Guy makes 9-year-old take him to the liquor store

9-year-old makes beer run; dad charged with child abuse:

The driving age in most states is 16. In New Jersey it’s 17 and I think one of the Dakotas has a driving age of 14. Still, none of those are 9-years-old.

That didn’t matter to Joshua Fagan of Cape Coral, Florida. When Fagan needed to make a beer run on Thanksgiving he was already half in the bag. Rather than driving himself or, God forbid, actually going without beer for a day, Fagan made his 9-year-old son drive the truck. Police pulled them over three blocks from the house and there was an open case in the vehicle. Fagan allegedly told police he didn’t do anything wrong.

The local news station, whose article I’ve linked to, decided they would tell his neighbors about Fagan’s arrest. If you can’t find news make it, right? Anyway let’s see what one of his neighbors said…

Jim and Leslie Gower say Josh Fagan is a good father. “They go camping, they go fishing, they love each other,” Leslie Gower says. “I know he’s a good father, but he’s probably stressed,” Jim Gower adds. “He lost his job in construction, his wife divorced him, and he takes care of two sons.”

Cry me a freakin’ river. It’s enablers like this in our society that allow actions like this to continue. Would they have said the same thing if the 9-year-old ended up flipping the truck and killing everyone inside it?

I don’t care if Hitler kicked his dog. Your child’s well being should be a much higher priority than getting your drink on.