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Six Degrees of Dio: Badlands


Badlands was a band that was started in the late 1980s when Ozzy guitarist Jake E. Lee was fired from the band by telegram from Sharon Osbourne. Yes, even back then she was an obnoxious bitch.

Badlands had a great hard rock sound with their debut album. I saw them live in 1990 opening for Great White and Tesla. I was there just to see Badlands. Unfortunately they couldn’t follow up on their debut albums with anything decent afterwards in my opinion.

They actually have a few roads to Dio and thankfully they are all quite short.


As I mentioned Jake E. Lee played with Ozzy where we can go to Sabbath and then Dio. However both lead singer Ray Gillen and drummer Eric Singer had both been members of Black Sabbath, post-Dio, as well.

Here’s Badlands with my favorite song off their debut album, Streets Cry Freedom.