We get letters: Reader left Bad Boyfriend

In this e-mail a reader tells her tale about a Bad Boyfriend and how she did not stand for it…

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the bad breeders website. I am a single mother and this site really opens my eyes to the things that are out there.

I have dated one guy in the 3 years since my divorce. He was very verbally abusive and also he was very controlling of me. I make my own money and take care of my own child. Have my own house, my own car. No way do I need to listen to someone else tell me what I can and can’t do.

He also had a daughter and his daughter could do no wrong. Yet if my son were to do the same things he would yell at him. I hated seeing my son being treated this way so I quickly left this situation. Maybe women don’t have the self worth to get away from scumbags like that but I refuse to let it get any worse for my son and I. We do
just fine on our own. The more I read this site the more I am perfectly content with my peaceful life. I will never let someone treat my son in a bad way.

Once I realized that things were not getting better I had to leave that relationship alone. The final straw was when he decided he was going to spank my child for throwing up on the floor. My son was sick with a stomach virus and this fucker spanked him and left a huge bruise on him. I was so mad I left as soon as it happened. I didn’t even clean the puke off the floor. I haven’t talk to that loser since. I just hope that other women will take a look on this site and see what I see. I do not need a man to ‘help’ me with my child.

I would have never left my son with my ex boyfriend cause there is no telling what would have happened. More woman need to wake up and pay attention to the guys they are with. If he talks shit to your kid that you know is hurting your kid’s feeling, it’s just gonna get worse. Thanks so much for this site. It keeps me informed about the shitty guys that are out there and I don’t want any part of it.

I just signed in and will soon start commenting. I am ready to bash some abusing asshole heads. 🙂

I think I can speak for everyone here that we’re glad you’re here and hopefully your words will help other single parents to recognize when it’s time to get out of an abusive relationship not only for themselves but mainly for their children.

A Thank You and a cautionary tale…

We received the following e-mail from a reader who fell victim to a bad boyfriend. I’m just going to let the e-mail speak for itself…

Hi, I just wanted to take the the time out and let you know that I commend you for your work on the Bad Breeders website. I find myself strangely drawn to that site, even though the stories are horrible and make me sick. I believe the reason for that is I could have very well been one of those dumb mothers I so often read about there.

PLEASE, PLEASE continue to stress to these women that you have to be very careful about who you have around your children! And you don’t have to necessarily be as ignorant, selfish, or cruel as the mothers in some of your stories. Sometimes these sociopaths are so manipulative and cunning, they can make even a loving, reasonably intelligent mother blind. I fell in love with a convicted sex offender who managed to convince EVERYBODY that his conviction was just one of those situations where he was eighteen years old and took nude photos of a consenting sixteen-year-old girl. I checked the court records myself, and saw that indeed there was only a two year age difference between the two. When he was released, he didn’t even have to attend his mandatory sex offender counseling, because his parole officer and the sex offender counselor were both convinced by this man. He appeared to be a very nice, sweet, charming man who had made some mistakes but was trying to better himself. He liked kids, often spending time with kids from troubled homes or with busy parents, out the so-called goodness of his so-called heart. We had a daughter of our own. When my daughter was still a baby, I found out he was cheating and moved out. I thought it a bit suspect that the girl he cheated on me with was only about 20, and he was 32, but still, although it’s a big age difference and speaks of incredible immaturity on his part, it wasn’t a criminal act and didn’t stop me from leaving my child with him. Just like some of your featured bad breeding moms, I would go to work and leave my baby with this scumbag all day. To make a long story short, videotapes were discovered of him not only having sex with his teenage niece, but some of his niece’s friends and another relative. All these filthy shenanigans were going on in the home with my daughter there, and a lot of it happened when I still lived there, while I was sleeping or at work. It sickens me to know what my baby was exposed to, and it sickens me to think of him molesting his own niece while I was was asleep in the same house. I feel horrible for the children he abused, but I thank God every day that my child didn’t get a chance to be one of them. She was only a baby, and apparently he liked young teen girls, but I’m positive that if he was around when my daughter turned 10, 11, 12 years old, she would have been the one on those videos. He is now in jail on child porn and sex abuse charges.

