Review of Bitch Slap


With the bitter taste of Salt in my mouth, pun intended, I needed to see a movie that didn’t suck so bad. So once again I raided my brother’s Netflix queue and found this tasty morsel called Bitch Slap.

My brother called it a low-budget Kill Bill so I went in with low expectations.

Basically the movie is a spoof/tribute to the exploitation movies of the 70s. Within the first 30 minutes of the movie I was like “What is this crap?” The scenes that were not taking place in the main location were obviously filmed in front of a green screen. I had seen YouTube videos with better production values.

However after the first 30 minutes this turned out to be a really fun cheesy popcorn film with boobs, chicks kissing, guns, and lots of violence. It even had the actors who portrayed the major characters in the Hercules/Xena series of the 90’s including Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Renee O’Connor and Michael Hurst.

Plus how bad can a movie be when it has such great lines like “Ram this in your clambake bicthcakes.”

3 1/2 fedoras out of 5.