Former school counselor charged with child molestation

Blake Freda

Blake Freda

Former Palm Beach County School District counselor arrested on sex charges:

23-year-old Blake Freda is a former school counselor at New Horizons Elementary School in Wellington, Florida. He’s accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl he knew from his time at the school. She was 9 when they first met later on he got back in touch with her over MySpace. Don’t get ahead of me yet folks, I’ll get there.

He allegedly took the girl to movies and malls where the pair allegedly had sex.

The girl’s father grew suspicious and installed monitoring software on the girl’s computer where he learned of the improper relationship.

Ok, here’s the part you’re all waiting for.

While Freda should be strung up in the center of town by his boy parts, if the charges are true, why in the blue hell was a 12-year-old girl on MySpace. Secondly why was she allowed to go out on ‘dates’ with this creeper. To me that’s suspicious enough. If the father is savvy enough to install monitoring software on the computer he should have been well aware of the dangers of allowing his 12-year-old daughter to be on MySpace.