Nicole Allen rewarded for stupidity

I love it when the tipsters do my job for me. Since I’m so pressed for time these days it helps me out a lot. Anyway this comes from Kim…

Nicole Allen is a 20 year old mother of three (now 2) who left her 2 toddlers and one infant home alone to go and buy beer. While she was gone -at least an hour – the apartment caught fire. The three children were severely burned and one later died. She has just been convicted for criminally negligent homicide, a lesser charge than she was originally arrested for.

The jury was lenient because they found that she was too terminally stupid to realize that leaving 3 babies alone with a gas burner turned on posed a serious threat to the children.

So not only do we have prosecutors making deals with child killers we have too soft juries letting them off on lesser charges as well.

The fact that Allen is dangerously stupid is even more reason to keep her behind bars.

She’s only looking at 4 years behind bars. That will give her plenty of time to kill more children.