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Bad boyfriend beats baby buries body under bridge

Joshua Markus Beard

Joshua Markus Beard

I’ve been trying to keep the language on the site cleaner than in the past but damn that’s one Frankenstein looking motherfucker. That’s 20-year-old Joshua Markus Beard of Arlington, Texas. He’s been charged in the brutal beating death of his girlfriend’s 19-month-old daughter, Tylea Moore. Beard not only allegedly struck the child and threw her on the bed so hard that she bounced out to the floor but he also stomped on her stomach so hard that the baby was vomiting green fluid. Eventually Tylea succumbed to her injuries at the hands of Markus. Rather than calling police Marks and the girl’s mother, 17-year-old Alexis Botello, allegedly buried Tylea under a bridge. They were caught not only after Beard’s aunt reported the child missing but also after the pair were identified on Wal-Mart security cam footage of them buying shovels and gloves.

I know it’s everyone’s first instinct to attack the mother in a case like this but I ask that you sheath your pitchforks for now. She has been arrested and has been charged with tampering with evidence. What we don’t know is if this was a domestic abuse issue or not. I mean if he was willing to violently kill her child like that what would he be willing to do to her. For all we know there could have been domestic violence that had never been reported. We all know that not every incident of domestic violence gets reported to police unfortunately.

Again though, I feel the need to address future or possible abusers like this. The best way to make sure that police catch you and send you to jail is to kill a child. You will not get away with it. You are not smarter than the police. They will use every method at their disposal to catch you and put you away for a long time. And God forbid you do something like that in a state like Texas where they execute more killers than most countries. Beard has been charged with capital murder so it’s a real possibility for him. So think about that before you raise your hand like that to a child you cowards.

If you’re a victim of domestic violence you can go to The National Domestic Violence Hotline website or call them at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip and CW for the assist.

Bad Breeder and Boyfriend accused of beating toddler into a stroke


Not a whole lot of detail on this story but in 2013 April Koch, 22, and Joshua Grabowski, 22, both of Irwin, Joshua Grabowskia, are both accused of beating Koch’s then one-year-old daughter so bad that the toddler had a stroke. Of course when the couple were questioned they said that the girl, Gabriella Berry, fell out of her crib and hit her head on a coffee table. Once again innocent furniture is being blamed for something that idiots do.

Gabriella is now in the custody of her father Robert Berry but Koch still gets a four-hour a week supervised visit. Here’s Mr. Berry describing what his daughter has been going through…

Gabriella Berry’s father, Robert Berry, said the little girl is taking medication for seizures, sees a therapist up to three times a week and has to wear a brace on her left arm and left leg due to the injuries. He remains thankful she survived the alleged abuse.

“I just have to thank God. That’s really the only way to put it,” Robert Berry said. “I just hope she gets back to normal. That’s the biggest thing.”

I’ve seen adults try to deal with the after effects of a stroke and it broke my heart. I can’t even imagine a child who’s barely two having to deal with that.

Of course the alleged abusers are now expecting their own child. I wonder how long it will take before they have that child taken away from them.

Look, my message here is to abusers, you can’t fool the medical professionals. They can tell when a child has been abused. They are smarter than you will ever be. It just makes it worse for you if you try to hide it from police. Or you could, you know, not hit your kids in the first place you idiots.

I tried finding a charity or something where donations could be sent to help with Gabriella’s medical expenses but I wasn’t able to find one. If anyone finds it please leave it in the comments.

Thanks to Stephan for the tip.

Black Hitler: Bitch set me up

‘Black Hitler’: Alleged hooker made the whole thing up:

Sherman Gamble

Sherman Gamble

I originally posted about 54-year-old Sherman Gamble of Manhattan, aka Black Hitler, here. He was arrested back in March for not only allegedly prostituting several women on Backpage but also for attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and strangulation. The name Black Hitler is derived from what he allegedly said to a prostitute that he is accused of savagely beating.

“I am going to kill you,” bellowed the one-man Gestapo during the beatings, claimed the hooker, who originally told cops she was Gamble’s grandson’s nanny. “You don’t know who I am. I am the black Hitler!”

Gamble was offered a plea deal for three years but he rejected it. He’s claiming that this victim made the whole story up.

“He’s not considering it,” said his lawyer Norman Steiner. “This case is a fabricated story by a not credible witness who masqueraded as a nanny to avoid having her parents find out she was a prostitute.”

Yeah, because violent pimps are obviously more trustworthy.

Personally I think the plea deal is pathetic. This scumbag deserves to be in prison for life. No word on how much time he’s facing at trial but whatever it is it won’t be enough.

Meanwhile Backpage just keeps counting their money from the ads placed by filth like Gamble.

“I am the black Hitler!”

