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The craigslist horse creeperer

PHX man arrested for bestiality intentions after posting Craigslist ad:

Donald Waelde

Donald Waelde

Amy Farrah Fowler’s twin brother over there is 22-year-old Donald Waelde of Phoenix, Arizona. Police say that he placed an ad on craigslist in the missed connections section looking for a horse to ‘play with’. Waelde actually had someone respond to his ad. When he showed up to the meeting place a horse was there and everything. Except that the horse was a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office patrol horse and the man was an MCSO deputy. Prior to his arrest Waelde allegedly told the deputy that he wanted to have sex with the horse.

I’ve known some horse owners in my time and they all have one thing in common. They all adored their horses. I can’t imagine any horse owner out there thinking to themselves “I’m short on cash so I’m going to rent my horse out on craigslist so some stranger can fuck it.” Unless it’s someone who bought the animal for that particular reason.

Unfortunately bestiality is nothing new on craigslist. Hell, it’s not even new in Maricopa County. By my estimation this is their fourth arrest of an alleged craigslist animal fucker.

Since it’s a missed connections ad I wonder what it said. “You were grazing in your pen while I was behind a fence post with my pants around my ankles…” Again, nice userbase you have there craigslist.

UPDATE 4/27/2014: I don’t know why this is relevant but the media finds it necessary to tells us that Donald is transgender and identifies as a woman. The only thing that explains is why he looks like Mayim Bialik’s character from Big Bang Theory.

In an unrelated item according to those same reports say that Donald specifically wanted to fellate the horse.

Child porn, dog sex and parents exploiting their kids for sex. Just another day on craigslist

Lewis and Dick

Lewis and Dick

Tulsa Man, Vinita Woman Arrested For Child Pornography:

Not too long ago some pedo-defender left a comment on my site that said there’s no such thing as kids being on craigslist and that it’s all a fabrication of police using entrapment in order to lure predators who would not be normally inclined to do so. Of course I said bullshit to that and this disgusting story goes a long way in proving my point.

Police in Oklahoma have arrested 31-year-old Ricky Lee Lewis of Tulsa and 21-year-old Brittiny Linne Dick (not touching that one) of Venita on child porn charges.

Allegedly Lewis was soliciting women that he would meet on craigslist for explicit pictures of their children and he would also tell them what sex acts he’d like to perform on their children. It’s at this point that I’m sure you’re saying to yourself that “Surely no mother would actually acquiesce to his request.” Since you’re reading this here you know someone did and don’t call me Shirley. That ‘person would be the aforementioned Brittiny Linne Dick. She allegedly sent several graphic pictures of a naked toddler to Lewis. No word on what Dick would have received or did receive in exchange for the pics but one can only imagine it wasn’t for his dashing good looks.

When police searched Lewis’ computer they say they found not only child porn but images of Lewis violating a dog. They also say that Lewis was looking for ‘playdates’ on craigslist for his 9-year-old son. In case you can’t figure out the brilliant craigslist code that means that more than likely he was looking to trade his son for some other pedophile’s kid.

This is no myth. This is no urban legend. There are people on craigslist who will more than happily rent out their kids to strangers for sex. But keep on using craigslist because you found a really awesome on couch there. It’s not like your business, free or otherwise, supports this activity on craigslist. Oh wait, yes it does.

UPDATE 9/24/2013: Lewis was sentenced to 60 years while Dick was sentenced to 51. A second woman by the name of Sally Deupree was convicted on child porn charges after meeting Lewis on craigslist. Dupree was said to have sent child porn to Lewis at his request.

Would be craigslist pooch screwer busted in AZ (not a repeat)

James Naylor (Naylor? I barely know her.)

James Naylor (Naylor? I barely know her.)

Man in Mesa bestiality case cites bad marriage:

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have done it again. They’ve busted another guy who they say was on craigslist looking to have sex with a dog. Recently they arrested 47-year-old James Naylor of Mesa, Arizona for allegedly looking for a dog to rape.

According to reports Naylor claimed he was only looking for a ‘dog in action’, whatever the hell that means, because his marriage is troubled and he hasn’t had sex in a year. Isn’t that what most normal guys do when they’re in a bad marriage, they look for some strange….dog?

