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Guy with no neck busted for grinding on MySpace girl

Billy Joe De La Fuente

Billy Joe De La Fuente

The big giant head over there is 31-year-old Billy Joe De La Fuente from Santa Rosa, Texas. He’s been arrested for allegedly grinding on an underage girl from McAllen, TX that he met on MySpace. However ‘grinding’ is an understatement…

The victim told officers the incident occurred after De la Fuente agreed to pick her up from her house and take her to school Feb. 16, according to a probable cause affidavit. When he arrived at the home, De la Fuente allegedly walked into her bedroom and squeezed her buttocks and “front part” over her clothes. He then allegedly told her she had a nice figure and at some point got on top of her while she was lying face down in bed and “began to grind her,” the document states. De la Fuente also allegedly grabbed her hand and placed it over his pants.

While not full-blown rape would any of you like to be in the victim’s position in that scenario with that lummox pawing at your ‘front part’?