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Blackout Blame Game

Blackout Issue Could Return in Election 2004:

Have the Democrats lost their freakin’ minds? Just like I said last night they’re blaming the President for the blackout. Yes, I’m sure President Bush went to Ohio or Canada or wherever and personally overloaded the grid himself. The sounds of desperation are obvious coming from the Democratic hopefuls…

“The unfortunate events on the East Coast, parts of the Midwest and in Canada yesterday are further evidence that the Bush administration is inexorably tied to Persian Gulf oil and old energy, and is incapable of devising a comprehensive, forward-looking energy strategy,” Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt said in a statement Friday.

“If it weren’t for this administration’s obsession with giveaways to their friends in the oil business, Congress likely would have passed an energy bill last year, parts of which were designed to strengthen and modernize the electric grid,” said Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.

So why didn’t the Clinton administration upgrade the power grids? They seemed to be modern enough until Thursday. I guess in the Democrat’s mind (they share one) President Bush is to blame for everything. Like mad cow disease, the Jack the Ripper murders, and Micheloeb Ultra.