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KY man used MeetMe to meet TN teens

Man Arrested, Accused of Trying to Entice Minors:

Billy Ray Wyatt

Billy Ray Wyatt

53-year-old Billy Ray Wyatt of Hazel, Kentucky allegedly would pose as an 18-year-old woman to befriend teenage girls on the social networking site MeetMe. He seemed to specifically target girls from a nearby high school in Henry County, Tennessee. Then after gaining the girl’s trust as a woman he would convince them to meet her ‘friend’ Billy who was claimed to be 16 or 17. Except when Billy showed up he turned out to be the creepy 50+ lovechild of Steve Jobs and John Boy from The Walton’s.

Police set up a fake MeetMe profile and were able to capture the attention of Wyatt. Since he crossed state lines to do his wicked deeds that means he’s been charged with federal crimes of child solicitation. No doubt he probably thought he’d have less legal trouble if he left his own neighborhood. D’oh.

As usual in these cases police believe Wyatt may have more victims…

Anyone believing they might have information relevant to the investigation is asked to contact Investigator Gary Vandiver at 731-642-1672.

Parents, MeetMe is one of the social sites that kids are leaving Facebook for because you’re not on it. In a nutshell it’s an even more low rent version of the old MySpace and is nothing more than a hook up site. I would definitely recommend making sure if your kids are using MeetMe or not.