School shooting plot foiled in France

Computer games fan ‘planned school massacre’:

Teen Blogger’s ‘Teacher Massacre Foiled’:

So which is he, a gamer or a blogger? Eh, more on that later.

In Beauvais, France a 13-year-old male identified only as Bastien allegedly took his father’s shotgun and 20-25 shells with him in an attempt to shoot his teachers at Saint Esprit College. But get this, he was actually stopped by his parents. *gasp*

His parents actually notified police when they noticed a posting on his blog that said “This is my last muzik and certainly the last because Tuesday, November 17, 2009, will be the last day of my life. Sorry to leave you . . .”  So his parents actually checked up on him? *double gasp*

His parents saved a lot of lives because after seeing the police presence at the school Bastien chickened out and tossed the gun and the shells away.

The motive behind the alleged plot was just as selfish as the rest if them. He was mad at his teachers for not giving him the best grades. Grades are earned Sunshine not handed out.

Anyway the article from the Times makes a big deal out of the fact that Bastien was a gamer. When I think of games that the media usually hold up as examples in these cases I think of games like Counterstrike or Call of Duty. Not that I think those games or any games make you violent. But do you know what game he played? World of freakin’ Warcraft. Unless he thought he was going to magically shoot lightning bolts from his hands at his teachers I don’t think WoW had anything to do with this.

Bastien was charged with attempted murder but he bailed out (really?) and has been placed with a foster family pending psychological evaluation.