Teacher killed in Barcelona school attack by teen armed with machete and crossbow


On this date each year I hold my breath until the school day is over. For the past 16 years this date has largely been uneventful. To my recollection there has been no loss of life due to a school attack on this date. Unfortunately that has come to an end.

Earlier today a teacher was killed in an unnamed high school in Barcelona, Spain. The teacher was killed by a 13-year-old boy wielding a machete and also armed with a crossbow. The child has been apprehended but won’t be named as Spanish police do not release the names of juvenile suspects. Spanish law says that a child under the age of 14 can not be held responsible for their actions and can not be placed in jail. However they can be kept in psychiatric facilities.

So far no motive has been given and the media are saying it’s too soon to say whether or not this was a Columbine copycat. Personally I think how could it not be a copycat attack. One report says that the suspect was a loner and was picked on. In another report a witness said that he couldn’t reach his intended target. So like the cowards that came before him he killed an innocent. As has been discussed before a lot of columbiners don’t get the facts straight so it seems we have another sucker who bought into the Columbine bullying myth.

This is not the first school machete attack I’ve heard of. In 2007 James Lewerke attacked some of the other students at Valparaiso High School in Indiana. Luckily no one was severely injured in that attack.