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California Kik Kreeper extorted pre-teens for pictures

California Kik Kreeper extorted pre-teens for pictures

Man uses threats to get young girls to send him nude pictures:

‘Sextortion’ suspect set for freedom:

Child porn, exploitation suspect ordered to home incarceration:

25-year-old Brian Caputo of Arvin, California is a Grade-A scumbag, allegedly. He’s accused of posing as a young girl on Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and Kik as a young girl in order to gain the trust of other young girls on these platforms. He would use aliases like Giavanna Derann, Catness Love and Melissa Harpson to convince girls from ages eight to 13 to send him nude photos.

Let’s stop right there for a second. While I’m sure the parents of the victims are horrified over what has transpired no eight-year-old needs to be on any of these services. Not even under the supervision of a parent. Secondly is this a thing that teen or teen girls send naked pics to each other? It sure as hell wasn’t in my day by cracky.

Once Caputo would receive any of these pictures then he would blackmail his victims into sending him more pictures or he would make the pictures he already has public. He tried blackmailing a 12-year-old girl from El Paso, Texas, into sending him pics and if she didn’t he would release the pictures of her 11-year-old friend. Instead the girl went to her parents who in turn went to police.

Caputo is not only accused of possessing child porn but trading the pictures he received as well. When questioned by police Caputo tried claiming that whoever was doing it was stealing his wi-fi.

So you think a predatory scumbag like Caputo would be kept under the jail while awaiting trial. Nope. He’s currently under house arrest at his mommy’s house where his underage sister was forced to move out. Does anybody want to lay odds he gets in trouble again before going to trial?

This assclown intrigues me so I’ll be keeping a close eye on this story.

UPDATE 3/13/2014: The courts have come to their sense and have revoked Caputo’s house arrest. He’s now being held without bond.

UPDATE 5/28/2016: Caputo recently pleaded guilty to child porn charges and is scheduled to be sentenced on August 8th.

Netlog grooming investigation leads to charges of toddler rape

Paul Anthony Wilson

Paul Anthony Wilson

In Birmingham, England police there were investigating 20-year-old Paul Anthony Wilson for grooming underage girls on the European based social site Netlog. As is common with predators like Wilson he was blackmailing girls into performing sex acts on their webcams. His victims were between the ages of 12 and 15.

When investigators caught wind of Wilson’s activity they went through his computer and discovered child porn on it. Not just any child porn but child porn that Wilson was involved in.

You see, Wilson was an employee of a children’s nursery where he committed the oral rape of a 2 to 3-year-old girl.

Wilson has pleaded guilty to the charges against him and is looking at a life sentence. The thing is England is notorious for under sentencing monsters like Wilson, at least in my opinion. He’ll probably end up getting a slap on the wrist if history of this site is any indicator.

KC MO man charged in Facebook child porn blackmail scheme


34-year-old Corey McKinley and a 16-year-old female accomplice have been charged in federal court with allegedly blackmailing a 30-year-old man. Here’s how the scheme allegedly went down. It’s a real mess so follow closely.

Under McKinley’s direction the 16-year-old girl approached the man on Facebook claiming to be 17 which is the age of consent in Missouri. The guy met the girl and had sex and when they met again McKinley storms in and told the guy the girl’s real age and then blackmailed him.

As I’ve said before blackmail is one of the more idiotic crimes because in my opinion the victims are more than likely to go to police as the did the victim in this case.

When police arrested McKinley and the girl they not only found pictures of the girl and the guy having sex on the girl’s cell phone but they also found pics of the girl and McKinley allegedly having sex.

It seems that Facebook is becoming more like MySpace everyday with the anonymous hook ups that end up with trouble. Stop thinking with your dicks guys. It never works out.

Ga. man blackmailed underage MySpace girls for explicit photos

Joseph Reese

Joseph Reese

31-year-old Joseph Reese of Columbus, Georgia has pleaded guilty to charges against him that he blackmailed underage girls on MySpace to send him explicit photos.

Reese would pose as a modeling agent on MySpace then when underage girls would contact him he would start asking for semi-nude photos. Then after they sent him the photos he would use them as blackmail to get more explicit photos. He also made good on his word once by posting the photos of one girl that he received to MySpace.

He’s looking at 5-20 behind bars under the terms of his plea and will be a registered sex offender.

His lawyer is still making excuses for his client…

Hagler says Reese “operates at a level far below that of a normal adult man” and has been diagnosed with social anxiety. He says since his arrest, Reese has lost his job, is in the middle of a divorce, will lose custody of his children and will be branded for the rest of his life.

Awww. Sucks to be him.

I seriously doubt the claim that he operates below the level of a normal man since he had the mental capacity to impersonate someone on MySpace who could prey on gullible children.

Again parents, I recommend that you show this post to your kids to let them know that real modeling agencies don’t use MySpace or Facebook and don’t deal directly with underage kids.