Some of us women have an incredible soft spot and always want to believe and sympathize with someone’s hard luck stories, but we as mothers have to be incredibly skeptical and vigilant. I’ve learned to trust my instincts 100%! We KNOW when something’s not right. We just talk ourselves out our own feelings. “Oh, maybe he didn’t mean it like that.” “Oh, maybe I’m just paranoid.” Or we let the man talk us out of our feelings. Now, I don’t give a damn if he really didn’t mean it like that or if I am just paranoid. I don’t give ANYBODY the benefit of the doubt anymore, not when it comes to my child. If I’m wrong, so what. All that happens is I may have hurt somebody’s feelings. But if I’m right, and don’t act on it, then it’s my baby that’s hurt. And I’d rather hurt somebody’s feelings than see my child hurt any day. My daughter is an amazingly beautiful, smart, funny, and lovable 5 year old today. She could have been one of those poor children, beaten, shaken, raped, even killed, because I trusted a child abuser with her life. Women need to do background checks, and don’t let a man convince you how it wasn’t their fault. All criminals have a sob story, and some a pretty damn convincing one. But it’s nearly always a lie. Some other things to look out for are men who don’t interact appropriately with children–either being too irritable, impatient, or getting unreasonably angry about minor things, or the other end of the spectrum, the ones who go out of their way to hang out with kids and seem to prefer them to adults, and act unusually immature for their age. Or just being inappropriate in general–in this case, I remember my ex talking about how he had to tell a (female) friend’s 10 or 11 year old daughter all about starting her period and how to take care of herself–most men would rather cut their own throat than be anywhere around a discussion about a period, and what man would take it upon himself to have such an intimate discussion with a young girl? Not like the child didn’t have women in her life she could have asked. But I brushed it off as being stupid and ignorant and didn’t see it as perversion or sickness. Now I see things a lot different. I wouldn’t advise leaving your child alone with ANYONE who isn’t a trusted family member or a licensed childcare provider, unless you’ve really done your homework.

A lot of your stories have parents who are cruel and sadistic, but some could be misguided and gullible as I was. Those are the stories that we can eliminate, if we can just convince women to be VERY careful of who’s around their kids! And please keep your website going. As horrible as these stories are, maybe the more of them we hear, the more careful we will be with our precious children.


Baby thrown on bed so he could sort his shit out


Baby critically injured, mom’s boyfriend arrested:

Police in Whitman County, Washington arrested 21-year-old Nathan Cranfield after his girlfriend’s baby was rushed to the hospital with a brain injury.

As usual with these assclown boyfriends the 5-month-old was crying and allegedly Cranfield lost his shit. His story to the police is said to have changed several times before he told police that he was rocking the baby. Police say the way he was showing the way he rocked the baby was “hard and rapid”. Originally he told police that he accidentally hit the baby’s head on a door jamb. He also said that he wrapped the baby in a blanket and threw him on a bed so the baby could “sort his shit out.” It was then that Cranfield said he heard the baby make a “wet burp”. That wet burp was probably the baby gurgling as it was trying to get some air as he stopped breathing.

The hospital said that the baby had a brain injury consistent with being shaken. The baby is currently in critical condition.

The video says that Cranfield and the baby’s mother took turns waking up with the baby. Instead of flinging a baby across a room and shaking him how about waking the mother up for a little help. Would that have been such a big deal. And ladies when your that young the guy your with then is probably not the guy that you’re going to be with for the rest of your life no matter how much you think you love each other. Knowing guys the way I do he was probably only in it for the nookie and the baby was just a distraction.

Thanks to LeAne for the tip.

Bad boyfriend commits worst case of child abuse in county’s history

4-year-old girl in Johnston County a possible torture victim:

Man accused in girl’s abuse has record:

21-year-old Jonathan Douglas Richardson of Smithfield, NC has been arrested in the torturing of his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter.

He took the girl to the hospital Friday night claiming that the girl had “fallen out of bed”. Like I’m sure they haven’t heard that before. The girl had severe head trauma, cuts and bruises all over her body and evidence of sexual abuse. Polic e in Johnston County are saying it’s the worse case of child abuse they’ve ever seen.

I’m sure you’re asking where was the mother. She was in New Mexico training for the Army Reserves. So while she was training to defend our country Richardson was allegedly torturing her daughter.

Then again she had only known Richardson for 6 months and the baby daddy is in jail on drug trafficking charges. Richardson himself has a previous record for assaulting a female.

The living conditions weren’t so great either as they were living in a barn owned by Richardsons’ grandparents that only had an air mattress and no running water.

While the ultimate responsibility of what happened to this girl lies with Richardson, some mothers do need to find better boyfriends.

Adam Cullison hurled a baby bottle at infant’s head

St. Pete man in jail on child abuse charge:

Here we go again with the Bad Boyfriends who can’t stand babies that cry.

This time we go to the Sunshine State of Florida. St Petersburg to be exact.

That’s where 25-year-old Adam Cullison was baby sitting his girlfriend’s infant while the girlfriend was at school.

Cullison was trying to feed the baby but the baby wouldn’t stop crying. That is when Cullison allegedly threw the bottle of formula striking the baby in the head. When I first read that I thought it was the can of baby formula. Thankfully it was only the bottle. While the child was still abused if the baby had been hit by the formula can I would be posting a much different story.

Anyway, he allegedly also threw the baby onto the couch as well.

The mother took the baby to the hospital; for a fever where the abuse was uncovered.

How many times do we have to tell you idiot boyfriends? BABIES CRY!!! That’s what they do. That’s why they’re called BABIES.

If you can’t handle a baby crying get out of the relationship now because you’ll be hearing it for a while.

