Another UK pedo gets a slap on the wrist

Bernard Volk

Bernard Volk

21-year-old Bernard Volk of Hastings, Sussex, England has been sentenced to a mere six years for having sex (even in the UK I still call it child rape) with three underage girls.

With one of his victims not only was he trying to get her pregnant by puncturing the condoms but when she broke off the relationship he posted explicit images and videos of her on his Facebook.

With another victim he contacted and groomed her over Facebook. His child obsession was so complete that he bought the girl a Tinkerbell outfit. Hopefully his name in prison will be Tinkerbell.

So he’ll be 27 when he gets out. Plenty of time for him to claim more victims when he gets out. Apparently the mindset for scumbags like this in the UK is that short sentences are ok as a Detective Inspector from Sussex said “Volk is a predatory paedophile and he has received a substantial sentence today, which reflects the serious nature of his offences.”

I vehemently disagree that this sentence was substantial. It was anything but.

And on a non-related note pierced lips on a guy make you like a douche.