Green Bay man charged with sexual assault of craigslist baby sitter

Woman Sexually Assaulted Responding to Craigslist Ad:

Man charged in sexual assault after placing babysitting ad:

Tyler Olson

24 year-old Tyler Olson of Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been charged with the alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old woman he met through craigslist. Actually it sounds a lot like rape to me but apparently that’s taboo to use in a headline these days.

Anyway police say that Olson placed an ad on craigslist looking for a baby sitter. The victim responded to the ad and went to Olson’s home. Once inside Olson is said to have pulled a knife on her then sexually assaulted her.

It’s only by chance that were probably not talking about another craigslist killing. Olson forced the woman to derive him around but they ran out of gas and were spotted by Green Bay police. The woman was able to ask the officer for help while Olson fled. He’s been locked up and is being held on $100,000 bond.

Again it doesn’t matter how innocuous a craigslist ad may be you never know what kind of monster is waiting on the other side of it.

Child molested by craigslist babysitter. Is anyone surprised?

Steven P. Knox

Steven P. Knox

Babysitter found on Craigslist charged with sexual assault:

Babysitter accused of sexually assaulting 6-year-old girl:

32-year-old Steven P. Knox of Webster, Texas advertised his services as a babysitter on craigslist. A woman from Clear Lake, Texas needed an overnight babysitter and used his services. So does it come as a shock to anybody that Knox is accused of molesting the woman’s 6-year-old daughter?

According to court records, a 6-year-old girl told investigators that Knox, whom she knew as her babysitter, put his finger in her private area four times. The girl said Knox had put “ice” on his finger and that the penetration had burned.

A sexual assault examination on June 24 at Texas Children’s Hospital showed that the girl had a 3-millimeter tear on her vagina, court records stated.

Why do I get the feeling it was Mineral Ice or Icy Hot or something like that?

When approached by KTRK from Houston Knox claims that he allegedly did not intentionally hurt the girl. He also claims that God talks to him.

Then when we asked Knox if he was sorry for what he did, he replied, “All I know is that God says I would be vindicated, and that I would come out on the clear on this.”

Knox went on to tell Eyewitness News that God speaks to him.

And to make matters even worse Knox is out on $30K bond right now.

But the question that begs to be asked is why in the hell would anyone get a babysitter off of craigslist let alone a 32-year-old man. There’s nothing about that sentence that doesn’t scream child molester.

OKC man admits to conning people on craigslist to change his diaper


Oklahoma City man admits conning baby sitters by posing as autistic and wearing diapers:

While we may be celebrating the demise of the erotic services section worldwide let’s not forget that there are still dangerous predators out there on craigslist.

For example there is 21-year-old Mark Anthony Richardson Jr. of Oklahoma City. He conned people on craigslist into thinking that he was Autistic and needed constant diaper changing. Except Richardson didn’t have any kind of digestive problem, he was in it for his own sexual gratification.

The diminutive Richardson (4’9″) would respond to baby sitting ads on craigslist posing as the father of an autistic 19-year-old boy who still wore diapers and drank formula from a bottle. Now I’m not a medical expert and I don’t know a lot of people with Autism but I’ve never heard tell of this kind of behavior with people who are afflicted with it.

Anyway Richardson would get off from crapping himself and being changed and in one instance he grabbed the breast of an 18-year-old girl who was the daughter of one of his baby sitters.

Not surprisingly Richardson is on probation for arson charges. You know that some experts say that arsonists have severely screwed up sexual problems right?

Anyway being the baby that he is Richardson has his mommy defending him…

His mother said Friday he needs psychological help at a mental institution, not to be sent to a hard-core prison with murderers and rapists who could kill him. She would not disclose her name.

“He has some mental disabilities. He’s had them since he was born,” she said. “This is not your average, everyday, walking-the-street citizen. … He lives in a fantasy, not a reality.”

No, he’s a firebug pervert who was a short trip away from becoming a full-blown rapist.

Seriously people. Don’t advertise your baby sitting services on craigslist. That’s like the Road Runner advertising himself in the Coyote Times.

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly if you’re me, Richardson was not the first craigslist pants crapper. That honor belongs to one Sean Kelly of Florida.

Thanks to April and Nicole for the tip.

In case you needed another reason not to hire a babysitter off of craigslist

Keith Bishop

Keith Bishop

Police in Tiverton, Rhode Island arrested 43-year-old Keith Bishop for allegedly molesting a 9-year-old boy that he babysat for about a year.

Bishop allegedly answered an ad on craigslist the parents had placed for a babysitter.

Would you hire a baby sitter from MySpace? Because there seems to be the same number of sexual predators on craigslist that there are on MySpace.

craigslist babysiter was a level 3 sex offender

Neighbor catches sex offender seeking babysitting job on Craigslist:

Gather ’round and listen to the tale of John Gilbert Gray. A level 3 Washington State sex offender who thought he was pretty slick. His original crime was for the sexual assault of a 21-year-old woman. When he got out he told authorities he was homeless. In actuality, he was living with his wife in an apartment. The reason was that if he reported as homeless a sex offender notification would not be distributed around the neighborhood.

And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling housewives. And the fact that he took an ad out on craigslist for BABYSITTING!!!

But a young mother in Gray’s neighborhood, who fears retaliation and wants to remain anonymous, says she was checking Craigslist, and found an ad for babysitting that made her suspicious.

“We decided out of the blue to check it up on Washington State sex offender’s list and lo and behold there was his face,” the mother said.

In the neighborhood, the woman says Gray went by the name “Logan”. She says she and other mothers were alarmed to realize Gray is a level three-sex offender — the highest risk to re-offend — and that he and his wife were advertising to babysit.

So she reported him.

For his efforts, Gray is looking at a year in the pokey.

I really wonder what made him think that babysitter was the logical career choice for a sex offender trying to hide from authorities. Did he think that no parent would do any kind of background check on him? Not to mention the fact that hiring a babysitter from craigslist is not the most logical choice for a parent.