Thanks to Krissy for the tip.

Ex-con Bad Boyfriend charged in murder of 2-year-old

Police: Mom’s felon boyfriend beat, killed 2-year-old boy:

Ladies, and let’s face it the only guy out there besides me is Evil Brent, would you date a 28-year-old ex-con who did a stretch for robbery, grand theft, forgery and fleeing a law enforcement officer?

Would you date said ex-con if you had a 2-year-old child?

28-year-old Jason Padgett of Palm Bay, Florida was arrested in the beating death of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son.

Witnesses say that they saw Padgett punch the boy in the face and head three weeks prior to his death but police are not saying why the witnesses never came forward.

The boy’s mother left Padgett to baby sit while she went to work. Meanwhile it is said that while baby sitting Padgett smoked dope and beat the child.

He claims that the boy fell off the toilet and hit his head and instead of getting medical help he gave the boy a bath and put him to bed.

When the mother came hone she took her son to the hospital.

An autopsy showed that the brain injuries were caused by a beating and that the boyu showed signs of sexual abuse.

How does falling off a toilet cause that?

Thanks to Melissa for the tip.

Murder charges for python death in Florida

Report: No trial date in python killing:

Back in July I posted about how the 8-foot Burmese Python that belonged to 32-year-old Charles Jason Darnell got out and squeezed his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter to death.

At that time I posted that the only charges Darnell was facing was not having a permit for the snake. It seems a lot as happened since then because not only is Darnell facing a murder charge but so is the girl’s mother, Ashley Hare.

Personally I am glad that they are bothy facing murder charges. Leaving an 8 foot python basically unguarded is like leaving a loaded gun just laying around except it’s usually a slower and much more painful death for its victim.

Thanks to Dawn for the update.

Bad chicken looking boyfriend threw boy against wall

Police: Man Threw Toddler Against Wall:

Police: Boy Thrown For Not Going To Bed:

Man accused of throwing child against a wall:

Angry Chicken Man over there is 34-year-old Benjamin Edward Ahr of Daytona Beach, Florida. Before we get to his transgressions let’s ponder about his mugshot for a second. He’s 34. Fauxhawk, bleached blonde, funky sideburns, not only a neck tattoo but a neck tattoo of a woman’s name. He’s 34. Grow up already.

Anyway he’s accused of lifting his girlfriend’s 2 1/2-year-old son over his head and throwing him against a wall because he wouldn’t go to bed. The girlfriend was at work at the time. The boy went into seizures and at the time of the articles is on a breathing machine in the hospital and has a fractured skull and bleeding of the brain.

Ahr tried blaming the injuries on ‘rough housing’ by the boy’s older brother.

Except when the police interviewed the older brother he said that not only did Ahr throw the boy against the wall he abused the older brother as well.

Why would anyone think that this piece of crap is more important than their kids. Ladies please choose your boyfriends wisely.

Thanks to Melissa and Jill for the tip.

I am the monster

Deputies: Man Admitted Torturing Infant:

Lake County man charged with torturing infant:

Deputies: Man Admits To Abusing Infant:

23-year-old Robert Young of Tavares, Florida looks like the All American Guy doesn’t he? Too bad that All American look hides a monster by his own admission.

Young has admitted to basically torturing a 2-month-old girl because she wouldn’t sleep. I couldn’t find what the relationship was between Young and the girl but I’m guessing he’s the bad boyfriend.

The girl was taken to the hospital by her mother when she had breathing problems which x-rays revealed to be cracked ribs.

Young has allegedly admitted to beating and squeezing the girl’s chest, bending her wrist back, and pinching her fingers knees and toes because he said he noticed she would sleep when she was agitated.

Young went on to admit that he would “twist the infant’s foot, when she wiggled her feet out of blankets,” wrench her arm behind her back, and press his hands on her stomach to force a bowel movement.

When he was arrested he told deputies that “I am the monster” and said that…

…he knew he should have stopped the behavior and was afraid to tell the child’s mother because he did not want the woman to think he was a “monster.”

If he wasn’t a monster he wouldn’t have done any of this in the first place.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

7 hours at a bar = one dead child

Cops: Jeffco baby died after dad left, went to bar:

23-year-old Joseph Trujillo of Jefferson County, Colorado allegedly went and drank at a bar for 7 hours. That’s a monumental amount of drinking. The problem was he was supposed to be watching his girlfriend’s five month old baby at home. So to put two and two together the baby was at home alone while Trujillo was getting his drink on.

Unfortunately the baby died. The details of the baby’s death have been sealed.

Trujillo is not the baby’s father.

Now I know you’re thinking where was the mother. She’s got a legitimate reason for not being there as she is serving our country in the military overseas.

Can you imagine being thousands of miles from home in a war zone finding out that your child has died due to the neglect of your boyfriend who thought 7 hours at a bar while your infant was home alone.

It’s unfathomable.

Thanks to Kim for the tip.