You say what you want about screwed up priorities with the MCSO however it does point out that is a pretty big problem on craigslist. Go to craigslist and search for ‘K9’ and you’ll see what I mean. There’s an entire culture on craigslist that wants to have sex with dogs.

Nothing is sacred or safe on craigslist. I wonder how long it will be before ads for necrophilia are posted on craigslist. Hell, knowing craigslist they probably already have.

UPDATE 10/20/2012: Naylor has pleaded guilty

UPDATE 1/6/2013: Naylor received 18 months probation.

Pooch screwing rampant on craigslist


Previously I told you about the trio from Arizona who were arrested for allegedly trying to find a dog on craigslist that one of them could have sex with.

This is hardly a new phenomenon as I have brought you stories and actual craigslist ads about this before. Reader Chris sent me this ad from the Orlando region. See if you can crack the almost indecipherable code they used.


K…………Hi all you know what i am talking about women and if you are out there get back to me i think its so hot and love to help ..i have exp. in helping so hope to hear back from you………………..9……..PUT FIRST LETTER IN THIS AD AND LAST NUMBER IN THIS AD IN YOUR REPLY SO I KNOW YOU ARE REAL…TTYL………

I think that may be more complicated than the Enigma code.

All joking aside Chris sent this to me on the 29th of March. As of today the ad is still on there. So much for community policing.

But the real question is where are all the animal protection groups on this issue. Where’s the ASPCA, the Humane Society and even *spit* PETA? Nowhere to be found as far as I know.

Who knows how many helpless dogs are being abused in this way?

AZ trio caught trying to screw the pooch

Robert Aucker, Sarah Walker, and Shane Walker

Robert Aucker, Sarah Walker, and Shane Walker

MCSO: 3 arrested for planning to commit acts of bestiality:

In Maricopa County, Arizona three people have been charged with allegedly trying to use craigslist in order to commit bestiality.

The Sheriff’s Office says that 38-year-old Shane Walker, his 33-year-old wife Sarah Dae Walker and their 29-year-old friend, Robert A. Aucker, were searching craigslist for someone with a dog that was willing to let them have sex with it. Specifically Mrs. Walker was going to have sex with the dog while the other two watched. Ick. Instead of finding a willing dog owner they were met by undercover officers from the Sheriff’s Office. For some reason this has been a hit button issue with the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Unfortunately this is nothing new. I first brought you this craigslist phenomenon back in 2010. Also unfortunately this is not the first of these kind of arrests in Maricopa County.

Again this is what happens when you have a classifieds site with unmoderated personal sections not to mention the notorious casual encounters section, dogs get raped.

UPDATE 7/1/2012: The Walker’s have both pleaded guilty.

UPDATE 8/11/2012: The Walkers have been ‘sentenced’ to probation and are banned from owning dogs. Again there should be stiffer penalties for all forms of sexual predators.

Robert Thompson sentenced for craigslist child and animal sex ring

 Robert D. Thompson

Robert D. Thompson

Craigslist sex case co-defendant sentenced to 25 years in prison:

One of the worst craigslist sex crimes I’ve posted about was the sex ring out of Newberg, Oregon that not only involved animals but also children as young as 4. Previously the ringleader, Darrin Daily, was sentenced to 40 years which of course doesn’t seem near enough. Now his cohort, Robert Thompson has also been sentenced.

Thompson was not only convicted for his role in the ring but also for trying to arrange a hit on one of their teenage victims. So what did Mr. Dead Behind The Eyes get? Only 25 years.

We’re talking about children being forced to have sex with animals here. Something that depraved should at least get an automatic life sentence without parole. In a perfect world it would result in execution. He could have been sentenced to 40 years but for some reason the judge took leniency on him. Leniency for a guy who gets off on kids and dogs having sex.

Not only does this show what’s still wrong with craigslist but also our justice system in general.

