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Federal appeals court rules health care reform bill is constitutional: This is the part where I remind you that I worked in the healthcare industry for 22 years. Not only have I worked for several major health insurance companies but I have also worked for medical practices and for a company that did annual enrollment …

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As you may know, I am not a huge fan of President Obama mostly because of his so-called healthcare reform. However, I think he did himself a great disservice by releasing his birth certificate. Personally, I don’t think the whole ‘birther’ debate was worthy of a response from the President. Only people with the relative …

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joewilsonSo what’s that tool’s name who called President Obama a liar during his speech? Oh yeah, Joe Wilson.
I don’t know why everyone is so shocked. This isn’t a right or left thing either. Like I said there’s no polite political discourse in this country anymore. I’m actually surprised it took this long.
It’s only a matter of time before congress turns into those parliament sessions froom Eastern Asia where fights break out. Here’s one from South Korea.
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Don’t be surprised if we’re not living in a Mad Max type of world within 10 or 20 years. Not because of peak oil or global warming. It will be because we’re just going to degenerate into a bunch of savages.
And for no good reason here is Liar by Megadeth…

whole_foods_logoSo this is what the Whole Foods boycott is all about? You have your tampaxes in a twist because CEO John Mackey is against President Obama’s healthcare plan and the fact that he basically called you all a bunch of fatasses. You know something? He’s absolutely right. And I even smoke and I still think he’s right.
And I hate to shatter your sense of self importance but there is nothing more pointless than a Facebook protest group.
Whole Foods isn’t a store I would normally shop at but if there was one near me I would start.
Get over yourselves people.

Craigslist Founder: Next Tech Czar Must ‘Crack The Whip’: Here’s a quote from Craig himself about his suggestions for the country’s CTO under Barack Obama. Craig Newmark, the founder of classifieds giant craigslist, has some advice for President-elect Barack Obama as he searches for a chief technology officer: Find someone who can foster public-private sector …

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Back during the 2004 election I joked that John Kerry and John Edwards were antichrists.
I was going to make one about Senator Obama but he doesn’t look like anyone from a horror movie.
Since I was raised Roman Catholic I don’t believe in the end times or the Rapture so I don’t put too much stock into an antichrist. So do I think Senator Obama is the antichrist? Not in the least though. Even though he does fit that false messiah description. I don’t think Senator Obama did that on purpose but the Kool-Aid drinking sect of his supporters have.
Remember kids, not everyone on the right is religious and not all of us that are religious are nutbags.