MySpace blackmailer gets slap on the wrist

Dalton L Vandeloo

Dalton L Vandeloo

Man, 19, gets jail for blackmailing for nude photos:

I originally posted about 19-year-old Dalton L. Vandeloo of Sheboygan, Wisconsin here.

He’s the vile scumbag who blackmailed various women on MySpace to send him nude photos of themselves. Here’s a quote from my original post…

Police found a folder on his computer marked “blackmail” which had pictures of women on video and pictures exposing themselves to Vandeloo. Some were crying while they did it. One was even allegedly to write “I heart Dalton” across her chest.

For being such a scumbag he only received 90 days in jail.

In my opinion Vandeloo is only one step away from being a rapist. 90 days is not going to change his mindset.

remember the pics boo that’s all i gotta say

Man charged with kidnapping, rape of woman he met on Facebook:

22-year-old Ronald Stacey Rhodes of Raleigh, NC is accused of raping and blackmailing an 18-year-old female that he met through Facebook.

The pair had a week-long romance but at the end of the week Rhodes allegedly threatened the woman into having sex with him by saying that he was a Mason and could have her erased. Rhodes then allegedly raped her and took explicit pictures of her.

When the woman tried to get Rhodes to delete the pictures he said he would if she had sex with him again. Of course the pics were never deleted and he allegedly asked the woman for $160 that would be to “just maintain.”

Rhodes is on the sex offender registry for having sex with a 12-year-old when he was 16.

I was just talking with my wife tonight about how jaded that I’ve  become, no pun intended, when I heard a story on TV about a woman who was killed after accepting a ride from a stranger. While it was tragic that she was killed I felt the victim bared some of the responsibility on her own death for making an unwise choice.

If the story about Rhodes is true I feel the same about the victim in this story. To put it bluntly the first time you’re a victim and the second time you’re a volunteer.  Ladies, I can’t stress how important it is that if you’re ever sexually assaulted or raped please notify police immediately.

Stancl sentenced to 15 years

When 19-year-old Anthony Stancl was first arrested on charges of using Facebook into blackmailing his male classmates into performing sex acts on him (i.e., rape) he was looking at a possible sentence of 300 years. Not a typo, 3 centuries.

When he pleaded no contest back in December he was looking at 50 years.

Knowing what we know of what usually happens to child molesters and other sex offenders Stancl only gets 15 years.

He had 7 victims that he blackmailed into performing sex acts on him, some were hospitalized for fear of suicide, and he only gets 15 years.

Waukesha County Circuit Judge J. Mac Davis imposed the sentence because he said Stancl had proven he was manipulative, excessively self-centered and could still be dangerous.

And he only gets 15 years.

In theory he could try to victimize the children of his victims when he gets out at the age of 34.

And again rape is never mentioned and in this article it’s refered to as coercion.

Stancl is the perfect example of why we have prisons.

Sheboygan man arrested for MySpace blackmail

Dalton L. Vandeloo

Dalton L. Vandeloo

Don’t let the looks fool you. That is one evil and twisted S.O.B. right there.

18-year-old Dalton L. Vandeloo of Sheboygan, Wisconsin is accused of blackmailing women on MySpace into giving him nude photos using the name Vincent Galarza.

Police found a folder on his computer marked “blackmail” which had pictures of women on video and pictures exposing themselves to Vandeloo. Some were crying while they did it. One was even allegedly to write “I heart Dalton” across her chest.

It’s a good thing he was caught. This piece of trash sounds like he was only one step away from becoming a full-blown rapist.

Stancl pleads no contest to Facebook blackmail rapes

Wis. teen reaches plea deal in Facebook sex scam:

19-year-old Anthony Stancl is the teen from Wisconsin who posed as a woman on Facebook in order to get his male classmates at New Berlin Eisenhower High School in Wisconsin to send him nude pics. Stancl would then blackmail the boys in to performing sex acts or as most normal humans call it, rape.

He was looking at 300 years behind bars but he reached a plea which not only spared the victims from testifying but may put Stancl behind bars for 50 years.

No date has been set for sentencing yet.

Outside jury sought in Facebook blackmail case

Stancl attorney seeks outside jury in Facebook coercion case:

I’m just going to post a quote from the article to remind you who Anthony Stancl is…

Stancl is accused of posing as a girl on Facebook, persuading at least 31 boys to send him pictures of them naked and then blackmailing some of the boys into performing sex acts under the threat that the pictures would be released to the rest of the high school, according to a criminal complaint.

This took place at New Berlin Eisenhower High School in Berlin, Wisconsin.

Now it seems that Stancl’s attorney wants a jury from outside the area claiming that his scumbag of a client would not get a fair trial.

I say that if his attorney wants an outside jury than he should lose his right to disqualify potential jurors. Kind of like challenging a referee’s call in the NFL.

Criminals get too many breaks and the victims get none.