woman who missed sentencing in overdose death found in trailer:

24-year-old Ashley Jackson was supposed to be sentenced in the death of 12-year-old Serena Garrett. Jackson brought the girl to her home in Lincoln, Nebraska to baby sit her twin infants. Sounds like the responsible thing to do right? Well, Jackson brought Serena to her home so Jackson could smoke meth with her friends. She also supplied Serena and her other guests with booze and painkillers. Apparently Jackson really didn’t grasp the concept of a baby sitter. Serena was not only sexually assaulted by a 20-year-old party goer but she died of an overdose of painkillers.

In December Jackson pleaded no contest to Serena’s death but when it came time to be sentenced Jackson allegedly no showed the hearing. Police found her last night hiding in a trailer (go figure) that was parked on the property of a construction equipment company.

Unfortunately Jackson is only looking at five years for Serena’s death. Back in the 1950s you could be eligible for the death penalty if you were a drug dealer and someone died from your drugs. We should never have stopped that practice.

Pa. man had sex with baby sitters he found on craigslist


Police: Man sexually assaulted York County teens he met through babysitting ad:

In Carlisle, Pennsylvania police arrested 37-year-old Lewis A. Dopp for allegedly having sex with 5 girls ages 16 and 17 that he found on craigslist. However he did not find them on craigslist the way you think he would have. He found them because ether the girls had placed ads for their baby sitting services on craigslist or had responded to Dopp’s ad for a baby sitter.

Between Oct. 1, 2009, and June 30 Dopp would spend weekends with the teens at his home, according to a news release.

During that time, Dopp provided the teens with alcohol and had sexual contact with three of the teens when they were 15 and 16 years old, police said.

Reportedly he had one of the teens record him having sex with one of the others. It’s hard to believe that this went unnoticed for 8 months. Dopp supposedly only put a stop to it because some of the girls were smoking weed and he did not approve of that. A creeper with standards. Who would have guessed?

No word on if Dopp actually had a child that was in need of sitting.

But who in the blue hell allows their 16 or 17-year-old daughter to post an ad for baby sitting on craigslist? Apparently the kind of parent who doesn’t care about their kids getting molested.

craigslist baby sitter who made child porn sentenced

Little Canada man sentenced for filming porn while babysitting:

I originally posted about Aaron Jay Lemon here. He’s the 23-year-old man from Little Canada, Minn. who answered a craigslist ad to baby sit for a 2-year-old girl. He used the girl to make child porn. Back in December he pleaded guilty to child porn charges.

Today he was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison and will be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Why anyone would use craigslist to find a baby sitter is beyond me considering the type of person that usually lurks there.

Woman who hired accused baby sitter speaks out

St. Paul woman says she unknowingly hired pornographer to babysit:

This is an article about a woman who hired craigslist baby sitter/child pornographer Aaron Lemon. Luckily it appears that her child was unharmed but I want to discuss some quotes from the article.

She said she interviewed him at length and watched him care for her children twice in her home before hiring him.

“I really never saw any red flags at all,” Bang said.

That’s the problem. You won’t.

It seems obvious that Lemon had his ‘skill’ finely honed.

The woman said that she was desperate for a baby sitter so she turned to craigslist. I wouldn’t personally trust someone from craigslist to baby sit a slug. They’d probably molest the slug.

The craigslist baby sitter who made child porn

Craigslist baby sitter pleads guilty to child pornography:

23-year-old Aaron Jay Lemon of Little Canada, MN has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. He answered a craigslist ad for a baby sitter in 2007 but in reality he was nothing more than a filthy pedophile who likes to make child porn.

While babysitting for a family in St. Paul he persuaded the child into sexual activity and recorded it. Police say the victim was a 2-year-old girl.

He’s looking at 30-years behind bars.

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