Darrin Daily sentenced for craigslist child and animal sex ring

Darrin Daily

Darrin Daily

Craigslist sex abuser gets 40 years:

I originally posted about Darrin Daily here and here. He’s the filthy scum who was caught running a child sex ring on craigslist in Newberg, Oregon. In his little circle Daily and his cronies would have sex (child rape) with kids as young as 4 and would sometimes force the kids to have sex with his dog. Daily would recruit new members for his group on craigslist.

This week he pleaded to the charges against him. The plea deal allowed him to be sentenced from 20 to 40 years, His attorney argued that he should only get 20 because “Daily would be amenable to sex offender treatment if freed at 64.” Are you shitting me? This guy runs a child porn and rape ring that involved bestiality and a lawyer has the balls to say that he’d be amenable to treatment? There is only one treatment for dregs like this if you ask me and it comes in several calibers.

Thankfully the judge gave him the max of 40 years. Not only that he’s not eligible for any kind of sentencing reduction program. If Daily lives to see the end of his sentence he’ll be 84 when he gets out.

I guess I don’t have to tell you that if craigslist moderated its casual encounters section or allowed a third-party company to monitor the ads this wouldn’t be an issue.

Child sex ring suspect accused of trying to get hit on victim

 Robert D. Thompson

Robert D. Thompson

Man in Newberg Craigslist sex abuse ring faces murder solicitation charges:

Is it me or does he look like he’s dead behind his eyes.

Anyway, I originally posted about Robert D. Thompson here. He’s accused of being one of the participants in a Newberg, Oregon child sex ring that was organized on craigslist and reportedly involved children as young as 4 being raped and forced to have sex with a dog.

Now Thompson has another charge to worry about as he’s now been charged with allegedly trying to solicit a hit on of the teenage victims of the sex ring. Along with his 11 sex abuse charges he’s had seven murder solicitation charges added. Hopefully that means that he’ll get a real sentence instead of the slaps on the wrists that some of the other suspects in the ring got.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio calls on craigslist to stop pooch screwers

Arpaio sends letter to Craigslist CEO:

Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of my three favorite sheriffs, has sent a letter to craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster admonishing craigslist about the criminal activity on the casual encounters section. If you’ll recall recently Maricopa County Sheriffs picked up two guys from craigslist who wanted to engage in sex with dogs.

A copy of the letter is below.

AZ pair caught screwing the pooch on craigslist

Keith Kiefer and Patrick Trejo

Keith Kiefer and Patrick Trejo

Craigslist’s Secret World of Bestiality: 2 Arrested:

Phoenix teacher, Mesa man arrested in Craigslist bestiality case:

We’ll get back to more corporate news later. In the meantime let’s get down and dirty with some good old-fashioned crime news and I do mean dirty.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, home to the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio, deputies there have arrested two men who were allegedly using craigslist to have sex with dogs. Arrested were 25-year-old Patrick Stephen Trejo and 47-year-old Keith D. Kiefer. Trejo is said to be a middle school music teacher.

Maricopa deputies were made aware of the many bestiality ads on craigslist and decided to set up a sting operation. In one of the arrests detectives say that Kiefer had an ad on craigslist that said “Beasty Boy Looking for Dog Knot.” If you don’t know what that means consider yourself lucky, I unfortunately do know. Kiefer allegedly asked for a picture of the dog’s junk and was said to have approved.

Trejo’s ad was said to say “Really wanna get knotted and bred like a [expletive]. Hit me back if you have a pup to play with!” Trejo was said to have specifically requested a male dog.

Both were arrested in separate stings after Maricopa detectives responded to their ads.

If this world of bestiality on craigslist is a shock to you it shouldn’t be.

Thanks to my Facebook friend Courtney we told you about the K9 world on craigslist months ago.

So it’s not only women and children that have become the victims of sexual predators on the unmoderated casual encounters section it’s also animals. Also I don’t know which is more disturbing, people who want to have sex with dogs, the dog owners who arrange it, or the CEO of craigslist who allows it.

It also makes me wonder if we’ll get bestiality defenders like we do with prostitution and pedophilia. Ours is an interesting world at least.

Maybe PETA will get involved and finally do something useful.

Again this is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum and don’t moderate the ads.

Thanks to Sue for the tip.