Armed Robbery = Mother & Son quality time


 Georgia mom gets son and friends help rob bank

The band of misfits you see here are, Tawander Simmons (35), her son Benny Brice (17), David Rawlins (17) and Glenn Broom (18) all from Dekalb County, Georgia and they like to rob banks.

There are conflicting stories has to how the leader of the group Tawander, ended up with all three boys.  One source says she checked them all out of school on Friday, January 28th.  The school’s police say only Brice came to school and decided to leave because the other two had skipped.  Dekalb school officials later said none of the boys were in school on the 28th.     

Despite the differing stories what is fact is the Tawander and the three boys, robbed a Wells Fargo Bank, at gunpoint, at approximately 9 am on the 28th.  Tawander and two of the boys entered the bank and one of the boys remained outside in the getaway car.  Mom, armed with a handgun, approached a teller and demanded money.  The three robbers exited the bank, jumped in a red Toyota Corolla and led police on a high-speed chase, clocking speeds of up to 90 mph that ended with the car hitting an embankment and railroad tracks.  Oops, bet that wasn’t part of the plan.    

All four were arrested and charged with armed robbery.  I am not sure this is the kind of mother and son quality time that doctors and psychologist recommend.  I know… it’s not funny, but come on really, how in the hell did this woman even think they’d get away with this?  There are professional bank robbers that spend months, even years planning robberies and don’t get away.  She grabs up three teenagers and heads to local bank and thinks they’ll commit this crime and all go home richer.  Please!    

It is a shame that she thought it appropriate to ask not only her son but also two other teenagers to help her commit a crime that very easily could have cost them their lives.  She was an armed woman and they all could have ended up shot or killed in the car as it sped away.  Just crazy and careless!    

Thanks to Danielle Parada for the tip.