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Celebrities and War

Now I’ve already told you about actors who are against the war. Now we can start adding singers to the mix. According to this article from Fox News a new slew of protest songs are being released. The new Beastie Boys song “In a World Gone Mad” was played on a local station the other day.

Now let’s pretend that this isn’t a protest song for a minute. It still sucks. It sounds like they through this piece of crap together in 20 minutes.

Madonna is going to be making an anti-war video. Who cares? Do people really look to Madonna to influence their politics? I hope to God they don’t.

And then there’s George Michael. Sorry, it?s hard to take a public masturbator seriously.

Now System of a Down I can understand why they would be against war. If I’m not mistaken they lived in either Serbia or Croatia. Two war-torn countries. Even though I may not agree with them they have my respect for having the experience of having lived through it.

Now according to this article from the Washington Post while performing in England one of the Dixie Chicks said “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.” I get the feeling their Nashville career might be hitting the skids pretty soon.

Here’s something else that kills me. Yesterday I was watching the E! news. Their gossip reporter was talking about how Oscar nominated actors get these gift bags. He said this years gift bags cost around $30,000 each. I couldn’t find any information confirming that but I did find last years numbers. These are the people who are crying about money being spent for war being better used for education. Teacher’s make in a year what these gift baskets cost. So I’m sure if all the anti-war celebrities pooled some money together they could do something about education. Until then shut the fuck up.