14-year-old dies in house with hundreds of animals

Lydia Price

Mom charged after son dies at ‘deplorable’ home overrun with animals:

In Berwyn, Illinois a mentally handicapped 14-year-old boy was found in the backyard of a home, only partially clothed and unresponsive. He later died at the hospital of bronchopneumonia. You basically get bronchopneumonia from a common cold that goes untreated. If that is the case it would not come as a surprise because of what investigators found in the house.

49-year-old Lydia Price was charged with criminal abuse and neglect of a disabled child resulting in death, endangerment of a child, animal hoarding and cruel treatment.

Not only did they find four other children in the house, ages 12-18 who had never been to school, but they found so many animals in the house it would make some zoos jealous.

Found inside the house were…

109 cats, three dogs, 39 c*ckatiels, two kinkajous, a large racoon and other exotic animals.

Do you want to know what some of those other animals were? How about hundreds of hissing c*ckroaches? Those aren’t your normal filthy home c*ckroaches. These are imported c*ckroaches that some people keep as pets. They are from Madagascar and you’re not supposed to have this many in a house considering it would be introducing a foreign species to the environment which could be disastrous.
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