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Bethany Beach looking to ban e-cigs on beach because smoking


I can understand why smoking is banned on a lot of public beaches. Let’s take the second-hand smoke out of the equation and just focus on the litter alone. Beachside towns spend a lot of money on cleaning up the cigarette butts that are littering our nation’s beaches. I’ll admit, having grown up on the beaches of South Jersey, that I was guilty of that as well. However looking back I remember seeing huge piles of cigarette butts collecting in the dunes.

So again I say, you would think that towns would embrace e-cigs and vaping on the beach as it doesn’t leave any littering behind but Bethany Beach, Delalware, doesn’t think like that. They are looking to ban vaping and e-cigs on their beaches because it looks like smoking.

Vice Mayor Jack Gordon was one of the advocates for the ordinance.

“We’re a family beach,” he said. “And we like to keep things family oriented down here.”

He said the use of e-cigarettes would create an enforcement issue, amongst other problems.

“Part of the problem is with enforcement,” he said. “You don’t know whether someone is smoking an E-Cigarette unless you check it out.”

First off most name brand e-cigs are colored to not look like cigarettes so it would be easy to spot one in the wild and vaporizers look nothing like cigarettes at all. Not to mention that cigarette smoke as that distinct smell and effect while vaping and e-cigs do not. It’s really not that hard to grasp people.

Also, as I predicted, Vice Mayor Gordon is using the specter of marijuana vaping as a bogeyman to ban nicotine vaping on the beach.

He said there was also concern with people using the E-Cigarettes to conceal drugs like marijuana.

Insert exasperated sigh here.