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With my 23rd year of writing this website just starting, I’m at loss about what direction I should take the website in. In the past, I’ve mainly discussed three main topics and one sub-topic. The main topics were school violence, social media crimes, and online classifieds crimes. The sub-topic was child abuse but I’ve since …

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charlotte-wordcamp-2I had the opportunity and pleasure yesterday to attend Charlotte Wordcamp. Basically it was a meeting of bloggers to discuss ideas and network. You can read an article about it here.
If you’re a blogger and you have a chance to attend a Wordcamp do it. If you do go I strongly urge you to take at least two things, a notebook (like an actual notebook that you write on), and business cards. If you don’t have business cards get them printed up before you go. I lost count how many people asked me for a card and I felt like a total dweeb not having them.
It was great to meet a lot of area bloggers and connect with them. I wish I could have remembered everyone’s name. Unfortunately I have a mind like a wiffle ball. My Asus EEE PC, aka The Stealth Computer, was a real conversation starter too. It was weird having people ask me questions about my blogs only because I’m not used to wearing my blogger pants in public.
The highlight of Wordcamp for me was Mark Jaquith. Not only did he give us an in depth preview of Wordpress 2.7 but the best part was that he knew who I was. Granted we both do work for b5media but still it was immensely cool.
There was an afterparty at Ri-Ra but of about 120 participants at Wordcamp only 6 went to the afterparty.

Can Schools Punish Students for Posting Offensive Content on MySpace and Similar Sites? Often, the Answer Is No, Unless The Posting Materially Disrupts School Activities: This is a great article from FindLaw about blogging, students, and the First Amendment and whether or not schools can punish students for blog posts they make at home. And …

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