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Punch Time with Trench II

Today we have another two-time “Punch in the Head” award winner. When he’s not busy perpetuating southern stereotypes he’s giving interviews to the Canadian media saying that the democracy in America is a sham

I don’t know about five things but I think what Canadians should know about the American election is that you’re lucky you don’t live here. You don’t have to participate in this sham democracy we have, you know? I mean I could tell you about, I could tell you five ways we don’t really have a democracy in this country.

Really Billy. 5 ways huh? I’d love to hear them. If this democracy was a sham there would be border guards waiting for your ass to get back after making such statements.

He also goes on about the usual leftist crap about the war and how people who support the president are stupid then attacks the electoral process…

Well, we have an electoral college which means that at this point in the election there’s only about 10 states that even matter. The other states are written off. I live in California, safely in the Kerry column. No candidates come here. They don’t talk to us. It’s forgotten. It doesn’t matter. And that’s true of, you know, of almost 80 per cent of the country. We have a voting system where we can’t count the votes.

I mean, the last election, not aware of what anybody thinks about what happened in Florida, it’s almost a certainty that the wrong guy won the state and therefore the election. There was so much, so many different ways voting was messed up in that election. That we wound up with the guy and half a million more people voted for Al Gore in the country, not even counting Florida. We don’t let, in many states, ex-cons vote. I mean I think in Florida alone, 600,000 people couldn’t vote because they’d been convicted of a felony. And most of those votes, of course are rich Republicans. No, of course not, they’re poor blacks.

They just can’t let go of Florida can they? You never heard the left bitching about the electoral college before until their man lost the election. Al Gore would have been great during 9/11 wouldn’t he? He would have pulled a Clinton and fired a couple of cruise missiles and be done with it. And he wants ex-cons to vote. That’s just great isn’t it? The only reason he wants them to vote is because he thinks they’ll vote his way. That’s just what I want. A bunch of rapists, murderers, and thieves voting in the election. Of course they’re going to vote for candidates who are more lenient on crime. And isn’t that what we all want. Better treatment of criminals? Give me a break.

Billy, you’re an actor and you’re not a very good one. Just because you’ve had some commercial success on a “political” TV show does not make you an expert. Again I cite the fact that you were in the cinematic masterpieces Pizza Man and D.C. Cab. Why you haven’t received an Oscar is beyond me? Well Billy feel free to pick up your vote from any AMERICAN citizen who has been a victim of any one of the ex-cons you want to vote.

Punch Time With Trench

We have a new Punch in The Head award winner. I’ve been looking for a reason to give this guy one and now he’s finally done it. Look people, I may be vehemently against the Confederate Flag but I love living in the South. It’s cleaner. The people are friendlier. The cost of living is cheaper. So I take issue when a New York elitist like Bill Maher says

“We Southerners ain’t gonna vote for no Yankee! You suckers up North will take our Clintons and Carters, but we just ain’t buyin’ Kerrys and Deans.” . . .

I feel bad for the millions of intelligent people who live in a region still dominated by so much prejudice that anyone who wants to be president better have a twang in his voice and pronounce all four E’s in the word “shit.”

Getting rid of slavery was a good start. But don’t quit there: Stop being the place that’s always challenging the theory of evolution. What’s next, gravity? Is that just a plot by the Jews up North to get people to drop spare change?

I guess we all can’t be as culturally enlightened like Bill Maher. Listen Billy. I moved hear from the northeast on my own accord. The funny thing is I’ve seen more instances of racial hate crimes living in the north than I have living down here. As a matter of fact I can’t remember one instance of seeing any kind of racial hate crime in the news in the almost 6 years I’ve been living here. Yet living back in the northeast I can think of several towns off the top of my head who hold Klan rallies every year. So even though I’m not a native southerner I will not let you run these nice people down. Way to perpetuate the stereotypes Billy. I thought liberals like you weren’t supposed to perpetuate stereotypes. But it’s against the conservative south so I guess its ok in your eyes. I’ll even go on record as saying that there is more racism and anti-Semitism in the northeast then there is anymore in the south. If you don’t like it Billy feel free to pick up your award from any God-fearing southern good ol’ boy. By the way, how did you get so elitist? I mean you were in Pizza Man and DC Cab. Anybody who was in a movie with Mr. T that wasn’t Sylvester Stallone doesn’t really have the right to look down their nose at anyone.