Ohio kids chained like dogs

Children Found Chained Outside In Bellaire:

35-year-old Dimitrios Kriaris of Bellaire, Ohio was arrested last week on child abuse charges.

Neighbors called police after seeing his two kids, ages 3 years and 22 months, were in the backyard attached to a dog chain that was anchored by a car tire in a shopping cart. The weather last week in Bellaire was in the 30’s.

Police also found several bottles of drugs that appeared to be getting ready to be sold on the street. Not surprisingly Kriaris has had other drug offenses.

Ok, people who treat their dogs like kids is fine. People who threat their kids like dog isn’t.

The Trench Reynolds Department of Poetic Justice recommends that this assclown should be kept naked in an outdoor cell chained to an anvil with a very short chain. Maybe throw in a crack addicted pitbull in there too.