Father acquitted in Sage Aragon’s death

Idaho jury acquits dad in girl’s hypothermia death:

Some of you may remember the tragic death of Sage Aragon. She was the Idaho girl who died from hypothermia after she attempted to walk the 10 miles to her mother’s house after her dad’s truck broke down on a snowy day in December.

Her father, Robert Aragon, had been charged with involuntary manslaughter for letting her go off with her brother. This past week a jury acquitted Aragon in Sage’s death.

I’m sort of ok with this because like I said before aragon acted out of stupidity in my opinion and not malice. I think that with his daughter’s death he’s been punished enough.

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Charges reduced in girl’s blizzard death

Murder charges dropped in girl’s snowy death:

The headline is a little misleading. It’s more like charges have been reduced from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter in the death of 11-year-old Sage Aragon from Idaho. If you’ll recall she was the girl who walked a mile in an Idaho blizzard after the car she was riding in broke down. Her father, Robert Aragon, let her walk off into the blizzard to her mother’s house.

The charges of Aragon and his cousin, Kenneth Quintana, carry a max sentence of 10 years.

I have no problem with these new charges because I don’t think Aragon acted with malice, just stupidity.

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Idaho man lets daughter walk off in blizzard

Father charged with murder after daughter dies in blizzard:

Robert Aragon of Idaho was traveling in his truck with two children and an adult on Christmas when his truck got stuck in the snow. His 11-year-old daughter, Sage Aragon, and her 12-year-old brother were confident they could walk the 10 miles to meet their mother halfway from where the truck was and the mother’s house.

Rather then telling the kids that’s too far and stay here because you shouldn’t be wandering around in a blizzard and that the truck can provide heat, he let them go on their merry way.

Sage Aragon ended up dying from hypothermia. Robert Aragon has been charged with second degree murder.

You know, I don’t care what part of the country you’re from and your kid may be able to walk 10 miles on a normal day but part of being a parent is being the voice of reason for your kids. In no way should this guy have let his daughter walk 10 miles in a blizzard alone.

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