‘Black Hitler’ charged with pimping women online: court papers:

Man who called himself ‘black Hitler’ now hit with pimping charges: court papers:

Sherman Gamble

Sherman Gamble

54-year-old Sherman Gamble of Manhattan was recently indicted for allegedly turning out five women on Backpage for prostitution. Backpage would probably tell you that the ads passed all their safeguards. The hobbyists, aka johns, would try to tell you that these are just consenting adults engaging safely in the world’s oldest profession. Except that Sherman has allegedly referred to himself as black Hitler and according to some testimony has lived up to that name.

Sherman has also been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and strangulation. Here’s what supposedly happened when one of the women worked for him tried to leave his ’employ’.

“You’re a bitch and a slut. You need a … pimp and you need to be regulated,” he allegedly told a woman as he shoved a newspaper down her windpipe on March 3.

“I am going to kill you. You’re the type of bitch that should be hung upside down and skinned alive,” he later said, according to court papers.

“I am going to kill you,” bellowed the one-man Gestapo during the beatings, claimed the hooker, who originally told cops she was Gamble’s grandson’s nanny. “You don’t know who I am. I am the black Hitler!”

The victim eventually did escape to a local hospital.

So how’s that for consenting adults. This is the rule and not the exception when it comes to prostitution whether it’s on the street or on the slave trade website of Backpage. If you’re using Backpage to get hookers this is the type of man who your money is really going to. Backpage is also making blood money from these violent pimps so they can sell these women over and over again. But you don’t care do you? All you care about is getting your stick wet, who cares if the bitch is beaten right?

Bad boyfriend spice smoker charged in baby rape

Elijah Fernandez

Elijah Fernandez

Suspect arrested in assault on 4-month-old:

Man Arrested for Rape, Abusing Baby:

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have arrested 19-year-old Elijah Fernandez for the alleged brutal beating and rape of his girlfriend’s 4-month-old daughter.

Reports say that the girl’s mother was at a relatives doing laundry when Fernandez violently attacked the infant. When the baby girl stopped breathing he took her to one of his girlfriend’s relatives in the home and originally said that the baby fell off the table while he was changing her diaper. Except when the baby was taken to the hospital that’s not what they found.Medical staff not only found evidence of a beating but that the girl was sexually violated as well.

When questioned by police Fernandez is said to have eventually admitted to the beating saying that he struck the baby after the baby cried and woke him up and he was upset about not having any money. The reason that he might not have any money is that Fernandez and the baby mama are spice smokers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with spice it’s supposed to be a synthetic equivalent to weed but has been known to have some nasty side effects.

The state Children, Youth and Families Department had been previously called to the home but not because of abuse issues even though there is some evidence that this may not have been the first time the baby had been hit.

At last report the baby was in the hospital on life support.

Something that makes even less sense to me than hitting a child is why this fuckstick would rape an infant like that. Was his rage that all-consuming that he felt it was necessary to violate a child in the most sadistic way possible? We can only hope that he gets tenfold back to him in prison.

Thanks to Anna for the tip.

Face tattooed Breeder indicted for beating infant blind

Joseph Rucker McFall

Joseph Rucker McFall

Cobb man accused of beating infant:

Father indicted in beating of 8-week-old son:

I have no problem with people who have tattoos. I have one myself although in retrospect I wish I never got it but that’s neither here nor there. However I do have a problem with certain tattoos. Those would be the face and neck tattoos. While some tattoo and body modification enthusiasts wish that tattoos like these would be considered socially acceptable they are not. Unless you’re in a band or you’re Mike Tyson it gives off an aura of being unemployable and/or a criminal.

Case in point, our subject of today’s post, one 30-year-old Joseph Rucker McFall of Cobb County, Georgia. McFail was recently indicted for beating his then 8-week old son so violently that the boy now has permanent brain damage and is blind.

While the boy’s mother was in the hospital with pneumonia the baby was being taken care of by her mother. The grandmother left the baby in the room with tattooed loser briefly before he went running out of the house. When the grandmother returned the baby was not breathing. The boy was not expected to survive.In addition to the brain damage and blindness the baby was also said to have fractures of the ribs and arms. McFail has been in jail since October which was the time of his arrest. Thankfully the boy’s mother wants nothing to do with McFail.

If you’re wondering what the tattoo in Hebrew means supposedly it says “God has his eye on you.” Apparently McFail couldn’t heed his tattoo’s advice.

You know I just noticed that I kept writing his last name as McFail. I don’t know why that keeps happening.

Seattle Juggalo pleads guilty to beating mentally ill man to death

Steven Bauder

Steven Bauder

Two transients plead guilty in fatal beating of mentally ill man:

I originally posted about Juggalo Steven Bauder and his non-juggalo friend Marcus Dennis here. They were both in trial for the hours long beating death of 25-year-old Noel Lopez.

