Shot girl job interview leads to rape

What a shot girl may look like

What a shot girl may look like

Woman met man through Craigslist job ad, said she was sexually battered at interview:

Job Interview Leads To Rape Charge:

Police in Florida arrested 42-year-old Bernard Peter Mosco Jr. after he allegedly raped an 18-year-old girl that he met through craigslist.

The victim says that she responded to an ad that Mosco allegedly posted for the position of a Shot Girl. For those of you who may not know a shot girl is sort of like a waitress that walks around bars selling shots of liquor. In some instances the girls would set on the patrons’ laps and pour the shots into the patrons’ mouths.

Mosco allegedly drove the victim to a Ramada Inn in Kissimmee to conduct the ‘interview’. If it’s the Ramada I’m thinking of I actually stayed there as a kid but my family was there to go to Disney World and not rape teenagers. Anyway, Mosco is said to have forced the victim to drink liquor as it was part of the job and then raped her.

It’s not just casual encounters where you have to worry about being a victim of rape or sexual assault. You also have to worry about certain job ads as well and it’s not just ‘adult’ related jobs either. In the past there have been sexual assaults that have taken place during phony job interviews for office positions as well.