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The Zombie Right: Obama’s birth certificate

Previously you may have seen me post about what I called ‘The Zombie Left’. These would be things that left-wing types would spout off that would automatically disqualify them from a political discussion. You know, stuff like Bush is Hitler, no blood for oil, etc.

During the past election I started picking on ‘The Zombie Right’ for using the same kind of tactics. For example the assertion that President-elect Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim.

Well, I have to pick on the right once again. Enough with this nonsense about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate.

I’m not a Barack Obama fan. I didn’t vote for him. But please stop trying to prove that he’s not an American citizen when he is. It makes you guys look as bad as the people on the left who keep claiming that Bush stole the election.

He won, get over it.