Dennis believed that Lopez raped a 15-year-old female friend of his. Police say that Lopez liked the girl but the two never had any kind of sexual relationship. Bauder, considering himself a ‘street enforcer’ assisted Dennis with beating Lopez to death.

Two weeks after the trial started the pair have pleaded guilty to Noel Lopez’s death. In the terms of the plea they are facing a max of 26 years. If they would have been convicted of first degree murder they were looking at life sentences. The pair will be sentenced in early 2012.

Bauder also considered himself part of a group called Downtown Juggalos. Again, if you don’t want police to consider you a gang don’t all dress alike and have the same haircuts and commit murder. That’s what gangs do.

Nothing more than a little crack head baby and he deserved to die

Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes

Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes

Murder Charges in Beating Death of Child:

Police: Man tortured 4-year-old to death for wetting his pants:

Dominick Calhoun, boy who died after beating in Argentine Township, wet his pants morning abuse began:

24-year-old Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes of Argentine Township, Michigan has been charged with the brutal beating and torture death of his girlfriend’s son 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun.

Hayes allegedly started the days long torture of Dominick after Dominick wet himself on the couch.

Hayes allegedly beat Dominick in the legs, arms, genitals and head, poked him in the eyes and also burned him across his knuckles as well. While he was beating him Hayes would keep asking him ‘Who is going to pay for this couch’.

Hayes is also said to have resented Dominick because Dominick’s biological father allegedly did not pay child support. What the fuck does that have to do with you jackass? That’s not your money. Were you expecting it so you can buy weed, PBR and Newports? Shit, when my (step)children were still of child support age I was embarrassed that I didn’t make enough money so the child support wouldn’t be needed.

Dominick’s mother claims that she did everything to prevent the days long beating but that she was beaten too. Granted I wasn’t there but unless she was unconscious or restrained for the entire course of the beating she didn’t do enough.

Police confirmed there was a history of the boy being taken into Child Protective Services while he was with his mother, though they declined to comment further.

Hayes also allegedly referred to Dominick as “nothing more than a little crack head (baby) and he deserved to die.”

It sounds like this crackhead was projecting his own lack of worth to society on Dominick.

A Facebook group called Justice for Dominick Calhoun has been set up.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips.

Quartet of Pa. Juggalos arrested for murder of another


Four charged in Schuylkill county beating death:

In order we have Shane Roof (Roofie), 20, Curtis Foose (Ice Cold), 25, Jeffrey Gombert (Smokestack), 19, and Andrew Tutko (Chia Pet), 19. Ok, I made the last nickname up. Anyway, they are all Juggalos from the Hazleton, Pennsylvania area. They’ve all been arrested in the death of former Juggalo 21-year-old Anthony Locascio. I say former since he’s no longer drawing breath.

The story goes that Locascio ratted out some his Juggalo family to police on some vandalism charges. Locascio and an accomplice allegedly cut the brakeline of a car that belonged to a girl they knew.

So in retaliation the four allegedly lured him out into the woods with the promise of two pounds of weed, beat him to death with baseball bats and then removed his clothes. That’s basically the way you sometimes get dishonorably discharged from a Juggalo clique.

Give props to police and District Attorney for refusing to comment on the Juggalo connection. Too many small town police forces act like Juggalos are the second coming of The Crips when most of them don’t even have the IQ of a dog biscuit.

And to the Juggalos out there, if you want people to stop thinking you’re a gang, stop acting like one.

The craigslist murder no one heard about

Suspect in Stock Island murder booked into Keys jail:

This is the story of murder that was facilitated through craigslist that did not capture the national media’s attention. To be honest it escaped my attention as well.

Back in February 57-year-old Richard Gardner of Cape Coral, Florida was beaten to death aboard his boat which was docked in Stock Island, Florida in the Keys.

It’s alleged that 32-year-old Jonathon LeBaron laid in wait aboard Gardner’s boat before beating him to death.

So how is craigslist involved you may be asking? Gardner was allegedly led back to his boat by 40-year-old Kristena Whitmore who is LeBron’s girlfriend. She also had posted an ad on a certain section of craigslist where Gardner used her for her oral skills.

Now granted ultimately LeBaron is ultimately responsible for Mr. Gardner’s death if convicted. And yes Mr. Gardner put himself in jeopardy by engaging in illicit activity with a stranger. However back in the day people would be discouraged from engaging in picking up prostitutes because hookers would mostly be in the bad parts of town. craigslist’s erotic services sections has brought prostitution from out of the inner cities and into the rest of the country and it brings all the other crimes associated with prostitution with it.

I believe that brings the number of ‘craigslist murders’ on this site to 9.

Thanks to Paul for the tip.