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Repeat California rapist avoids multiple life sentences

German Baeza

German Baeza

Sex offender takes plea deal in case that prompted change to state law:

I originally posted about German Baeza here. He’s the convicted rapist who cut off his ankle monitor and went on to rape again.

In 2004 Baeza pleaded no contest to rape and got 6 years. Not long after he got out he met a 15-year-old girl on a social networking site and raped her. He also forced a 14-year-old girl into his car at gunpoint and tried to rape her.

He was facing multiple life sentences but thanks to the wonders of plea bargaining he’s only getting 30 years. He shouldn’t have been let out in the first place. Six years for one of the most horrible crimes you can commit is more than a joke.

It’s getting to the point in our society where rape isn’t seen as that big of a deal anymore and that’s pathetic.