Suspect accused of beating girl and shaving her bald for being on Snapchat

Suspect accused of beating girl and shaving her bald for being on Snapchat

Alex Harrison

You know, I’m not a big fan of Facebook. I’m tired of all the political arguing, the overt racism, and overall ignorance of a ton of people on it. However, it has been known to expose child abusers in our midst as many of them are stupid enough to post their abuse on Facebook thinking it’s normal behavior.

For example, take 33-year-old Alex J. Harrison of Ferriday, Louisiana. He’s accused of allegedly beating a 14 or 15-year-old girl and then shaving her head bald, all because she installed Snapchat on her phone. Harrison is then said to have posted a video of the abuse on Facebook for the world to see.

At the beginning of the footage, he said: ‘She wanna be grown, she getting her a** whooped n her hair bald. School is for work not f****** Snapchat. She ain’t got no business with no damn snap anyway. Stay tuned.’

He then reportedly whipped the girl with a belt around 50 times while verbally abusing her. After which he sat her down in a chair and shaved her head bald.

‘This is what it means to be grown,’ he said.

This isn’t discipline. This is outright child abuse. This is what they do in prison camps under totalitarian regimes. You know what else being grown means? Being able to have a rational discussion with your child about social media without resorting to something out of V for Vendetta. I totally understand not wanting to have your kid on something like Snapchat. That’s your prerogative, but instead of violently whipping a girl who can’t defend herself, how about being a real man and handling it in such a way that doesn’t result in child abuse, bloodshed, and worldwide humiliation. This isn’t even taking into account that this fool is a damn hypocrite for posting a video on Facebook that I’m sure is a thousand times worse than anything the girl posted on Snapchat.

Facebook states that if you see a child being abused on Facebook to call police and report the video or photos to them.

Here’s a good article from the University of Texas on how to talk to your kids about social media.

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Bad Boyfriend beats baby with belt over messy diaper change

Austin Hamilton

24-year-old Austin Hamilton of Tampa, Florida was recently arrested for the beating death of his girlfriend’s one-year-old son, Sincere Williams. A coroner’s report said that Sincere died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Hamilton allegedly confessed to police that he struck Sincere ten times with a belt and dropped him on his head after Sincere urinated on him during a diaper change.

I was spared diaper changes since my (step)kids were out of diapers when I got married. However my dad told me that I was quite the surprise geyser when I was in diapers. Considering my dad was not the most calm man I ever knew how much rage did Hamilton have to possess in order to do that to one-year-old child? He would have had to have either taken off his belt or gone to get a belt before striking the child which for most people would have been enough time to give them pause about what they were about to do. Also Hamilton had a child from a previous relationship so I doubt this was a new experience for him.

Sincere’s mother was working at the time of the beating. The couple had known each other for years and she thought Hamilton would be fine with the children since he had children of his own. However Hamilton in the past has been charged with battery, domestic violence and had been investigated by CPS. All charges were dropped but you have to think that sometimes where there’s smoke there’s a raging inferno of a forest fire sometimes.

There’s nothing wrong with screening the background of your significant other. It may save your children’s lives and yours. One possible service is which has an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau although your results may vary. You may also want to contact your local police or courts for records availability.

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Leon Burns thinks he ‘probably went too far’

Charges Filed in 5-Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death:

28-year-old Leon D. Burns of Gary, Indiana has been charged with the beating death of his 5-year-old son Leon Walker.

Allegedly he tied down his son and beat him repeatedly with belt and his fists because he says the boy lied about stealing a roll from the oven.

Then they tried blaming the injuries on the boy’s mother. I say they because also arrested was Burns’ main squeeze, 32-year-old Rochell Johnson was also arrested for being present at the time of the fatal beating and did nothing to stop it.

And all Burns has to say about it is that he “probably went too far.”

Ya think?

You went too far when you beat the boy previously for lying. And for making him do exercises for being ‘disrespectful’. He was 5-years-old. 5-year-olds don’t get the concept of respect.

There are additional atrocities mentioned in the article. I am too disgusted to post them all.

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Man charged with strangling toddler with belt

Father Charged With Attempted Murder Of Child:

What is it about dirty diapers that bring out violent tendencies in some men?

23-year-old Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delarosa of Palm Bay, Florida did something that’s usually reserved for the idiot boyfriend’s who aren’t fathers. While watching his kids his 2-year-old son let loose in his diaper because that’s what 2-year-olds do. Police allege that because his son soiled his diaper it caused Torres-Delarosa to strangle his son with his belt.

Think about that for a second. That’s not exactly what I would call a rage attack. After the toddler soiled his diaper the sperm donor would have had to either go get a belt or take off the one he could have been wearing before wrapping it around the boy’s neck. Either of which should have given him enough time to realize what he was doing was wrong.

The boy’s mother noticed that the boy had marks around his neck and his eyes were swollen after she picked him up from his father’s house.

The boy is thankfully alive and under a doctor’s care.

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