Florida woman beat son/nephew with a wooden stick and a rubber hose

Hernando deputies say Spring Hill teen beaten, locked in bathroom for days:

Now according to the article the victim is the suspect’s blood nephew but was adopted by the suspect so I’m going to allow this as actual bad parenting.

Anyway 50-year-old Tailing Gigliotti of Spring Hill, Florida was arrested for keeping her nephew/son captive and inflicting beatings of biblical proportions.

The 16-year-old boy was kept captive in the house for around three years. He was locked in the bathroom when Gigliotti wasn’t at home and was forced to sleep either on the bathroom floor on in the hallway. The bathroom window was boarded up.

This past Sunday the boy escaped the home after a particularly vicious beating from Gigliotti. She allegedly forced the boy to strip naked, wrapped his hands in tape and she beat him with a 3 foot block of wood and a garden hose with the metal tip still attached. The beating was so bad it broke the boy’s arm not to mention severe lacerations all over his body. He finally escaped by breaking down the bathroom door and seeking refuge at a neighbor’s house.

When police showed up at Gigliotti’s house it’s alleged that she was on her cell phone with someone saying that “he must have gotten out of the room.”

And do you want to know what the motive was?

Nugent said that interviews with the victim indicated that the abuse stemmed from the family’s Taiwanese culture that calls for absolute obedience toward adults by children. The boy told authorities that the beatings had increased in frequency and had become more violent in recent weeks.

Well guess what Sunshine. This isn’t Taiwan. I hope you really like America because you’ll be a guest of one of our correctional facilities for an awfully long time if there’s any justice.